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The Hair Tutorials thread

Discussion in 'Beauty' started by Tatum, May 26, 2011.

  1. Tatum

    Tatum Practically Family

    So I've been threatening to start this thread, and I am finally getting around to it! I will add on as I come across things I think everyone might like, and please add anything you love that I didn't!

    I have this list on my blog as well and will continue adding to it, so you can find a nice, concise, updated version here: Timescandal Tutorials

    Basic Hairstyling Techniques

    PART I – “Pin Curling 101″: Concepts and Advanced Technique

    PART II – “Pin Curling 101″: Concepts and Advanced Technique

    ‘Poifect Pin Coils!” (Or ‘How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Pin Curl Set’)

    Pin Curls Part Two-Brushing It Out…

    Authentic Vintage Hair Techniques~Fingerwaving for Beginners

    Authentic Vintage Hair Techniques-The ‘Middy’ Haircut

    Authentic Vintage Hair Techniques-Styling the ‘Middy’!

    Authentic Vintage Hair Techniques: The Side Reverse Roll

    Authentic Vintage Hair Techniques: The Top Reverse Roll or Pomp…

    Retro/ Vintage Hair Tips

    1940s Hairstyle: hot roller set


    Authentic Vintage Hair Techniques~The 1940′s Pageboy

    Pin Curl Waaaaaaaves – PART 1

    Pin Curl Waaaaaaaves – PART 2

    PART 1: Pretty, Polished, Playful Pin Curls!! A 1950s Hairstyle Tutorial

    PART 2: Pretty, Polished, Playful Pin Curls!! A 1950s Hairstyle Tutorial

    By Request: Pin Up Up-do Inspired by Doris Mayday

    1940s Hair Tutorial Part 1

    1940s Hair Tutorial Part 2

    Quick Vintage Hairstyle

    1940s Faux Bangs

    Romantic, Braided Updo

    1940s inspired *pin-up hair tutorial

    40s working girl scarf hairstyle

    Retro updo: Rosette Hair!
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  2. Isis

    Isis One of the Regulars

    Thank you Tatum! An excellent idea!

    And it made me find your blog too as an added bonus. :)
  3. Tatum

    Tatum Practically Family

    Thanks, Isis! I just started treating my blog as a blog, it was only a depository for photos for a few years.

    I'm so bummed, I just did a tutorial for my hairstyle from the other day and the whole recording came out blurry. *sigh*
  4. m_luvsartdeco

    m_luvsartdeco One of the Regulars

    oh wow! Thank you for this! Your hair always looks impeccable so I'm so glad to learn something from someone who has mastered these techniques beautifully!
  5. Lady Day

    Lady Day I'll Lock Up Bartender

    Wonderful resource. Im gonna make it a sticky.

  6. Tatum

    Tatum Practically Family

    Thanks, Lady Day! Hopefully we will have lots added on in the future :)
  7. Nice found Tatum, I love this thread, it's very easy searching this way
  8. SheBear74

    SheBear74 Practically Family

    Just watched your tutorial and love it! I will have to give your technique a try tomorrow. :D
  9. You are fantastic Tatum :D

    I hope you'll be doing more and adding them to the list (hint hint)
  10. Clabbergirl

    Clabbergirl One of the Regulars

    thank you!!!!!!!!!
  11. Tatum

    Tatum Practically Family

    You're so welcome, everyone! I have more to add (and two I have been trying to do--technical difficulties)... I'll get to it ASAP! :)

    And don't forget to suggest anything you think should be added, either post it here or PM me and I will!
  12. Tatum

    Tatum Practically Family

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  13. Clabbergirl

    Clabbergirl One of the Regulars

    Anyone tried this one? It seems like a very quick and easy way to get curls at the ends of hair and sleep comfortably.

    Vintage Curls without heat
  14. zombi

    zombi A-List Customer

    Thank you SO much for making this thread (and thank you mods for stickying it!).
  15. Wow , I am in serious need of a hair band now. thank you!
  16. SheBear74

    SheBear74 Practically Family

    Ok now that was a super cool way to curl your hair!
  17. SheBear74

    SheBear74 Practically Family

    I have betty bangs so I had to put the band back a little further, but just on it's own I think it's a cute hair style! lol I can totally see leaving it around the band and putting a flower with it for a really cute updo. With my hair so short I don't know how it will stay in all night, but we will see.

    Update... It worked great! This may become my preferred method of curling my hair. ;)

    This is how it turned out. :D

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  18. Clabbergirl

    Clabbergirl One of the Regulars

    It looks great! Thanks so much for posting photos and an update about this method. I haven't tried it yet despite my best efforts to set aside a night. By the way, keeping the hair in the band and adding a flower IS a cute style - I saw a video on YouTube of that very thing a long time ago (it never occurred to me to use it as a way to curl hair). You can hide the band with sections of hair and no one has to know.

    Now I'm going to HAVE to try this for curls. I don't see any frizz at all - what did you do to avoid this or do you naturally have few problems with that? And thanks again for sharing your results with us.
  19. SheBear74

    SheBear74 Practically Family

    Usually with pin curls and pillow rollers I have lotsa frizz and really have to brush it and work with it. With this I just ran my fingers through it, then brushed the back down a bit and like she did in the video brushed the sides against my hand. What I love is that it so quick and easy! I did start washing my hair with Castille soap again so that may be helping with frizz too.

    Thanks so much for posting that link!!! :D
  20. Clabbergirl

    Clabbergirl One of the Regulars

    You're welcome about the link - I ran across it by accident while viewing some of the tutorials here. Really amazed at the results from such simple technique. Now what's this about castille soap for hair? Off to google...

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