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the *stigma* with wearing red lipstick

Discussion in 'Beauty' started by crystalface, Oct 22, 2006.

  1. crystalface

    crystalface One of the Regulars

    So I've been wearing red lipstick everyday for the past week... But of course.

    Only this afternoon does my mother comment. She very randomly asked why I was wearing such a bright color of red, and proceeded to tell me that such a color was better for night time.


    I explained that every sensible woman wore red lipstick back in the day.

    She sounds like my grandmother. Well my grandma probably would have understood since she was born in the 30's. [huh]
  2. crystalface

    crystalface One of the Regulars

    OH yeah, I wanted to ask if anyone has a similar situation?
    I'm sure we all have... It's been my only semi-negative comment so far, everyone else I have run into has loved it.
  3. VanillaT

    VanillaT One of the Regulars

    I feel a little self concious when I wear super-bright lipstick colors- mainly because I wonder if they are wearing off and leaving me with a "ring" or if it has somehow gotten smeared across my face (mainly I worry about this while going out to lunch, for example). I know that most gals today stick with nudies and glossies but I just have to forge the way for all those brights... I can't help it I just like them better :p !

    A lady can do as she please, in my most humble (yeah right!) opinion. I am like a big kid, and lipstick is like a box of crayons to me... if there is a stigma involved with wearing red lipstick then it is worth the price of putting up with it to have my brights. I must have my colors!! :fedora: Ah, my pretty colors...
  4. Miss_Bella_Hell

    Miss_Bella_Hell My Mail is Forwarded Here

    My family and friends are used to it at this point! lol Usually no one says anything unless I have to go to a gas station or something, then I usually receive one of two responses: utter politeness and general niceness, or, skeevy looks.

    Usually it's the former, fortunately!
  5. SaraBell

    SaraBell Familiar Face

    Most people seem to like it...though my mother thinks I just like to look dramatic, lol
  6. Faye Valentine

    Faye Valentine Registered User

    "You do know that natural colors are what's in, right?" is what I hear from my mom. "Ma, red is classic" is all she hears from me (which is true, right? Red never goes out of fashion in my opinion). However, I'm still a little worried with what red goes with me best. I'm not totally positive so at times I'm worried if people are like "Whoa!" when they see my face. The color I found most complimenting is Besame's "Red Hot Red". I also bought Besame's "Besame Red" which is oddly brighter and more on the cool side than "Red Hot Red" (I thought it was suppose to be more on the warm side). I get worried about the red ring too, VanillaT, but Besame grips on quite well.
  7. SaraBell

    SaraBell Familiar Face

    I loooove red rhaspsody from l'oreal
  8. Having grown up in the '50s-'60s (and having parents and aunts/uncles born in the '20s, so were old enough to be aware of what's what in the '30s-'40s) essentially, I can tell you that what your mother says is correct. The fact is, in those days, most women, unless they were of certain stations or very rich, did not wear much make up during the day, and if they wore lipstick during the day, even if the colors were bright red, they were toned down by blotting and taking the sheen out of it, making it seem a duller and lighter shade. Of course, going out at night required dressing to the nines and thorough make up.
  9. crystalface

    crystalface One of the Regulars

    I feel as though I will never have a clue. [huh]
    Someone else just told me (in a different lipstick thread) that all lipstick shades were lurid reds or crimsons and wearing red lipsticks is the only way to go. [huh]
    I'm so confused right now. :eusa_doh:
  10. People certainly didn't JUST wear bright red lipstick. Up to the middle of the 30s most popular lipstick colors were light rose, raspberry tones, chinese red and orange tones. In the later 30s primarily bright red tones.

    In the 1940s all shades of red including clear bright reds, cherry reds, pinkish reds, and orange reds were popular. Two different color plans for lipstick use existed as well. On the one hand the "monotone", where lipstick was used to support a glorified natural look (includes light red, reddish orange, and raspberry tones) and on the other hand the "contrast", where lips brought a definite accent (includes cherry red, crimson and vermillion shades). In any case lips looked full and soft.

    Colours in the 40s varied from Pink Red right through to almost brown Brick - Red.
  11. maisie

    maisie Practically Family

    The best lipstick i have ever had was Mary Kay's Paprika, it is such a great colour, not too bright so great for both night and day and it hasn't got that nasty 'waxy' smell that some cheap lipsticks have! But it has been discontinued!!!!!!! ARGH!!:rage:
  12. maisie

    maisie Practically Family

    Also if any of you have ever watched the tv programme Goodnight Sweetheart (gotta love her outfits in that!) you will see that she rarley wears bright, bright red but more paler colour in the day, and sometime even wears a purpley shade to match a outfit!:)
  13. In any case, as mentioned in other threads, be sure to wear the red that suits your skin tones, not just any red. There are yellow-base reds and blue-base reds. Depending on your skin tone, one will suit you, and the other will only end up garish.
    It may be that you are wearing the wrong tone for you, which is why your mother made the comment.

    There are several ways to check the undertone of your skin, whether you are yellow based or blue based. One is, do you look better in a camel sweater/blouse/scarf around your neck, or does a clear gray one brings out a healthy color in you? Which color is the vein on your inner wrist-- greenish or blueish? Camel/greenish, you're yellow based: gray/bluish, you're blue based.

    Once you find the right red for you, you should be able to receive favorable comments from your family and friends.
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  14. ShannaSpade

    ShannaSpade New in Town

    Maisie, Mary Kay did discontinue Paprika. Have you tried Red Salsa? It's a lovely color, as well. If you want a sample, I could send you one.

  15. BettyValentine

    BettyValentine A-List Customer

    Red is very fashionable right now. Dita von Teese, Christina Aguileira, and all the vintagified New York hipsters brought it back, and now Vogue is insisting that confident women wear it all the time.

    That said, it does get noticed. When I leave for work in the morning without mine (I wear Besame Red), the guys at each of the buildings I pass ask where it went. It's not for the shy these days.
  16. Redlights

    Redlights New in Town

    I wear red occasionally. I'm a redhead so I have issues figuring out what colors work with me....I'm going to go to sephora sometime and just find the PERFECT shade for me and stick with it.

    I don't get much stigma, but when I wear it it seems to complete the look and if I am dressed vintage I look -that- much more vintage-y and people notice that.

    I have yet to recieve negative comments about it from people.
  17. Paisley

    Paisley I'll Lock Up

    I agree with Andy Rooney: women don't look very good in red lipstick until they are around 30. It's just my opinion, but it looks too made up on them. I think a brown shade looks better if they want something darker than pink.
  18. crystalface

    crystalface One of the Regulars

    It's not a problem for me finding the right shade. I have three different shades that I wear, ranging from the *infamous* bright red shade, to a medium red, to a brown red. I don't like the brown red as much though.

    After wearing red lipstick for that much consecutive time I feel kind of naked without it.

    I agree that it does complete the look.
  19. Avalon

    Avalon A-List Customer

    I've gotten nothing but compliments on my red lips. I've been wearing red lipstick almost exclusively since I was about 16. :D

    I do, however, tend toward the "gothy" look when not vintage, so I think folks have just gotten used to it on me. lol And I will often blot it to a stain so that it doesn't look too garish.
  20. Miss Dottie

    Miss Dottie Practically Family

    I usually go for a more mauvy dark color during the day and save my sassy red lipstick for night.

    But if you like then go ahead and wear it all you want sweetie!

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