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The Mummy clothes

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by Ken, Aug 12, 2006.

  1. Ken

    Ken A-List Customer

    Does anyone have any info about the gear worn by Brendan Frasier in the movie 'The Mummy' and 'The Mummy Returns'?

  2. Repro Guy

    Repro Guy New in Town


    I would imagine it's all bespoke / or repro gear.

    Id also make a large wager that Peter Wested might have been involved... (the guy who did the Indiana Jones gear amongst other films)

    ( www.wested.com )
  3. Hemingway Jones

    Hemingway Jones I'll Lock Up Bartender

    Excellent topic, Ken. Though you haven't gotten past Allan Quatermain yet!;)

    I don't know much about Brendan Frasiers' clothes in that film. I do like much of it, except for those leather arm guards. I didn't quite get those. I love the boots and the shirt. I would have preferred that he wore plus-fours. And, of course, any John Woo fan loves the double guns.

    I noticed that they steered clear of putting him in a fedora; too many other associations.
  4. Never thought of that with the lack of a fedora. I like the double guns, and by the way they do not make double shoulder holsters, it is all done custom (I have been looking for them for years.) Do you thnk the leather arm guards were covering a scar or tatoo or something like Connery has?
  5. He wears a Fedora briefly in The Mummy Returns when they first get home from finding the Bracelet of Anubus. In the film the arm guards cover his tatoo that marks him has a protector of man although he doesn't know what it means.
  6. Lauren

    Lauren Distinguished Service Award

    Just popping in to say hi to Ken! I don't have any info, but hi!
  7. Ken

    Ken A-List Customer

    (Hi Lauren)

    Well basically chaps I was just thinking to recreate any of it where is a good place to look? I know there are places online where you can order the double shoulder holster and so on, but I am more interested in things like the shirt in that fabric and so on.

  8. I think an Indy Orvis Shirt would be great for the shirt. I am not sure if they still make it, ask the guys on Indy Gear.
  9. Ken

    Ken A-List Customer

    Isn't the shirt in The Mummy white? The material also looks quite soft

  10. Spatterdash

    Spatterdash A-List Customer

    I agree with white or cream being a nice option for a shirt, not khaki. Save that for the pants or outerwear items, like vests and jackets.

    I did notice the lack of a hat, but I also caught the addition of a huge cotton neckscarf (blue in some shots, green in others, I'm not sure). Very handy for a face guard or a head scarf in desert regions.

    As for the leather bracers, I always saw them as wrist support for a man accustomed to constantly emptying pistols with both hands. It was one of the few times I actually bought into someone wearing a pair of those things.
  11. Ken

    Ken A-List Customer

    Hemmingway that looks like exactly what I need - I just wish they did a small size!! Grrrr.


    PS - is it standard to have stone colored buttons on a white shirt?
  12. Story

    Story I'll Lock Up

    What sort of neutered-for-the-UK revolvers were you planning on stuffing into said holsters? The ones Fraser used were French. If it were something as simple as a pair of 1911 .45s, I'd recommend El Paso Saddlery's work - request a modified #200
    I believe Bruce Willis' character in LAST MAN STANDING was fitted out with something similar.

    Link to small photo, for folks trying to mentally picture the outfit -

    Tell me the type of pistol you're looking to holster.
  13. Ken

    Ken A-List Customer


    Not sure if I want to replicate everything- guns, holster etc. Really just liked the overall look though. The neckerchief and shirt I really liked as a look. Maybe with suspenders would work instead of the holsters, or with a backpack maybe yet be more practical for use in everydaay life.

    If it comes to it I have one colt .45 replica.

  14. Hemingway Jones

    Hemingway Jones I'll Lock Up Bartender

    Ah man, sorry about the sizes. :eusa_doh:
    Usually white shirts have white buttons.
  15. Caledonia

    Caledonia Practically Family

    I only saw him wearing one, but I might have missed the other. Certainly as a brace that would work. Archers wear them on the bow arm. Didn't know film wise it was supposed to be covering a tattoo, but could have missed that part too. Was more watching Mr Fraser than what he was wearing. ;)
  16. Ken

    Ken A-List Customer

    Its something I also noticed on Quatermain in League of Extraordinary Gentlement and Manco in A Few Dollars More. The link could be guns I guess...

    BTW Hemmingway I am thinking I might go with the orvis all the same - for a Safari style, excepting the Indy shirt of couse, its supposed to be a lose and breezy fit so I might get away with a medium.

  17. carebear

    carebear My Mail is Forwarded Here

    The wrist bracer is primarily for knife fighting. That's why it is typically seen on the right (or strong for most people) hand.

    When you are using (and countering) a long knife the guard can protect your hand itself but the wrist and forearm are far enough back to be hit deliberately or in passing. There are several moves (derived from fencing) that involve twisting the knife over the guard to cut the inside of the wrist (veins) or the tendons on the back.

    There's a practical limit to the coverage as far as wrist mobility and support (another important part of fencing-style knife fighting) go but further up the forearm there's typically more muscle and clothing for coverage. everything is a tradeoff.

    A secondary (and probably more all around useful) help is that sweat (and blood from upper arm wounds) doesn't make it to your hand to make your grip slippery (without looking like Richard Simmons).

    The bracers wouldn't do anything I can think of to help with shooting. The flex point of the wrist is in front of them and no professional shooter I'm familiar with talks about them as something useful.
  18. I use it in Archery to protect my wrists from bow strings. FYI I also made my own a while back, for archery.

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