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The morning after...Ow... my eyes...Hangover help.

Discussion in 'The Connoisseur' started by scotrace, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. ****
    The prep work on the tripe has to be done complete and without fail or it retains the nasty flavor, that is what I have heard.

    I have had some really good menudo, but it was so long ago i can't recall where it was.

    Has anyone seen the Huell Howser "menudo" episode? It is really funny how long it takes before he will actually try it. It is also a classic early "Louie" show, with some of Louie's family there.

    "Get a shot of this Louie!" Long time Huell watchers recognize that line!
  2. There's a new tablet that you take before your first drink and then another if you drink a few more; I forget what it's called. Sure. People are REALLY going to remember. :rolleyes:

    I love how all the ads are required to say, "Please enjoy responsibly," today yet there's a New Miracle Tablet that encourages the opposite. I wouldn't be surprised if it were affiliated with the American beer industry somehow.
  3. Jovan, I think it's called Antabuse.:D Google it... :eek: lol
  4. Dr Doran

    Dr Doran My Mail is Forwarded Here

    3 advils at night before bed plus a glass of water. Eat, if you can, before bed: fry up a kielbasa and a chopped Russet potato. Glass of milk, too.

    In the morning, coffee and toast, then 3 advils, then a huge omellette with as much cheese as possible (a white sharp cheddar is good) and BACON. Lots of bacon. Plus english muffins with cream cheese. Another cup of good coffee. More water.

    I have developed hangover avoidance into a fine art.
  5. A heavy dose of drinking and then (the trying-to-avoid-the-hangover) taking pain-killers before bed,
    is way more harmful to your liver than the booze alone.
    The liver is already busy breaking down the alcohol and the pain-killers should be broken down by the same system as the gin but can't be broken-down fully.... HARMFUL.
    Ask any Doctor.


  6. Lucky Strike

    Lucky Strike A-List Customer

    - Long bath
    - As much skin-care product as you can "borrow", those eye-skin lotions are very good
    - Coke (Nonono; the drink!)
    - Greasy food; eggs, bacon, whatever your stomach can handle
    - Sex, if available
    - Mimosas when you start feeling better, this is important to complete the cure
    - And no whining. Whining makes it worse, particularly because it makes the sex less available
  7. Dr Doran

    Dr Doran My Mail is Forwarded Here

    I'm absolutely sure my liver can deal with a bit of ibuprofen plus alcohol once every few months or less. I will bet my liver on it.
  8. Lucky Strike

    Lucky Strike A-List Customer


  9. Lola Getz

    Lola Getz One of the Regulars


    I completely agree with the greasy food thing--your bloodstream will come to an abrupt halt! Lots of fluids. The aspirin or ibuprofen make my stomach worse so I just eat, drink and rest. Which kind of describes my life in general, but I digress.

    The only Menudo I've ever experienced was the kind with Ricky Martin in it back in the 80's, so I can't speak for that remedy. :D
  10. Can't Live without yer Liver.
    I just thought it was something that most hadn't thought about.

  11. Dr Doran

    Dr Doran My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Fair enough.
  12. carebear

    carebear My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Liver transplants are easy. Get a nice new fresh lobe from someone else and you can commence to toughening it up as well. :D

    I think most liver problems come from a lack of conditioning, gotta keep it in practice or it'll go soft on ya. ;)
  13. Dr Doran

    Dr Doran My Mail is Forwarded Here

    A fellow after my own heart.
  14. Noindex

    Noindex New in Town

    I also have trouble sleeping in after a night of drinking...so when I get home it's two eggs overeasy, one toast, one glass of milk.......and a big shot of Nyquil so I won't wake up after just a few hours.
  15. oddlots

    oddlots New in Town

    As someone with far too much experience imbibing in the drink, I've found that I can usually minimize (but not always avoid) the creeping death of the morning after by following a certain routine:

    1. Drink water before and after a night out (and during, if you can make time between the sauce). Not just a glass. I usually shoot for .5 to a gallon.

    2. Pace yourself SOMEWHAT. I don't worry about staying "slightly buzzed" or "almost sober"...I just try not to get to the point where I become intimate with an inanimate object or over friendly with the porcelain god.

    3. Eat about $15 worth of Taco Bell.

    4. Stay up for 30-45 minutes watching TV and talking to my drinking buddy.

    5. Pop far too many Excederin PM's and crash for about 10-12 hours.

    6. Still wake up hung over.

    7. Partake in more water, painkillers, and delicious greasy food. (it helps to live in the south)
  16. Ms. McGraw

    Ms. McGraw One of the Regulars

    I don't often drink anymore...I'm usually the designated driver, and I'm a crummy drunk... I tend to get annoyingly happy, friendly and worst of all, I think I can and should sing. I cannot sing. Not one little bit.
    When I did drink (Ah! I had so much fun in college.) The powers that be liked to wake me up around 7a.m. the morning after so I could enjoy all of my hangover. The only things that ever helped were a nice warm bath, a few glasses of water and lots of time.
    However, being away in college in Pittsburgh I learned a "hangover cure" from some of the WWII Vets that lived there that my gentleman friend bowled with on Friday nights. They swore by beer with tomato juice and salt. I've never tried it, but they've been drinking for a long time so I trust their word!
    My cousin and her roommate have, for years sworn by a McDonald's double cheeseburger and a large diet coke.
  17. Raskelf

    Raskelf New in Town

    A drink that doesn`t leave a hangover - honestly !

    I have a recipe for a punch which despite it`s apparently lethal contents does not leave a hangover ( I know it won`t help this time but perhaps in the future.....).
    It s called Jo Bartley`s Christmas Punch, but ut`s good any time :

    Needs one large none corrodable bowl, bin or suitable receptacle the :
    3 Bottles dry or medium white wine
    2 bottles Gin
    1 Bottle Brandy
    1 Bottle Sherry
    1 Bottle Dry Vermouth
    then dilute it with
    5 Quarts Medium Sweet Cider

    It is quite economical because the drinkers who set off fast soon slow down and the slow tipplers can survive happily. It is a great ice-breaker and after a party we used it for one chap who had been knocking it back actually came round the next dayto tell us how great he felt and with absolutely no ill effects. Therefore Ladies and Gentlemen I commend it to you.
  18. Hi Ms. McGraw

    I was told about a similar cure some 20 years ago by Canadian ice hockey players who came over to Belgium for a season. The did add a raw egg to it, though...

    I only tried it once and became so sick of feeling the raw egg slide through that I forgot all about my headache :D So, in some respect, it really works.

  19. Smuterella

    Smuterella One Too Many

    a packet of crisps and an ice cold coke

    your body needs salts and sugars to get over a hangover
  20. Nothing beats an ice cold beer - and a stupid sitcom on the TV.

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