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V7 - The Vanson X Union Garage NYC Armored Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by 2wheelgrplr, Oct 22, 2017.

  1. 2wheelgrplr

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    @jacketjunkie if you ever plan on coming to Bhutan, you have to let me know!

    @JMax yes, it's a great place to ride, some of my friends have motorcycles for hire, can arrange moto tours etc too ☺
  2. 2wheelgrplr

    2wheelgrplr A-List Customer

    I have a LW Buco Rider too, have had it for several years now, it's horsehide and plenty thick. I find it pretty similar in thickness to my Vanson comp weight. Feel & texture is a bit different. I've had the LW for a while now and its softer and more pliable than when new. The Vanson oxblood is pretty much their octagon - feels and behaves like that leather, slightly different than the comp weight, a tad bit thinner perhaps, a little stiffer ... end of the day I find that I'm not bothered too much by a little extra or a little less weight & thickness here & there, so long as its top stuff and performs like it's supposed to. So, many times, I'm not the best judge for exact thickness, weight etc of these hides, I can usually only give vague, general sense of things. Anyways, these are all superbly made, super thick heavyweight moto jackets, and I'm mighty pleased wth them all - Vanson and LW.

    And yeah with $100 back promo, and limited availability of oxblood, anybody on the fence, jump on them NOW!
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    2wheelgrplr A-List Customer

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    More media ... "Ride with Norman Reedus" current season final episode features a cameo appearance of thisV7 jacket. The Union Garage crew rode with the Walking Dead star for a spring ride earlier this year which got a few minutes time on his motorcycle documentary. Here's the episode link, and some pics from UGNYC IG page:


    2017-12-07 12.13.36.png
    2017-12-07 12.15.21.png
    2017-12-07 12.16.17.png
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