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The Cap Faction

Discussion in 'Hats' started by deanglen, Nov 8, 2007.

  1. deanglen

    deanglen My Mail is Forwarded Here

    The Cap Faction has arrived! Newsboys, flatcaps, vintage ball caps, winter headgear, all essentially non-fedora headwear should be posted here to swell the ranks of this latest strata of our Lounge. Since I'm kicking this off, here's a starter:

  2. And next in line... Here is my application for the Cap Faction:.


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  3. deanglen

    deanglen My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Nice caps, Rene! Centered seam in the bottom one, you know I like! Both are terrific!:eusa_clap

  4. Great!

    Hello fellow cap connoisseur's!

    Not a brilliant pic I'm afraid... vintage 'Utican'


    And my modern one from 'Miller Hats'...


    This 'instant collection' is a very recent ebay purchase....


    They turned up yesterday. All look to be vintage, but there are issues with the peaks. Nothing that can't be fixed though :cool:
    I'll post details and photos as soon as time permits...
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  5. Flieger

    Flieger Practically Family

    Sharp caps guys! :eusa_clap

    Here's my Donegal "Olney" from Classic Cap Company.


  6. rotten03

    rotten03 New in Town

    Hey deanglen, who made the cap you've got on? It looks like what i'm looking for. Alot of the newsboy caps are too wide and floppy for my taste. Or the brim is too short. That one looks just right. I need one. :)
  7. deanglen

    deanglen My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Absolutely stunning caps, gentlemen! Mike1973 and Fleiger thank you for your postings: Don't you just love that look? And rotten03, you're going to love this, my cap is from Burlington Coat Factory. I used a gift card to buy it, and they went for about $9 at a half off sale. I love them, and yes, as you noticed the proportions and look are just what I wanted, short of a more expensive purchase.

  8. Nigel

    Nigel One of the Regulars

    I've just ordered my first newsboy from BWear, in charcoal gray. I will post pics when it arrives.
  9. I have a newer (to me, it's actually 1930s) British one but i fink i have no pictures yet. And me hair's about 6 inches longer now. No ducks arse no more.

  10. Great caps all!

    Hanna cap

    B! Wear
  11. deanglen

    deanglen My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Baron and feraud, veteran Loungers with terrific caps in vintage stylin'. Thanks for your posts! Looking forward to your picture wearing your cap when it arrives, Nigel.

  12. tandmark

    tandmark One of the Regulars


    Thought I'd file an application for membership in the Cap Faction.

    This one might be my favorite, a Doria made by Borsalino. Charcoal-grey wool/cashmere blend. Bought five or ten years ago at Bernie Utz Hats in downtown Seattle.


    Even the liner is pleasing: Soft to the touch, of a golden-brown color with just a hint of olive-green.


    Baron Kurtz, I'm of the opinion that we beret-wearers should hive off into our own grouping. Berets are in a category all their own. When I get a chance to take some snaps of berets around here, I may well kick off a new thread in their honor.

  13. deanglen

    deanglen My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Tandmark, you've got a classy cap there! And, yes, a beret dedicated thread would be a great one. Get it going!

  14. Pat_H

    Pat_H A-List Customer

    You know, before having a B!Wear hap shaped the other way, I would have agreed. And I still like them like that. But all in all, I think I like the other pattern in the first photo better.
  15. Pat_H

    Pat_H A-List Customer

    Two very nice caps.
  16. Pat_H

    Pat_H A-List Customer

    If I had a photo to submit, I'd submit one. I wear a cap most days, in my town job. I prefer the way a Fedora or Open Road looks, and functions, but the cap is what I normally wear in town (but in the sticks, I always wear a brimmed cap).

    My son just appropriated my Hanna hats cap, so I'll probably never see that one again.
  17. A BCF ten buck special.
    One of VERY many.
  18. Fatdutchman

    Fatdutchman Practically Family

    Submitted for your approval:


    Not a great photo, but the best one I have at the moment.

    Hannahs of Donegal brown herringbone. ;)
  19. carebear

    carebear My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Between you and me Dutch, there's no way they'll be gettin our lucky charms. :D


    Shandon of Donegal
  20. But they'll always be after yer lucky charms!lol lol

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