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Trouble in Paradise -- Raymond Chandler's Los Angeles

Discussion in 'The Golden Era' started by V.C. Brunswick, Mar 19, 2012.

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  2. Deco-Doll-1928

    Deco-Doll-1928 Practically Family

    I wasn't able to finish watching, but I bookmarked the pages for later. Thanks for posting these VC. They are very interesting. When the video was mentioning about all the fakes and crooked politicians in Los Angeles, I kind of had to giggle. Some of that hasn't changed a bit. :p

    I also like two gun Davis. My mom and I laughed at that part! Sounds like a great character for a movie. Although in this case, this guy was for real. :eeek:
  3. The first Chief Davis was known as "Two Gun" Davis because he was the LAPD pistol champ. I'd love to find one his original inscribed "juice" badges. These were Series 5 LAPD Detective Captain shields that Davis and other city officials gave to political supporters and other prominent people. At one point there were as many as several thousand of them in circulation among private citizens.

    Series 5 Shield, 1923-40

    Series 6, first introduced in 1940, is the present day LAPD shield.
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  4. Deco-Doll-1928

    Deco-Doll-1928 Practically Family

    Hmmm....I wonder if there was an increase in cop impersonators that year? :p
  5. Andykev

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    Ever hear of the "Brass Pass". That was what they were used for. Political supporters who showed the badge to the beat cop got a pass.

    Still happens to this day, all across the nation. Some departments it's the "Sheriff's Posse", other agencies use different titles.
  6. Story

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    Anyone know of an LAPD history repository? Particularly covering the WWII years?
  7. The Reno Kid

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    Thanks for posting these videos. Absolutely fascinating!

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