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The Middy Thread

Discussion in 'Beauty' started by C-dot, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. C-dot

    C-dot Call Me a Cab

    There was a suggestion in the Vintage Haircut thread about starting a thread dedicated entirely to the Middy haircut - How it is cut, styled, etc.

    The Middy was the most popular haircut in the 1940's. The top and sides were kept shorter than the back hair for easy styling of rolls and bangs, the back hair was grown as long as desired and cut in a "U" shape. Here is a diagram:


    I wear a Middy myself. Let's post questions, results - Anything Middy related! :)
  2. Amy Jeanne

    Amy Jeanne Call Me a Cab

    "The top and sides were kept shorter than the back hair for easy styling of rolls and bangs, the back hair was grown as long as desired and cut in a "U" shape."

    I can't help it -- I keep picturing a mullet!! lol. But seriously, can you give us an example of your hair not styled so we can see how it's cut on a real person?
  3. BlameOnMame

    BlameOnMame New in Town

    Yes! Question!

    Does anyone know who cuts a good middy in the Los Angeles area??
    I went to Frenchy's thinking they would know what I was talking about, but to my surprise, they don't know a whole lot more about vintage hair than other salons. I did my best to explain it and they did their best as well, but it wasn't exactly what I wanted.
    I do everything hair-wise myself, but I really like to avoid cutting it myself. That doesn't always end well.
  4. BlameOnMame

    BlameOnMame New in Town

    ....Although I'm a ditz and it doesn't look like anyone who is posting in here actually lives anywhere near LA ..
    Oh well, maybe one of them will stumble in.
  5. Helysoune

    Helysoune One of the Regulars


    See how it's layered? This came out a lot shorter than I intended it, but it still gives the basic idea of what's meant by that description.

    Styled at this length, after a quick pincurl set, produced this:


  6. 23SkidooWithYou

    23SkidooWithYou Practically Family

    I *think* I'll be starting with more of a longish middy style. I don't wear bangs so I'll be doing a side part on my left and I'm sure the right will cooperate and wave up-n-over since I have a wonderful :rolleyes: cowlick there. (another reason I stay away from bangs)

    These are some of my ideas but I'm not sure they are achieved with a middy cut. I understand the U shape to the back, but is this layered toward the bottom in the rear? What was the advice about the layers being done at even # inch intervals so they fall correctly?

    [​IMG] This is probably a fantasy!

    [​IMG] Does it look like this layers in the back? I almost think it has to. Is this one probably closest to a styled middy?

    [​IMG] Is this still a middy? Will something this short limit various sets and styles? I would think no rolls with this one.

    sorry for the pic sizes I don't know how to shrink them when I post the link
  7. C-dot

    C-dot Call Me a Cab

    The Middy is by no means a scientific formula! There are many variations, depending on the lady. Thanks Helysoune for the great pictures!

    Amy Jeanne - In theory, it should be a mullet ;) I'll get some pictures tonight of my unstyled Middy.

    23SkidooWithYou - Bette most definitely has a Middy in that picture, and her back hair is layered; Rita's hair was quite long, but you can definitely see some long layers in front. 1940's styles all require some degree of layering, even Veronica Lake's peekaboo style.
    (Picture the typical curly hair problem - It grows into a triangle shape when left alone. With layers, the curls all sit graduated. The same thing would happen to Bette and Rita's hair if they didn't have layers.)

    EDIT: Wet hair pictures to show layers. I'm much too tired to crop them now, but oh well:



    Notice the graduation of the front layers, and the U curve in the back.
  8. Claireg

    Claireg One of the Regulars

    loving my middy!

    Hi guys
    Bear with me as i try to get the hang of posting pics.
    If it doesnt work ill try again later.

    Here are some pics of me trying different hairstyles with my middy cut.
    This is how the stylist styled it - very cool but not very retro!
    here is a photo i loved and tried to emulate!!
    And here are the results - not too bad but I need loads of practise!
  9. Claireg

    Claireg One of the Regulars

    oh and i will try to take some unstyled photos asap. my hair is dead straight - is yours too c_dot? so its good to show you what it looks like.
    Mind you my stylist didnt cut enough off the bangs (fringe in this part of the world!) otherwise its pretty true to the middy diagram. Apart from the back which is growing out from a bob so its too short for the u yet.
    Its not too bad looking when unstyled - quite rock chick!
  10. C-dot

    C-dot Call Me a Cab

    Yeah! I had a variation of this cut when I was a rock chick, albeit longer and choppier lol It's not reminiscent of a mullet at all, fortunately.

    Yes, my hair is dead straight. Makes it extremely easy for me to cut, but curling can be a pain in the backside.

    I do like the way you've styled yours, Clareig :) Practice makes perfect!
  11. I am in desperate need of a cut and I would love to find someone to do a long middy. Unfortunately every place around here employs stylist's that are about 12 and can only do what is trendy.:eusa_doh:
    The last time it was cut, I did it myself (in a PMS rage) and hacked it all off short. Now it is growing out and you can really see what a crappy job I did.
    As C-Dot mentioned I have the classic curly hair that gets wedge like with out layers. I'm just at a total loss of what to do and how to find someone to do this cut for me. If you were me what would you do??:cry:
  12. C-dot

    C-dot Call Me a Cab

    You poor dear :( Come to me and I'll cut it for you?

    I get what you mean, though. Stylists just aren't serving our purpose these days.

    I wonder...

    Ladies, if I were to film a tutorial of how to cut your Middy (using my own hair of course) would you be brave enough to try it?
  13. 23SkidooWithYou

    23SkidooWithYou Practically Family

    I am barely brave enough to GET a haircut let alone do it myself. The only thing I will do is "refine" the front right side because nobody ever cuts it correctly for me (cowlick).

    My cousin is just out of beauty school and has her first professional gig. My Aunt's have gone to her for coloring but nobody has been brave enough to let her cut it (this includes her own mother, lol). I would totally try your tutorial, C-dot...the question is, will I let my cousin do it? Hmmm :rolleyes:

    If she blunders a long middy, I can always go to an experienced stylist and get a bob. If she does pretty well, then maybe we can train her right! ;)
  14. Claireg

    Claireg One of the Regulars

    What i would do...

    Hi there Cherryred

    I think If I were you i would either..
    a/ find a local old lady salon in a suburb somewhere - they may have oldies coming in wanting old style haircuts.
    b/ do what i did and take all the diagrams I could pull off the net and all the accompanying info - like " must be layered, must not be feather cut etc" that you can find into a salon and say - please do exactly what this says (take inyour own ruler or tape measure) and make sure you let them know that it is an old style specifically designed for setting. They MUST NOT feather cut the layers or bangs (they wont be able to help themselves if you dont specify this!!)
    Be really assertive and nice and get them excited about it - thats what I did - I raved on and on about retro hairstyles and got her really into it!
  15. C-dot

    C-dot Call Me a Cab

    Old ladies all get their hair done the same way - Cropped short, curled horizontally from the forehead to the nape and down the sides with a 2" barrel curling iron, fluffed out, then hairsprayed. It's so routine that I was allowed to do it as an assistant. All the ladies who did their hair like ours are in their 70's or 80's by now :(

    I'd go with the diagram suggestion. Don't go to an upscale, trendy salon - Those people don't listen to you, they use the latest technique to do the latest style. You could ask for something as simple as a Louise Brooks bob and end up looking like Rihanna. Find someone you can trust to listen to you, and talk you through every step.
  16. PS

    PS A-List Customer

    As intrigued as I am with the cut, I can not go that short.

    Lisa Freemont St (sp?) has the middy and discussed it on her youtube page.
  17. ~Psycho Sue~

    ~Psycho Sue~ One of the Regulars

    I love my Middy!

    I can't wait to try new styles every week!

  18. MarieAnne

    MarieAnne Practically Family

    I got a Middy last Christmas, Femme Fatale length. I really liked it for doing rolls and my sets were always great but I kinda missed the length. I haven't cut my hair since:eek: and as you can imagine it's quite long now. Although it's harder to style the front it's still possible. And I love the length at the back.
  19. Claireg

    Claireg One of the Regulars

    Wow psycho sue - I love that style - how did you set it??

    Here are some photos (finally) of my unstyled middy.
    Like i said its not long enough in the back yet, but it will grow![​IMG][/IMG]
  20. Claireg

    Claireg One of the Regulars

    oops the other one didnt come out - try again[​IMG]
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