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The Okie From Muskogee's Hats

Discussion in 'Hats' started by RBH, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. Merle Haggard

    I have to say I like his look when he wears a fedora.

  2. The suit, black shirt, and facial-hair style don't hurt, either.
  3. deanglen

    deanglen My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Merle looks like a cross between RBH and Bud-N-Texas, with about 15 years added. He has a great look going on with that fedora.

  4. Just had to add this from
    ''Mr Monk and the Red Headed Stranger'' 2002


    Mr Monk & Willie
  5. oddlots

    oddlots New in Town

    And just when I was wondering if it'd be appropriate to wear my fedora to an upcoming Merle/Willie concert!

    Great pictures.

    (and yes, I'm totally serious about wearing my lid to an upcoming Merle and Willie show)
  6. I havent seen Merle, but have worn a straw fedora to see Willie.
  7. Western fedora

    I wear my OR (Cattleman's/Alpine bash with a minor snap brim) to the rodeo.
  8. Gentleman Farmer, Could you show us a picture of your hat? Periodically, someone inquires about what you have described.
  9. shoeshineboy

    shoeshineboy Practically Family

    i have seen merle in a silver belly fedora, too....i have noticed several country entertainers that wear fedoras, included some side men....

    mark tssb
  10. L HATLEY

    L HATLEY One of the Regulars

    Merle Haggard

    When i grow up i want to look just like him..;)
  11. hatflick1

    hatflick1 Practically Family

    If you have not yet watched the PBS series below, try to catch it.


    Not only is the Merle Haggard music and bio engaging, but what a Bakersfield trainload of fedoras. Merle wears at least four different styles (to include open crown Open Road). Then there's this beauty on Keith Richards' head, which he sports with a wavy wide brim and cocks slightly to one side. The band members wear any number of stingy brims, all appearing vintage or vintage inspired design. And several music producers, commenting on the impact of Haggard's impact on the industry, wear various hats that would make a Lounger proud.

    If any of you watch the documentary, one question. Do Merle's fedoras appear custom made? I couldn't be sure.
  12. Thanks for the link!:eusa_clap
    I merged an older thread about Merle with this one.
    It makes searching easier.
  13. Merle and the Possum recorded the greatest unheard country album ever " Yesterday's Wine".:eusa_clap :eusa_clap :eusa_clap
  14. Chuck Bobuck

    Chuck Bobuck Practically Family

    I just watched the PBS American Masters series last night featuring Merle. He wore a few different fedoras and an open road style hat with a tall open crown. His son who was touring as his lead guitarist, at age 15, was wearing a fedora as well. Also seemed to be the preferred hat of other band members. Good special if you get the opportunity to see it. I haven't always been a fan, but he's really a national treasure.

  15. Mav

    Mav A-List Customer

    Merle kicks a** live. Saw him for the first time when I was 16- opening act was some unknown hippy chick, Emy Lou Harris.lol
    Wearing the Campdraft to Trayce Atkins and Toby Keith next month. Tends to be more fedoras in that whole crowd as late- maybe a return to retro- country roots.
  16. One of my favorite Bob Wills photo has him in a fedora, as does one of Hank Williams.


  17. Icons, all- Merle, Willie, the "Outlaws", not to mention the Grandaddies--
    Hank and Bob.
  18. [​IMG]

    Bob Wills in fedora-dapper dude:)
  19. Here is the one of The King of Western Swing that I like.

  20. texashatman

    texashatman Familiar Face

    That was a great documentary and I noticed about 50 different lids in it.

    It's like the lounge Motto " If a guy doesn't have a lid, he is not worth talking about."

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