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The Adventurer's Gear Thread

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by Matt Deckard, May 22, 2006.

  1. I have alot of huge stuff in the closet, luckily some was ruined from excursions so I didn't feel all too bad for getting rid of the kit.

    Even the leathers are too big... So I guess it's cotten and linen til I get refit.

    Here is my latest gettup I put together... where's yours?

  2. jml90

    jml90 One of the Regulars

    What kind of hat?
  3. Akubra Slouch Digger Whatchamacallit... you know, The brits used to issue them back in the Boar War.
  4. They still issue them in the Commonwealth-

  5. Hemingway Jones

    Hemingway Jones I'll Lock Up Bartender

    Well, here's mine, though I would wear a different hat in the field:

    And here I am in the field; at Lamanai in Belize:
    I have on linen pants, a safari shirt, Swiss Army backpack, and an Adventurebilt. ;)

    As Matt and I were discussing, it will be more English Colonial looks in my future. Stewart Granger is my hero.
  6. Dixon Cannon

    Dixon Cannon My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Adventure gear...

    ...Here is my latest gettup I put together... where's yours?

    Mid 1980's, North coast of Spain[​IMG]

    A little later, Grand Canyon
  7. I'll have to hunt down my pictures and get back to you...

  8. Havana

    Havana One of the Regulars

    Here's a pic showing me in some of my older stuff. I have since updated my hat and jacket. My possibles bag is under the jacket. [​IMG]
  9. how about this


    for all my safaris

    The Wolf
  10. Now that's the ticket... Safari all the way. I need a big fat pith helmut. I have the hats, though I haven't found the right pith. I have a smaller not so cool lookin one that's very much Like you Indy's nemesis wearing in Raiders, though it doesn't suit me.
  11. Baggers

    Baggers Practically Family

    Looking good Matt!

    I have a couple of pairs of Filson's safari cloth poplin trousers as well as a shirt. I also recently added some of their feather cloth short sleeve shirts to the wardrobe, just the job for the hot, humid weather beginning to rear it's ugly head here in Texas. I also have an older pattern Filson bush jacket that I like a lot. Add a plain brown leather belt, my Courtney kudu skin suede "vellies" or my Aldens, an Akubra slouch hat with a proper British center crease and I'm good to go. I also have a Tilley T3 for when the weather gets really hot.

    I've also have a pair of Orvis desert boots, but I never wear them around here for fear the light colored crepe rubber soles will get blackened from all the city soot. I'm saving those for trips into the desert southwest where the dirt is, well, desert colored. ;)

    I've got a couple of pith helmets as well. A Repro Wolesley from WPG, and a more traditionally shaped one made in Zimbabwe, but those are more for "fancy dress" than for real use. I've also got a repro Foreign Service helmet, like the ones worn in "Zulu," but that one is really just a costume piece that I bought to wear in a theatrical production I was in a couple of years ago.

  12. Tourbillion

    Tourbillion Practically Family

    Here's some inspiration for you guys from the old family photo files. What I wouldn't give for my great-aunties jodhpurs...



  13. Kodiak

    Kodiak A-List Customer

    I've always liked to look at myself as an "adventurer" of sorts. I've always loved "adventuring" gear. I've also always liked to dream of Africa and India in the Victorian era of high adventure.

    To keep a long thread shorter, what are your opinions on vintage adventuring gear, from any time period? What "outfits" have you put together, and where have you gotten the pieces from?
  14. Spatterdash

    Spatterdash A-List Customer

    Ya know, your best bet might be to simply brew a pot of coffee, sit down and pull up the Search feature here at the Lounge.

    You'll find a lot of commentary and sources for items like:
    Safari Jackets
    Safari Slacks
    Pith Helmets
    Leather goods (braces, belts, holsters, bags, vests, jackets, gloves)
    Oilskin Coats
    Khaki/safari shirts

    You'll even find some handy items by looking into "Travel or "Outdoor".
    There is so much here. Get ready to start a list and keep Google handy for those times someone mentions something in an archived thread with no link.
  15. Hemingway Jones

    Hemingway Jones I'll Lock Up Bartender

    Kodiak is asking about the full kit and what inspiration people have had to complete theirs. It is separate enough from any existing topic, though many touch upon it.
  16. Mr_Misanthropy

    Mr_Misanthropy Practically Family

    You know, I just started reading a book called "Into Africa". It's about Dr. Livingstone and Henry Morgan Stanley. So far it's very good. I'm amazed how enthralled the Victorian world was with exploration. It's hard to believe that just 150 years ago most of Africa was considered "savage land".

    Anyway, it's got me thinking all about safaris and exploring and all that fun stuff. I'm interested to see where this topic goes. I personally don't really have any "gear", but I'll keep my eyes peeled for some links to share.
  17. Spatterdash

    Spatterdash A-List Customer

    Well when it comes to inspiration, the first thing I always picture is Michael Caine in "Shaka Zulu"
    More military than exploratory, though.
    Maybe a list of films with accurate clothing would help get things rolling. Once that's done Kodiak can concentrate on a particular outfit piece by piece.
  18. Ken

    Ken A-List Customer

    Dont forget the other extremes of adventures:

    Shackleton, Scott, Mallory...

  19. Haversack

    Haversack Practically Family

    Exactly. Your gear and kit will vary with where you are adventuring. Read some Jack London or Robert Service to get an idea what was taken into the Yukon.


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