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The "Blue Blazer".

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by bburtner@moran, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. If there were 1 sport jacket to have in you closet would it be a blue blazer?
  2. scotrace

    scotrace Head Bartender Staff Member

  3. I was never a big fan of the blue blazer.
    My tastes run to patterned sport coats. I'll take anything in a tweed, herringbone, houndtooth pattern, in brown, tan, green color combinations.
  4. "Skeet" McD

    "Skeet" McD Practically Family

    In a word: yes. Particularly, of course, in the heated term. Although, for those of us unable to afford bespoke and falling outside the "normal" in size....I have yet to find one constructed the proper way, with patch pockets, hanging on a rack...

  5. Spats McGee

    Spats McGee One Too Many

    Yes. It's a very versatile jacket.
  6. Sport coat, jacket, blazer.. I've always been a little confused about what those terms are meant to differentiate. Will the educated among you please tell me why some are called one thing and some are called the other? Are they just interchangeable terms?

    In any event, yes, I guess, would be my answer. I just shudder to think of having only one lapeled jacket in my closet. :eek:
  7. stephen1965

    stephen1965 One of the Regulars

    Well if you've only got the choice of 1 then a blue blazer is a great choice for it's versatility.
    If you were living in very rural parts maybe I'd swap for a tweed.
  8. Found it...
    Here is my favorite sport coat.
    Made by RL
  9. Tomasso

    Tomasso Incurably Addicted

    Another affirmative.
  10. Chad Sanborn

    Chad Sanborn A-List Customer

    I would say yes as well!
  11. Mid-fogey

    Mid-fogey Practically Family

    Blue Blazer

  12. I'm more of a houndstooth guy myself, but I do own a blue blazer, and a black one, and a black one with white pinstripes.

    Also, I have a friend who Drives a blue Blazer, sorry, bad Joke.
  13. Jay

    Jay Practically Family

    If there were 1 sport jacket to have in you closet would it be a blue blazer?

    Maybe if I wanted to look like everyone else...

    I don't really like the idea of blue blazers anymore. I used to pine for one, but now, it seems like every time there's an occasion to be dressed up, 40 % of the guys I see are wearing the darn things. And most have those damned gold buttons. I can never find a pair of pants that looks good with one either.

    I'd go with gray any day of the week, especially in a nice checked pattern. Much more versatile in my opinion.
  14. DH has never had one...

    For years he has had two sport coats, both are patterned. One is silk fleck weave- med blue with other colors in the weave, the other is woo-camel & black houndstooth weave.

    Now that he has two vintage suits- never had a matched suit either until Feb 09 when he got his first vintage 1940s DB peak lapel, one is a red/brown with cream pinstripe the other is navy with bright blue pinstripe.
  15. Macheath

    Macheath One of the Regulars

    Something in a grey herringbone would be my choice.

    Blue blazers, especially with brass buttons, have always felt regimented to me. They always make my think of prep school attire.
  16. If I could only have one, yes it would be a navy blazer. But it's very easy to put some unique buttons on it so you don't look exactly like the 40 other guys with brass buttons.

    Also, make sure it's a nice fabric and properly tailored and you'll stand out from the 40 other guys.
  17. Tomasso

    Tomasso Incurably Addicted


    This really is a no brainer.............[huh]
  18. True. People with no brains go for the blue blazer. ;)

    I kid, I kid. :)
  19. scotrace

    scotrace Head Bartender Staff Member

    Right. Only one blazer/sport jacket? It's going to be the best navy jacket you can find, with shiny buttons, single breasted (it's the only one, remember). No brainer, no second thought.

    THEN. When space & funds permit, A gray herringbone, an olive corduroy, a brown POW check, a good tweed, another navy blazer, double breasted (Ben Silver offers a very fine one, for my taste), etc.

  20. The navy blue blazer is a must in every gentlemans closet.
    And if you're only allowed one sportsjacket, it has to be the one.
    About buttons - yes, they can easily be changed, if you don't fancy the ordinary brass.
    I went for som extraordinay brass. Got hold of some WWII RAF buttons.
    Works beautifully.


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