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This "sucks"... the Hoover And Other Vintage Vacuum Cleaners

Discussion in 'Your Vintage Home' started by PrettySquareGal, Dec 6, 2008.

  1. Now, that's what I'm talking about!!! Thanks Bobby for all the photos and info!!! ♫ If I had a million dollars, I know, just what I would do, I'd tie a string, around the deco, and bring all of it to here ♫ :D
  2. bobbydavis

    bobbydavis One of the Regulars

    You are welcome. I don't remember what photos you have but if you send them to
    me I will post them. Or I'll try again to find them and post myself.

  3. Yeah, I'm really sorry about that Bobby, I've been pretty busy and haven't had the chance to dig those up and shoot them back... I'll look for them today and I should be able to shoot them back to you.

    Happy Hoovering! :D

  4. So, a friend of mine may be getting a 725 model... If he gets it, I'll take some photos of it and post them!

    Any one else get any vintage machines?
  5. Well, happy New Year Hoover thread (to me it will always be my Hoover thread :p) and just wanted to say that my friend's model 700 most complete Hoover "Special" is roosting here at my place till I get a chance to ship it to him.

    Also another friend of mine has won an auction for a model 700 Hoover that I'll help him restore!

    Keep this thread alive ya'll! Post more vintage cleaners please!
  6. Jish1969

    Jish1969 Familiar Face

    An antique store by me has an old Eureka model that looks just like that Beatty, but I know it would draw an unpleasant look from the wife if I brought it home. I gotta find a canister model with all the attachments since I have hardwood floors and high ceilings...
  7. bobbydavis

    bobbydavis One of the Regulars

    Get yourself an Electrolux Model 1205 or 30 (xxx) on eBay. Great models.
    What's the condition of the Eureka at the antique store and how much?
  8. Jish1969

    Jish1969 Familiar Face

    The metal is chalky and will need a lot of buffing to shine again, but I plugged it in and it was picking stuff up off the carpet. I didn't ask how much he wanted because I would have most likely brought it home, but I will ask later this week if you are interested; maybe I will take the camera along as well...
  9. bobbydavis

    bobbydavis One of the Regulars

    Thank you.

    If you wouldn't mind taking your camera I would like to see it.
    Many thanks,
  10. I would like to see it, I think many here in this thread would love to see it... And personally Jish1969, I think you should buy it! And make sure it's safe, and sell it to one of the members here... Old uprights are so neat, especially if they have their original cloth bag... and really old Eureka's have straight suction, no roller bars with brushes... they can be used on hard wood. :D

    Nevertheless, let's see some photos! A side note, a friend of mine bought a 1920s Cadillac vacuum... very different looking and paid only $12 bucks for it!!! I understand them to be on the rare side.
  11. Jish1969

    Jish1969 Familiar Face

    Sorry guys, I had completely forgot about this for a while; Friday is looking good for me to get down there and snap a few shots of it. I'll see about negotiating a price as well...
  12. Jish1969

    Jish1969 Familiar Face

    Well I didnt get pics because I packed up my camera and then promptly left without it, but I asked the antique store owner what he wanted for it and he said 25 bucks:now I'm thinkin' hard...
  13. Grab it! That's CHEAP for one of those! That's the shipping alone on a vintage cleaner if purchased off of eBay!
  14. BoPeep

    BoPeep Practically Family

    So after finding an Electrolux XXX at a rummage last month, I went online to do a bit of research. Wouldn't it figure that a google image search would produce a photo of LizzieMaine with her Electrolux?! lol So I've unearthed this thread to say that this is a great vac (Lizzie was right, again). More details here http://willowhomestead.blogspot.com/2011/06/1939-electrolux.html

  15. Welcome to the XXX Owner's Club -- there might be more elaborate vacuum cleaners in the world, but there's never been one as reliable. You won't have too much trouble finding the attachments -- the most useful ones are the furniture brush and the crevice tool, and just about any version of these made by Electrolux over the past seventy years will fit the XXX.

    They also made a spray-gun attachment, which I've always wanted to own even though I can't think of anything I'd use it for, except maybe chasing raccoons out of my yard.
  16. bobbydavis

    bobbydavis One of the Regulars

    Great Electrolux! Wish I had one!!
  17. BoPeep

    BoPeep Practically Family

    Thanks Lizzie! I assumed mine was a 1939, but you mentioned that they were made thru 1952. Any styling differences or details that would peg the year better? And I will definitely be on the look out for the attachments!
  18. Here's more information than anyone could ever digest on the major variations of the XXX over its lifespan.

    As for attachments, you might check with your local Electrolux dealer -- they were selling these as refurbs well into the 1980s, and they might have some parts still on hand. The extention wands and cleaner heads from any Electrolux canister model will fit.
  19. BoPeep

    BoPeep Practically Family

    Excellent! Thanks again Lizzie!
  20. Bingles

    Bingles A-List Customer

    Any Kirby vacuums out there?

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