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True or False: Red Lipstick Ages Women Over 40?

Discussion in 'Beauty' started by PrettySquareGal, Apr 25, 2009.

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  3. Depends on the individual and application

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  1. PrettySquareGal

    PrettySquareGal My Mail is Forwarded Here

    I think it's true for me and I want to know your thoughts! I love my reds but I also love looking my best!
  2. PrettySquareGal

    PrettySquareGal My Mail is Forwarded Here

    I want to add a note about what I mean by "aging."

    I started the wrinkles thread stating that I don't see anything wrong with wrinkles, and also in the gray hair thread I said I am not dying mine. I do not see anything wrong with looking one's actual age! BUT the reason why I don't dye my hair or surgically alter (or Botox) my wrinkles is because I think it had an opposite effect of looking fake and making me look like I am trying to look an age I am not. So with red lipstick, for me, I am finding that it is starting to look like it doesn't fit with my face anymore as I'm aging.
  3. Lillemor

    Lillemor One Too Many

    Have your lips changed? Maybe a different formula will fix that problem. Has your complexion changed? Then maybe it's a difference in hue you need. Many people lose pigmentation, not only in their hair but also their complexion. I believe both actually happens to most along with a change in eye color which usually becomes lighter with age but not always. All together it could "throw off" your old lipsticks.

    Could it be a perception thing? Do you think you look like women you've in the past thought of as older women and if they've worn red lipstick, you may now think you resemble them?

    I know I'm not giving any advice but just asking questions you may already have asked yourself. I just think they're points to consider. I think the nude lip look ages one like nothing else but that may just be my perception because of my complexion already leans towards the deeper beigy/golden/olive-browny tones.

    I've seen photos of some who looked fantastic with blue-reds in their youth but who look better with orange reds or brown reds now and a different finish. Some could pull off matte when they were younger but not now and vice-versa. I haven't noticed for whom, what is true.

    Am alone with three boys, overcaffeinated so I apologize if I'm not making sense.
  4. PrettySquareGal

    PrettySquareGal My Mail is Forwarded Here

    I will never do the nude lip look! There are many other shades to work with. :) I don't think my lips have changed. I don't think it's a pigmentation thing for me, and I don't have any older red-lipstick wearing women in mind that I am afraid of resembling.
  5. I've heard it both ways, actually -- that red ages women over 40, and that *only* women over 40 should wear it. So it all comes down to what you, yourself, see when you look in the mirror, really. Having seen you in person, I would say you've got a ways to go before you have anything to worry about.

    I see a lot of 40+ women around wearing the pale color/gloss look, and to my eye what Lillemor says is absolutely true: that fashion is *extremely* aging on most anyone past their thirties, especially if they've spent a lot of time in the sun. I've unwittingly offended many of these ladies by selling them "Senior" tickets.
  6. PrettySquareGal

    PrettySquareGal My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Oh Lizzie, thank you, good advice and I LOVE the accidental selling of senior tickets. lol
  7. I agree that it really depends on the individual. I'm 42 and wear red.I actually find pale lipstick just makes me look tired and actually ages me. I will say however, that i need to buy better lipstick now, something moisturizing, or else my lips look too dry, and that's a look that's aging.

    I take the bus to work everyday and i see a few regular passengers that i believe are 40+ that wear red lipstick regularly. maybe I'm imagining things, but i swear they get bigger smiles from the busdriver:) On the other hand, the young woman that i buy my coffee from everyday has to be in her early 20's , but i feel that her bright red lippy makes her look 40.
  8. PS

    PS A-List Customer

    I can't wear red. I suspect its because I haven't found the right read. I feel that it ages me just a bit. My natural lips are quite red on their own and the mix of the two is garish. For me "nude" lips are a my lips but better (MLBB) color. Some sort of deeper pink. That took where the lips have no color but just look wet is repulsive to me. If it came down to it, I'd rather wear the wrong shade of red any day.
  9. At 39....

    Greetings All-
    At 39 I think I can weigh in here, and I will anyway! As we age our lips get thinner and I suspect this might be where the idea originated? Thin lips plus dark colour equals less flattering, IMHO. I don't think nude is necessary, or even works well with thin lips but too dark just makes them look worse. That said, I believe most any woman can pull off red, it just takes experimenting to find the right one.
    As for grey hair, mine has more and more silver in it daily and for a while I refused to dye it (I have a hatred of dealing with roots) but I recently had a nice experience with a red rinse: the black is black again instead of lacklustre and the silver is pink- Wheee!! I took a decade off my look, according to some, so a temp. colour in brown would be happy highlights for some in my situation: 40-ish and greying. Granted, I enjoy false colours (just did only my bangs/fringe a bright reddish pink, no not very vintage but quite Fun!) so it might not be a great plan for all....

    Obviously I'm a fan of red, so I'm not impartial about the lipstick thing. Just figured since I've been buying more red lippies lately and am almost in the age category I get to babble about this! *grin*

    Thanx for your patience and time,
  10. I'm fifty and I wear my best strong orange-red

    with all my vintage 40s clothes, as well as with my really strong bright colored modern clothes too. Best I think for the 40s era as its what the women primarily wore back then. I don't feel it ages me at all, in fact I look better in it than with no makeup and no lipstick. But you gotta have the right red for your coloring, ex. see my pic attached wearing my vintage-inspired 90s does 20s hat.
    The other shade I wear besides the orange-red is a favorite one I describe as a bright geranium rose pink. Occasionally with my pastels I'll wear coral, or add a bi of the coral over the geranium pink.

    I never do glossy, nude lip, or shiny look. The glossy stuff looks good on our almost fifteen yo daughter! Se wears the same orange-red as I do when she wears her vintage clothes. I agree that the nude or even worse yet, brown liner with nude lipstick really ages women. There is a 40+ yo gal in choir that wears this who is a Winter season. Gosh, I wish she'd try a nice matte lipstick in one of her better blue-red shades-she'd look so much attractive, and younger.
  11. Esme

    Esme One of the Regulars

    I just turned 51 in April and am a makeup artist and nail technician. I wear red lipstick but find that, now that I am older, it looks best if I tone down the rest of my makeup when doing red lips and amp up my blush, especially if I do paler lips. I don't do nude lips, either, but will do a paler pink, especially in a gloss or lighter formula, if I am wearing lots of eye makeup.
    Some of the 40's fashions seem to demand perfect (looking) skin, minimal eye makeup and red red lips. I also find now that a more matte red lipstick stays put better on me. Maybe just experiment with some different formulas and looks before you decide. I also really like a bright pink or deep red, sort of Betty Boop look (or Clara Bow, maybe would be more accurate) with a deeply accented cupid's bow and full bottom lip, but that suits my little mouth and pointed chin. Oh, I want to drag out all my makeup and try looks on you ladies!!
  12. I will be 49 in three short weeks. When I wear lipstick, it is only reds. I don't wear heavy or sparkly eye makeup, that does age my eyes more. My hair is dyed an unnatural red and I don't give a hoot about looking my age or any other age, I just like to look the way I feel happiest. Last night at an English Beat show (and boy was Dave Wakeling still hot!) not one, but two men said I was either pretty or beautiful, so I guess whatever it is works, lol. I like to think it's just being confident. So wear what makes you feel good about you and don't worry about rules.

    And you can call me Baby Jane if you want when I'm *really* old and wear too much make up :D

  13. I don't think a bright red ages women, but darker shades (like ox blood red or dark brown/purple shades) can easily age anyone.
  14. MissAmelina

    MissAmelina A-List Customer

    Agreed. You gotta know what shade works for you.

    The other day at work I saw a lady well into her 70's or 80's with long silver hair (that was real) piled into cascading curls, and dark ruby red lips. She looked stunning. The rest of her makup was very minimal and thoughtfully applied...probably a bit of concealer and powder, just traces of mascara. You could tell she was 80 years old...she was not trying to hide anything...glorious wrinkles and all...but with perfect red lips.

    She looked like a million bucks. I even commented to one of my coworkers that I would be blessed to look as good at that age.
    I kinda wish i had taken a picture.

    As I am aging slowly and surely myself, I have been very conscious about makeup---I think it is time to change it up a bit. I too have heard it's not a good idea to keep applying it in the same way once gravity kicks in. And I've certainly seen older women who should not be wearing bright shades of makeup, but insist it looks good on them.

    A more natural look with a kick of color here and there might be best. These days I try to keep the eyeliner way down when I wear red lipstick, but I wear more when I wear a more muted shade (which is never any lighter than a medium berry or rust shade...I look washed out otherwise) to keep things in balance.
    But I've worn red since I was 15 and would like to wear it until I am 90. :) Time will tell....

    P.S. INKY! You are one hot mamacita!
  15. Inky, you are gorgeous and look a lot younger than 3 weeks short of 49! You are completely wrinkle free and I am so envious of your perfect lips! I agree with it has a lot to do with your outlook on life aswell and you always give out such a happy and energetic vibe! I need your beauty secrets!
  16. Awww, thanks Darhling, I appreciate that a lot!

    My beauty secrets are easy - moisturize, moisturize and moisturize all of yourself, inside and out, and water water water. Then add sunscreen. And don't have children ;) they age you faster, I prefer being the aunt (who is more strict than the parents, go figure!)
  17. cherry lips

    cherry lips Call Me a Cab

    I adore your posts, Inky! I plan on wearing more and more make-up the older I get; in 20 years time I'll channel Mrs. Robinson (and other idols of mine).
  18. roots66

    roots66 One of the Regulars

    Inky you look incredible, and you sure ain't kidding about Dave Wakeling!!! I'd twist and crawl to him anytime!
  19. Inky, if I look a tenth as fab as you at 48, I will be a happy woman!
  20. oh you gals are doing something wonderful to my ego today (and no better timing with that birthday looming ahead!). Cherry Lips, roots66 and Fleur, thank you so much for all the kind comment.

    I never meant to hijack the thread, but I guess I can show that red lips are a-okay for us all :D

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