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The Nomonhan Incident / Battle of Khalkhin Gol (1939)

Discussion in 'WWII' started by Story, Aug 28, 2012.

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    If this battle never took place, the world we live in today would be a lot different.
  3. Very very interesting.
  4. DavidJones

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    A little known but very important engagement. Thanks for sharing.
  5. m0nk

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    I never knew about this and can't imagine how most historical outlines missed such a massive piece of the WWII puzzle. Great post!
  6. I had never heard of it, thanks!
  7. Story

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    Another conflict which is not widely known.
    The Winter War (Finnish: talvisota, Swedish: vinterkriget, Russian: Зимняя война, tr. Zimnyaya voyna)[25] was a military conflict between the Soviet Union and Finland. The conflict began with a Soviet offensive on 30 November 1939—two months after the start of World War II and the Soviet invasion of Poland—ending on 13 March 1940 with the Moscow Peace Treaty. The League of Nations deemed the attack illegal and expelled the Soviet Union from the League on 14 December 1939.
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    Col. Tsuji comes up in a lot of places. His policies in the Philippines pretty much got General Homma executed after the war. He started the war as a Colonel and ended it as one, which would be odd in any other armed service given his influence.


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  10. Thanks I have never heard about this before. Tsuji seems to have been one of those psycopaths that, like cockroaches, could survive a nuclear holocaust.
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