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traveling with multiple hats

Discussion in 'Hats' started by HeyMoe, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. HeyMoe

    HeyMoe Practically Family

    I am quite sure that this has been addressed but after an hour of searching, I can't find the answer.

    I travel from Vermont to MA and NC quite often each year and now that I have this new found fedora obsession (thanks FL) I was wondering what lounge members do if they want to bring multiple lids with them when traveling by car. I am resistant to leaving them in the back window (not even an option if I have my Wrangler) and it would seem that a cardboard hatbox wouldn't stand up to the rigors of extended travel.
  2. Cliffnopus

    Cliffnopus One of the Regulars

    I would think that the cardboard hatbox would be fine. After all, the hats ship in those boxes all the time and (usually) make it through without a problem....and that's in a more hostile environment than your car.

  3. HeyMoe

    HeyMoe Practically Family

    You've never been in the car with my wife!!!!
  4. You already have the most important part taken care of -- you travel by automobile, which is itself something of a big hatbox, if you wish it to be. As Cliffnopus noted, cardboard hatboxes should be up to the job. I mean the corrugated kind used for shipping hats, not those thinnish ones you might likelier get with your new hat at the retail store. But even if you use the latter type, your hats should get through it okay provided you use a bit of care in packing your car. You know, put the boxes on top of the pile, or some other place where they won't get crushed by a shifting load.
  5. I usually travel with 1 on my head & 1 in the hat can = http://www.drysdales.com/Hats/Hat-Accessories/Hat-Boxes/detail-438-Single-Black-Hat-Box.html
    I also have a hat case that holds 2 hats but haven't seen them for sale in years. The hat cans are available in multi-hat versions too.
    Most western wear stores have them since folks that show horses use them a great deal.
    NEVER leave even cheap hats in the back window, unless you are trying to shrink & fade them....
  6. danofarlington

    danofarlington My Mail is Forwarded Here

    You are an ambitious man.
  7. Benzadmiral

    Benzadmiral Call Me a Cab

    For a second there, mindful of litterbox products, I thought you were asking about multiple cats. . . .
  8. HeyMoe

    HeyMoe Practically Family

    Not really, I run a non-profit in NC from VT (as a hobby really) because of the affiliations developed down there it requires me to travel quite a bit, some times on short notice. The Wife's parents are in MA so it's only a 4 hour drive there vs the 19 hour drive to NC :)
  9. BobC

    BobC My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Here's a suggestion. Try this:
    This guy occasionally puts up scratch and dent models for auction, and you can usually land them pretty reasonably. I have two doubles and two singles from him, all of which are perfectly functional and you have to look pretty close to find a scratch or a dent.
  10. twobarbreak

    twobarbreak One of the Regulars

    tape and Cardboard....make a box. at least that's what I do, when on the road...
    I make em to fit, perfect. No space wasted...and basically free.
  11. T Rick

    T Rick Practically Family

    Currently in South Florida, drove down a week ago from S.E. Michigan (1400 + miles). Wore the Camp Draft the entire trip down, the Nostalgia in it's Stetson box in the back seat (trunk was full, back seat also had a large suitcase, small back pack and a Fender Stratocaster). Also had a Filson Tin Cloth Packer loose on top of the Stetson box (no worries on that one, brought it for rainy days). While here, I took delivery of 3 Panama's from Panama Bob, all in one box (they will travel home that way in a couple of months, next to the Nostalgia).
  12. HeyMoe: good to see you online again. There are not many Vermonters here. This is what I use: $25 +$10 shipping from Bencraft.

    They are made of thick sturdy plastic. Each will hold a hat with up to 3" brim. If you put the two in one hand with the flat sides facing each other, you can easily carry 2 with the handles. I can pack them in my suitcase if I want. I wear one hat and carry two.


    P.S. I am in St. Albans which is a little whistle stop town just north of Burlington.
  13. Bourne ID

    Bourne ID One of the Regulars

    I lost a great Stetson straw to the back seat, forgot it was there and folded the seat down for groceries!! I once saw a wire frame setup for the ceiling of the car that held a hat brim against the roof liner, it was in a custom car magazine and I've been on the lookout since. Might have to fashion one myself, for my 50 Plymouth.
  14. HeyMoe

    HeyMoe Practically Family

    I know it well, my 1st wife was from St. Albans :)
  15. Yeah, I'd hate traveling with multiple CATS, too ... at least with multiple HATS you don't get that many hairballs

    Years ago I was fortunate to get to know the guys in the country swing band "Riders in the Sky" and since I'm big into hats, I had all sorts of questions for them ... how they picked their styles, where they got their hats and because the travel to much, I wondered how they kept their performance hats safe

    Much of the time they travel by air, and they learned to just wear their performance hats. They could keep them safer, keeping them with them, than any other way.
    That doesn't help in the car ...

    I've had good luck with getting the wife situated first and then adding the hats, on top of anything else.

    Also, I travel with my tougher, heavier hats that won't get crushed easily.

  16. Sam,

    Just read your post about Riders in the Sky, great group of guys. We try to catch them when they come out to Ohio.

    As for car travelling, I only take one hat generally, if I take more, I use one of those plastic bins with a snap down top, and stack the hats lightly inside. We travel with 6 dogs, so that way the hats are nice and protected.
  17. Neophyte

    Neophyte My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Just take one hat and reshape it each night. They'll never know the difference :D.
  18. Another option is that you can find hat cases on Ebay under luggage. There were travel cases made by the famous luggage companies for both women and men that will come up now and then. The men's ones were usually square from what i have seen.
  19. Is it uncommon to leave my hat on top of my car's dashboard when I drive? It is extremely uncommon for us to roll down the windows, so my hats are never at the risk of flying away...

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