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The Red Baron's Coat

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by PalmerPirate, Aug 6, 2009.

  1. This is my first post on this forum, so break it to me gently if my images don't work, I'm just posting picture URLs and hoping their links work. As for introductions, hello, I am Matt and I like firearms and clothes.
    I thought I'd kick it off by asking if anybody has any idea as to what kind of jacket the Manfred Von Richthofen (the Red Baron) wore in many of his famous photos, or where I could obtain something similar. It's apparently black-or less likely, a very dark brown- with a black fur (or shearing?) collar. It's double breasted, and the leather is pretty soft looking. My, it does look handy in a cold climate. http://www.briggsenterprises.com/bluemax/mvr1916.jpg http://www.leisuregalleries.com/richthofen2.jpg http://www.earlyaviator.com/archive/1a/images/Sanke554_Richthofen_Voss.jpg http://www.flieger-album.de/assets/plugindata/poola/Manfred von Richthofen #02.jpg Again, tell me if my images are SNAFU at all. I know that WWI isn't exactly smack dab in the middle of the golden era, but there is a certain golden era feel to the flying aces of the day.
  2. Dixon Cannon

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    For what it's worth, here is the movie version of the jacket.

    -dixon cannon
  3. Opas Coat

    Opas Coat Familiar Face

    Ive no idea what jacket it is, If you want Indy Magnoli can make one for you to fit exactly like it. My guess is you would have to do that as i doubt any thrift shop will have one.

    It wont be cheep so you should be rather serious about if you want it.


  4. tbrunke

    tbrunke Familiar Face

    I have always wanted a German WWI flight jacket, very cool! If anyone knows of any for sale, I would be interested.
  5. Thanks for the advice! Magnoli does excellent work, but alas my budget is too constrained to get a Magnoli custom (though if e'er I needed a custom, he'd be the man I'd go to.)
  6. Opas Coat

    Opas Coat Familiar Face

    Capable hands could probably modify a similar jacket by adding a fur collar. Outside of how the collar covers half of your face when done up, the style looks to have held on for a wile. You would have better luck that way I think.
  7. Kid Mac

    Kid Mac Practically Family

  8. I did consider an Aero Barnstormer shawl, but one of the reason I love the Baron's jacket so much is that the fur collar lays the same way a 'normal' collar would, it doesn't just fade into the jacket the way a shawl collar would. It has the functional use of buttoning up to cover the neck and lower cheek/jaw area if it's cold out (which I did quite a bit on my G2 this winter, my town was hit with an irregular snow.) I think that the modify an existing jacket option would be best if I run across the right jacket. I notice that the Baron's jacket is belted in some pics... but not in others. Who knows, maybe he lost the belt. I guess I shouldn't be too picky about accuracy here- I mean, who would recognize it even among WWI ace buffs- Ah well, thanks much for everybody's suggestions.
  9. As ever, I think this might be a case where you'd be better saving up the cash until you can afford what you really want, rather than trying to find a cheap alternative... I should think Aero would be very open to attaching a sheepskin collar onto a regular Barnstormer, given their reputation for willing to do custom alterations.

    In the meantime, if you really want something lose and soon, you might get something vaguely in that ballpark in a 70s-made coat. I have one somewhere which is like a leather trench coat, db with belt, with a fluffy lining (though it is synthetic and short pile) - you might be lucky and find something close for little cash which might do you in the interim?
  10. Opas Coat

    Opas Coat Familiar Face

    I don't think the belt is actually a part of the coat, more just a uniform belt worn on the coat.

    Hmmm, German officer style only a "few" years apart. Change some of the pockets and add a fur collar.

  11. Looking again, yes, I think you are correct.
  12. Opas Coat

    Opas Coat Familiar Face

    Here is a shot from "The Blue Max". Like "Fly Boys" but made much earlier portraying Germans instead of Americans/ French.


    Stachel (jacket on shoulder) talking to Von Richthofen (after shooting an aircraft tailing him). Take note Willie/ his jacket behind Stachel.
  13. What I may end up doing is getting something a little more versatile, like a nice Aero with a removable fur collar. Actually, I might even get it in brown (I've always looked better in brown than black) but what features are distinctive among pre-1920s leather ware? I notice buttons are pretty common on these ace photos, but zippers were present too. So what it comes right down to is what features should I get for a generalized WWI ace coat?
  14. Smithy

    Smithy I'll Lock Up

  15. I just got a coat on eBay. No pictures yet, but it's a brown double breasted leather 3/4 coat and it looks very much like a flying coat. It's definitely one of those old double breasted leather coats that were popular in the seventies, but the only thing that makes it obvious to date is the satin lining and the plastic buttons. I can live with the lining, but what should I do about the buttons? They're a much darker brown than the shell of the coat, but from a distance you can tell they're supposed to look like leather-covered buttons. Most of the pictures of originals I've seen have either big round brass buttons or buttons that are darker than the leather shell, but of undefinable material. Does it come down to what was common of outerwear of the 1910s, or can we get more specific? Brass dome buttons are probably my safest bet, but I'm not sure if they'd be the best looking. Pictures of the coat soon enough, it fits like a glove! Thanks for all the help so far, fellas! Edit* Here's the auction listing, while it lasts. You can see pictures (bad pictures) there. http://cgi.ebay.com/Leather-3-4-Coa...wear?hash=item5d232f6949&_trksid=p3911.c0.m14

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