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That Gatsby Look?? to wear with Plus Fours...

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by chanteuseCarey, Sep 3, 2009.

  1. For the upcoming ADSC Gatby Summer Afternoon, my husband Chuck was able to snag a vintage pair of cream wool Plus Fours and a vintage light yellow with navy colored thin ticking like-diagonal cross hatching striped wool Jacket.

    We're knowledgeable on the 40s vintage stuff for him, but plus fours with a 1920s-early 1930s look is a whole new ballgame. He already had a boater with a red and navy striped ribbon that he'll be wearing with this ensemble.

    My question is: How does he round out the outfit??

    What shirt color? A bright color with white collar and cuffs, or all a solid color?

    And I'm assuming preferably a bow tie with this?? He does have a modern self tie one in navy with tiny tiny red dots. And a red with larger cream dots.

    Or would a diagonal rep stripe tie be even better?

    What color socks and should they be the argyle golf type of socks?

    Suspenders or no? He has a nice modern Trafalgar pair with cream background and bright blue cornflowers that he wears often.

    Should he wear a sweater vest or no vest with all of this already going on?

    And lastly the shoes. We cannot afford to get him spectators at all, and suede bucks would only get ruined on the lawn. Any other recommendations?

    Please share your ideas and any vintage or modern pics here! Thanks in advance for your replies!

    If it would help I can try to post a pic of what he's got.
  2. [​IMG]
    My grandfather in his knickerbocker/plus-four outfit from the 1930s. Such trousers can also be worn with all manner of knits (Fair Isles are a classic with such breeches and bold colors and patterns lend themselves rather well to this look), British-cut sports coats; that is to say hacking coats and Norfolk jackets and most types of felt or woolen hats dependent upon taste. These breeches are really appropriately worn with ankle boots which should either resemble Tricker's ankle boots, or Balmoral boots though, they may also be worn with gaiters and low-shoes such as brogues that is unless one is just wearing the suit for carousing about the town as my grandfather is doing here. The hosiery worn with such trousers should be of a reasonable weight which will complement the weight of the material used to craft the breeches.

    A note of interest; bold even gaudy checks and plaids were rather "in it" back in the twenties and thirties and slim-cut breeches which were given new life and cultural validity by such firms as Jaeger, were still popular and prevalent throughout the twenties which was after all, the age of "Gatsby". The baggier models came in a bit later. Tweed caps of various types were popular with breeches as were cardigans and pull overs of various types. Just remember, bold and since this is Gatsby-esque; SOFT!

    Me personally, I always prefer my breeches to be regular button cuffed breeches in a woolen tweed, I do not go in for "plus-fours" preferring the old style of breeches which are still worn for hunting and shooting and which are available from such gentleman's outfitters as Cordings of Piccadilly et all. Though, a bold check it always nice!
  3. Rathko

    Rathko New in Town

    Shirt? Most examples I've ever seen are a solid white or off-white.

    Tie? Regular, not bow. Striped, or figured.

    Socks? Sometimes plain, but very often featuring the craziest argyle-type pattern possible. As for color, something complementary to the plus-fours can't be wrong.

    Suspenders? By the period you're looking at, no; almost always seen with a belt.

    Sweater vest? Considering that the plus-fours are intended as active sportswear, it seems only natural that they were accompanied by either just a shirt and tie, or a shirt and tie with a sweater, with or without sleeves. A jacket is relatively uncommon, and I get the distinct impression that those who wore one intended to sit around smoking cigars and drinking Pimms rather than actually taking part in the golfing, hiking, biking activities planned.

    Shoes? Almost every picture I've ever seen of men wearing plus-fours has them in brown brogues (wing-tips).





  4. habberdasher

    habberdasher A-List Customer

    I thought suspenders were very common until the fifties with suits. Also I thought only in true sportswear, like for golf or tennis did they wear belts.
  5. ...
  6. Its Walt on the little girl's right. She was some of his early animated combined with cartoon shorts.

    I love these looks! Thanks for the pics. My husband wore a bow tie and a vintage striped jacket as we didn't get the info in time for the Gatsby. Next year...:)

  7. Perfect 20's-30's golfer wear:
    shirt - light color w/ contrast collar and cuffs and baggy sleeves (simple stripes can be worn)
    tie - stripe, geometric, or woven pattern
    sweater - regular, vest, cardigan (solid or color trim)(low neckline and high waisted)
    socks - argyle or solid (golfknickers.com)
    knickers - plus fours, sixes, or eights (high waisted with belt loops)
    shoes - brown wingtips
    accessories - cuff-links - silk knots (preferred)
    - simple and colored
    - collar bar
    - thick brown belt w/ standard buckle
    hat - eight-panel flat cap
  8. Flat Foot Floey

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    Shirt color doesn't need to be white but of course the cream trousers would look good with it. I personally prefer striped shirts but that's just my taste. Round club collars could look nice too.
    Tie or bowtie is completely your choice. A bold look 40s pattern would look out of place though. Try smaller pattern or stripes instead.
    Socks can be plain, argyle or other pattern. How you match the colors and pattern is up to you too. Possibilities are tie/socks, sweater/socks, tie/hat ribbon or something like many variations of cream to brown with a contrasting tie?
    Brown leather shoes would be fine. You mentioned you don't want to buy new ones so just wear what's avaivable.


    PS: I don't quite understand description of the jacket. Do you have pictures?
  9. Flat Foot Floey

    Flat Foot Floey My Mail is Forwarded Here

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