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The Prince of Wales' Ascot Suit

Discussion in 'Suits' started by LordBest, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. LordBest

    LordBest Practically Family

    I think this may be the nicest suit I have ever seen on a public figure. One assumes a top hat with a suit is only appropriate at Royal Ascot?

  2. Lokar

    Lokar A-List Customer

    It's a morning suit (see picture), which is why a top hat is acceptable.

  3. LordBest

    LordBest Practically Family

    Ah, so it is. I want a morning suit like that.
  4. Hmmm . . . so many interesting details to dissect. It's a black hat with a gray suit. Note to self: Black hat with gray morning suit is OK. Spread collar. Check. Blue shirt with white collar. Check. Blue tie. Check. Similar but not matching pocket square. Check. Double breasted lapelled waistcoat. Check.
    August demeanor. Gotta work on that one.
    And regardless of what other people may say, the lady looks quite nice, too.
  5. No fan of the man myself, but that's by the by - I certainly can't deny that his wardrobe, whether selected by himself or his tailor, or some collaboration between the two, is typically flawless. I'm a big fan myself of this less-formal all-over light grey morning suit look, albeit that its usefulness is limited if one wants to be strictly traditional.... Ascot is about the only place one could wear a grey jacket without being either the groom or the father of the bride.... As to the light grey matching trousers, these are permissible for grooms - not sure about the FotB?

    The double-breasted, peaked (one assumes) lapel waistcoat is a particularly nice detail, IMO.
  6. Dan D

    Dan D Familiar Face

    lol A regal bearing gives dignity to much attire that would otherwise draw criticism; the imperious stare, the presumptious hauteur; an area in which I am, also, sadly lacking...!
  7. Tomasso

    Tomasso Incurably Addicted

  8. rmrdaddy

    rmrdaddy One Too Many

    Being heir to the throne of England is probably an asset to accomplishing the proper look....there but for the grace of God go you or I....
  9. The 'throne of England' - has something constitutional happened that I don't know about?
  10. scotrace

    scotrace Head Bartender Staff Member

    You'll have to give Americans a wide path for not knowing the right terminology.

    HRH looks grand in the photos.
  11. I am somewhat surprised by the black hat with gray suit.
    Should it be "crown" of England? Or maybe it should be "The U.K?"
  12. Hee hee - I think this veers into politics, but it depends on your frame of reference. Manys a Scot is irked by the consistent reference to "Elizabeth II" as she is only Elizabeth II in the English context - "Elizabeth I" never ruled north of the border. ;) In the eyes of most Celts the monarchy is very much an English throne, albeit one whose reach extends to other territories including the rest of the British Isles. All politics aside, I think it's very fair to say that the monarchy, as much of the State apparatus of the united Kingdom, is very Anglo-centric. :)
  13. LordBest

    LordBest Practically Family

    Another picture from Royal Ascot, rather wonderful to see so many toppers in public:

    Incidentally, in Australia it is always referred to as the Crown, although there is a throne for the Queen (or King) of Australia in the Senate. When the Sovereign is not in the country, the throne is occupied by the Governor General.

  14. Entirely correct....the English kings bankrupted their treasuries insuring the subjugation of the "territories" from the 1200s onwards...and we are still the repercussions of it in Northern Ireland to this day.
  15. Dan D

    Dan D Familiar Face

    Clothing and monarchy.

    And as the BBC4 documentary series on Savile Row broadcast last year stated, according to founders of Savile Row, Henry Poole, Poole assisted in funding the French Revolution in order to ensure Napoleon ascended to the French rulership - so that he could afford to pay his tailoring bills.

    Clothing, tailors and the monarchy have been intertwined for years, it seems!
  16. Nick D

    Nick D Call Me a Cab

    I was under the impression that it was gray toppers for Ascot. There are only three in that photo.
  17. "Prince at play Cottesloe beach,Swan River Colony, Australia 1979, with Miss Jane Priest, (She alerted the Media),

  18. A grey top hat (also know as a "white hat") can be worn at all summer daytime racing events, starting with Ascot. However, a black hat will also always be correct.

    Recently, grey hats have become increasingly popular as daytime wear, particularly at weddings. However, if there is any doubt over the correctness of your hat, always go for black!

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