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The under-appreciated wool-felt hat

Discussion in 'Hats' started by Hercule, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. Anybody out there prefer wool-felt hats to fur-felt? Do tell!
  2. The only hat that I currently own is a green wool felt. I've never owned a fur felt, so I cannot be the judge of that, however it takes about two hours in an extremely heavy downpour to barely soak through.
  3. Well, here's my wool Jaxon C-Crown fedora I've had for over a year now. I don't really wear it these days, having been wearing fitted sized, fur felt instead...



    It's darker than these photos depict. It's actually almost black, charcoal grey I suppose. I wasn't really after that when I bought the hat, this is the color they advertised:


    Maybe it's the lighting, but I thought it would be more of a medium grey than dark.
  4. Dinerman

    Dinerman Super Moderator Bartender

    I started out with a wool felt hat. It started out as a fedora, and in under a year, because of wearing it in the elements, had shrunk about three sizes, which rendered it unwearable and made the brim go all wavy. The crown had tapered quite a bit as well. Fur felt handles water much better. It is smoother and denser and as such shapes easier, can be thinner, lighter and doesn't need as much stiffener.

    As far as trimming goes, because wool felt is cheaper, the trimmings are generally of lower quality than on fur felt hats. Mine had a cloth sweatband and a band tacked on with what looked like fishing line. It was sized S, M, L instead of proper sizes.

    From what I can tell, wool felts were fairly common back "in the day". There's a reason fur felt hats have a better survival rate.
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  5. danofarlington

    danofarlington My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Not a bad-looking hat, actually.
  6. Yeah? Thanks! It was actually my first type of fedora, really, alongside a faux-Panama hat by Ultrafino Panama Hats (I hear you should avoid them, as they aren't the real deal). I wore it on a cruise ship (with an olive green sport coat and black suit, both of which no longer fit me), and I think for the time, I looked good with it. Also wore it a variety of other places, including my college campus, Disneyland, on a couple of flights, New Jersey, New York, Boston, Portland, Halifax, and even at the Bush Sr. summer residence (well outside of it)... In addition, this hat has gotten me quite a few compliments as well. This hat is very memorable because I have worn it pretty much anywhere, and it helped me to get used to the fedora style.
  7. I had the same type of experience, back in about '82. At the time, I couldnt understand why a hat *like this* didnt look the same after about a year of wear.
  8. Big_e

    Big_e Practically Family

    Anybody out there prefer wool-felt hats to fur-felt? Do tell!

    No, it's fur felt for me! There is an exception. When the weather is bad and shows promise of rain, I'll grab my black wool Jaxon pinch front or my light tan Bronner and spare my Stetsons for a good day. So my wool felt hats are my favorite beater hats.

    If I had to do it over again, I wouldn't have bought wool felt but since I did, I'll wear them until they wear out. It's gonna be almost a year and they're still holding up.
  9. Some brands offer a good quality in wool felt hats, there are pretty models, if you keep it out rain or water looks fine much time, one reason to pick a wool felt is the price. ¡¡¡
  10. MadDawg

    MadDawg Familiar Face

    My first two fedora hats were Scala Wool Felt hats. They did the job for getting me accustomed to the look and style, but it definately didn't take long for them to lose their style with just a little bit of wear and tear. Once I switched to a fur-felt, nothing compares. You can tell an instant difference in quality and durability and the fit and feel are mile apart. The best benefit is that weather has FAR less damaging effects on a fur felt than wool. Think of it this way, I don't know a single animal with fur that absorbs water!! Most animals once soaked will be dry and good after a half hour or so because they naturally shed water. However, give your T-shirt or favorite wool sweater a good soaking and chances are it will still be noticeably wet tomorrow!!

    My advice to a beginner would be find a local outlet store or ebay item and spend $30 more to get a fur-felt lid. Even in the "lesser" quality lines it will hold up and give you WAY more pride than even a top end wool hat (if there is such a thing). For example, a descent wool hat will run $39-69 through your online retailer, at a local Hatco outlet here in town the most expensive fur felt they sell is $99 and most of them go for $59-79.
  11. Big_e

    Big_e Practically Family

    You are correct my friend. J.B.'s hat is a good example. My wool Bronner is a very well made wool hat. However, I do love my fur felt alot more. I keep wearing my Bronner in the rain and intentionally wetting it to have a reason to do away with it but it it a good wool hat!


    You are right MadDawg. Hatco in Garland is the place to go for hats! That's where I got the Brown Stetson Sovereign in my avatar.
  12. Good Hats ¡¡¡¡¡

    Yes, it is, I have a pair Wilton (Wool felt made in USA) and are a good hats. ¡¡¡¡:eusa_clap:eusa_clap
  13. jlee562

    jlee562 My Mail is Forwarded Here

    I don't really have a good picture of the hat with me wearing it, as I usually wear stingy brims on the back of the head ("rude boy" style), but here's one of my friend's dog wearing it:
    That's me and Billy Bragg, and my wool hat. It's a Cappello, which I'm pretty sure is a Dorfman Pacific label, lite felt.
  14. Durability depends on several factors, such as cloth quality, care, amount of wear. My old beater is a wool felt that I have had since about '85. Other than a little fading, it is still hanging in there.
  15. W_B_K

    W_B_K New in Town

    By far, look/feel/quality/durability of fur is better. That said, I do have a Scala wool felt that I bought a year or so ago super cheap. I waterproofed when I got it and use it as a wet weather hat; still looks fine.

    EDIT: No, I don't prefer the wool over fur. :D
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  16. Let me ask the question again: Does anyone out there PREFER wool-felt to fur-felt?
  17. I see your point but pretty much agree with BanjoMerlin. Hercule, why don't you tell us why YOU prefer wool to fur?
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  18. ok, I'll bite.

    I prefer wool. (...dramatic pause....) when it's of the crush-able variety and I am performing a specific task that I would run a high risk of damaging the hat or it being blown off my head or smushed by one of my kids playing with me in the yard.

    That said, I don't currently have one in my arsenal, but for $30 I have been looking at the Jaxon c-crown that was displayed earlier in the thread
  20. bolthead

    bolthead My Mail is Forwarded Here

    I don't prefer it by no means, but I do own a few nice ones.

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