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The Weimar Republic

Discussion in 'The Reading Room' started by rocketeer, Dec 2, 2017.

  1. rocketeer

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    Can anyone recommend any books about life in the Weimar Republic. Not particularly interested in the rise of the Nazi's but general life and culture.
    I have Saints and Sinners about films etc from the era but I am looking more for something about everyday life and other entertainment from this era.
    English language please, I don't read much German.
    Cheers, J.
  2. The "Golden" Twenties, Art and Literature in the Weimar Republic, by Bärbel Schrader and Jürgen Schebera (in English), Yale University Press, 1990.

    Art and Politics in the Weimar Period, the New Sobriety by John Willett. I used to have this and got rid of it during one of my culls, but I seem to remember it covered a lot of things about the socio-political aspects of the period. Now I'm wishing I had kept it.

    If you're amenable to a fictionalized, comic-book approach, you could try the series Berlin by Jason Lutes, about the lives of various art students, journalists, Jewish merchants, beggars, cops, socialists and others as they intersect in the capital city during the period.
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