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The Decline of the Well Put Together Lady

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by Honey Doll, Oct 24, 2006.

  1. Honey Doll

    Honey Doll Practically Family

    This morning I argued an appeal in the second highest Court of our state. I was the second to last on the docket-- so I had plenty of time to let my mind wander and make general observations of the other attorneys around me.

    Frankly, the level of dress was to the point of near disrespect. I watched a lady lawyer argue wearing black sneakers, kahkis and a blazer that was so wrinkled, it looked like she pulled it from the bottom of the hamper!

    I've long gotten used to the flip flops and sweats at the Mall, but to see this level of dress (it appeared to be the rule rather than the exception) from educated professional women was a bit suprising. Unkempt hair, no makeup, shoddy worn out shoes, ill fitting slacks.....

    Its funny to think a secretary of the 40s would have far out-classed the presentation of the ladies I observed today.

    Honey Doll
  2. Paisley

    Paisley I'll Lock Up

    Several years ago in Denver, a woman sued Michael Jackson, saying that he stole a song she wrote. She showed up in court wearing a tight black leather outfit (and, er, didn't really have the figure for it, but that's neither here nor there). The judge sent her home to change.

    Nowadays, it sounds like a judge would have to send almost everyone home to change.

    I've seen lawyers come here to the office (a CPA firm) looking like bums. I know we don't command the respect of a courtroom, but why would people even leave the house looking like that?
  3. Phaedra

    Phaedra Guest

    I too work in the legal industry. It is amazing to me to see how the dress code has deteoriated. I've seen it all from flip flops to tank tops! I try to dress professionally every day (even on casual Friday), which usually gets me a comment or two and sometimes the smart remark "you must be going on an interview!"
  4. I used to cover a lot of trials in my reporter days, and even 10 or 15 years ago it was getting so you noticed that people showed up for court like they'd just come from cleaning out their cellars. Jurors were especially sloppy -- t-shirts, shorts, sneakers, sweats, all that sort of thing. There were some trials where the best dressed guy in the room was wearing an orange jumpsuit.

    I did try to dress appropriately, but most of the reporters looked as though they'd been out bar-crawling the night before and never bothered to change.
  5. Paisley

    Paisley I'll Lock Up

    My mother--a housewife and high-school dropout in the 50s--would have outclassed them.

    I watched Justice last night (it's a show about lawyers) and the women lawyers and consultants on the show look very nice. I just don't really like the pantsuits they wear, but today's fashions aren't the show's fault. I just don't think that pants that are cut so that they show a gaping space between the knees are very ladylike.
  6. Honey Doll

    Honey Doll Practically Family

    When I first started practicing there was a crumudgy old judge on the bench who would berate women attorneys for wearing pants in his courtroom. Not to say that this is appropriate conduct in a judge mind you, but it stuck with me. I always wear a skirt suit for trial, appeals and generally any occassion that would put me in the courthouse.

    Honey Doll
  7. Tourbillion

    Tourbillion Practically Family

    My sister is an attorney, she usually wears a skirt suit and feminine blouse for court, with low heels.

    She always has nice, ladylike clothes, I guess it is just what she likes. Well except for when she and her husband go out on the motorcycle...
  8. I've seen this trend too and it's disheartening. I spend a lot of time at my husband's unit and I've always felt that my appearance reflects on him. I've always felt that if I show up looking trashy, like trash, or disregard common manners and decency (you'd be suprised at some of the things I've heard come out of spouses mouths to people who dangerously outrank their husband) it reflects poorly on him and I do him no favor as far as his fellow marines respecting him. I've seen this in practice too as I've "hung out" with the guys a fair amount and have heard some of the things said about some of the other wives because of their appearance and their manners. I'd like to think that the respect that they have for me stems in part for my respect of my own appearance and that in turn helps my husband's image with his subordinates. The other part of course would be my sparkling personality :) It's just a shame that people don't have more respect for themselves.
  9. Harp

    Harp I'll Lock Up

    Docket Dollies

    Res Ipsa Loquitor.:)
  10. Redlights

    Redlights New in Town

    Oh ladies, walk through any college campus...and you'll see pjamas, things resembling underwear that they call "shorts" and tiny little washcloths worn as shirts. It's terrifying to be a girl in a tea length dress (not for tea, mind you!) wandering these stages of undress! The comments! The quizzical looks! The questions!

    And we wonder why we don't get doors held for us anymore! We don't look like we deserve it!

    I dress up to be educated. I learn better that way. Not to mention my professors (esp. the old tweedy ones with pocket watches and pince nez glasses) appreciate my efforts and my respect towards the academic institution.
  11. Lady Day

    Lady Day I'll Lock Up Bartender

    Its across the board. I work the fornt desk of a hostel, and I am always overdressed (tho not hard to do, mind you). Im always wearing a skirt, or dress, or nice cardie or a flower in my hair. I feel comfortable, but Im sure Im overdressed. I dont care tho, I feel good wearing these clothes and even tho they may not be super comfortable all the time, they feel like me.

  12. miss noir

    miss noir New in Town

    I work in the legal industry also, but over here it seems it is the men letting the side down in shabby shirts, shoes, and suits that have seen better days! The majority of the women lawyers and staff are very well coutured

    I feel overdressed most of the time too, but why not! life's too short to dress like all the other mall bunnies, and its an added bonus to get compliments here and there as well AND have doors held open for you :)

    Today im wearing a grey wiggle dress with cream satin trim, a girdle to tame the wobbly bits, seamed stockings and pearl white ballet flats with little black bows.

    ps. For anyone else in NZ/Australia, Portmans have a great selection of cheap & really gorgeous ballet flats at the moment
  13. kirawoidan

    kirawoidan New in Town

    The other day at the grocery store, a lady came up to me and asked my why I "dressed like that". I was wearing a pencil skirt and a cardigan, I wasn't dressed up by any means, but I did have my hair done. She said she thought it was cute, but I thought it was a little rude to outwardly ask that! (by the way, she was wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt)
  14. Lady Day

    Lady Day I'll Lock Up Bartender

    Oh i got something like that at the post office (not rude tho). I was wearing black hose, kitten heels, a black jewled cardie (buttoned up), a nice circle skirt, and a red flower in my hair.

    She commented that most girls just dont dress like a lady anymore. That made me feel good. If girls only knew that dressing the part makes you feel the part.

    Clothes make the lady as well.

  15. Hi, ladies!

    I'm new here, and I saw this thread and couldn't help but comment.

    People don't know how to dress anymore! Plain and simple. I've seen my share of poorly dressed people in the court room, but I'm apalled at hearing how legal professionals dress.
    You should see how people dress for weddings in these parts! Jeans! Flip flops! The horror! How terribly disrespectful to show up to a wedding in jeans and rubber shoes.

    Women leaving the house with no make up, bed head, and sweat pants. Going out to dinner in an oversize sweatshirt and greasy hair. What is wrong with everyone? Is it not common decency to atleast look presentable when going in public?

    One night my husband and I got a little gussied up (I was in a vintage cocktail dress, him in a casual suit) and we went out to eat. We were seated at our table, and when the waiter came to greet us, he asked if it was prom. :mad:

    I wear heels mostly every day. It's so foreign to people any more! I get bombarded with a millions questions, like "How do you wear those?" "Do they hurt your feet?" "Can you drive in them?" etc. etc.

    It seems as though I'm surrouned by incredibly well dressed people on these boards, and boy am I glad for that!
  16. crystalface

    crystalface One of the Regulars

    Since I work in a retail store in a mall, I see this stuff ALL the time. Granted it's a mall, but I see some very ridiculous looking people. Today I was coming back to my store from a break, and I was walking behind a woman in a jumper-style bubble dress. It was zebra print! :eek: She looked like she was wearing a zebra striped drawstring bag.

    It makes me feel confident and good about myself that I "dress up." I'm glad I started dressing well because I actually feel like an adult. And look like one. :eusa_clap
  17. RetroMom

    RetroMom One of the Regulars

    I'm on my soapbox...

    I think when people criticize us for being "well dressed", they are really criticizing themselves because they know they just threw themselves together and probably know they look like slobs.

    The "Casual Friday's" in the office, really started a bad trend as to how to people come to work. flip flops, microminini's and short shorts. How gross.:eek: I don't know why people don't get the difference between being casual and being sloppy!:mad:

    I personally feel like I'm on a one woman campaign in my town to end sloppiness! It drives me crazy to see women who have the time and $$ going around with baseball caps and old sweats, I went to my kid's religious ed function at church and there was a woman, who came in a belly shirt and low slung pants! I mean, did she really think this was appropriate for a religious function?:rage:

    OK, I'm done ranting......:) :)
  18. The bad dressed people are about everywhere... I remember seeing those court-television shows that they broadcast here thinking I´d never show up like that in a court (They´d say I´m guilty of bad grooming;-) ) and every morning I see people on their way to work that just look like they stumbled out of bed. Now I don´t style up every day, but at least I wear decent clothes and look clean.
  19. I always thought "Casual Friday" meant that you wore slacks, a cardigan set and could get away with flats, or pressed, CLEAN AND UNTORN jeans, and a polo shirt with loafers if you were a guy.

    I was asked yesterday when I had to go to the dollar store (I lead a sheltered life) very rudely why I was out trying to hook up "wit our men". Uh, okay. Have to tell my husband about this. I was in, for me, casual: non-retro skirt that borders on sporty, peasant blouse, minimal makeup, matching flip flops (I know, they're awful, but I have a pedicure. And they match). Chika, was to be nice, dressed like she was of the nightly pursuits of a paid profession.

    Fact is, women don't care anymore and consequently, the men don't either. I've never had the problem of doors being opened for me, I generally get treated like an adult by other adults, and other then women being snippy, I don't generally get a lot of trouble. Probably doesn't hurt that I'm not nice when people are rude either. But I remember being taught atschool as a young woman the women's lib hoopla about how men were unimportant, etc, and frankly, this attitude of dress is IMHO a product of that.
  20. Miss Dottie

    Miss Dottie Practically Family

    Just think of it like this ladies--every time you leave the house well dressed and with make up on you are striking out against slovenliness.

    Remember a revolution starts with one person!

    Now let's go out there and wow them all!

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