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Vintage Eyeglasses

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by Matt Deckard, May 5, 2005.

  1. I Got these from Wild Root a while back as a gift. I recently had my prescription filled. How do they look?

  2. carpecaligo

    carpecaligo One of the Regulars

    Most people can't pull off the round glasses - it just looks funny - but you have the face for it.
    I've been looking for a pair of those ever since I saw "The Cotton Club."
    And you got your own prescription lenses in the frames?
  3. Thanks.

    My own prescription for daily wear. Takes time to get used to the cable wraping around the ears, though after some time your ears get used to it.
  4. carpecaligo

    carpecaligo One of the Regulars

    at least they won't fall off...

    I don't think my ears could stand it though. Do you know where WildRoot got them from? just curious...
  5. I'm sure he got them from the 1930's. Though he can give you a more precise physical location. They had a few pairs of round frames at the Vintage Fashion Expo. Depending on where you go they can cost $20 or $100. you just have to find the right vintage shop.
  6. Your regular optomitrist replaced the lenses with your prescription? Do they simply unscrew to do this or do they have to be pinned in some way? Do they use glass or high index plastic? I ask all of this because I might just want to do this with a pair I have.
    A friend of mine has a pair similar to yours but they are sunglasses. The smoke glass lenses look cool. Yours also look good on you. Enjoy them. They now have a new useful life---thanks to you. :cheers1:

    Regards to all,

  7. I went the crazy root and had them put in glass lenses with no antiglair coating. Straight glass.
  8. Wow! Really vintage.
    Could you have gotten it done with antiglare and lighter weight lenses?

    Regards to all,

  9. I had to fight to get the glass lenses with no antiglare. Plastic and coatings are never a problem for modern lensgrinders.

    How do you like the hair?
  10. carpecaligo

    carpecaligo One of the Regulars

    looks like you just drove around with the top down, but the cut is great.
  11. Great glasses!
    You look like the guy that played Pvt. Gripweed in "How I Won the War".

    His prey are the criminals that stalk the night,
    The Wolf
  12. Interesting.
    I am not sure the hair kind of reminds me of Keanu Reeves. Then again it has shades of Shemp and Cagney. :p

    Regards to all,

  13. scotrace

    scotrace Head Bartender Staff Member

    Sorta Like

    My experience in getting new glasses this year has been a trip. No optometrist in my area carried the vintage frames i wanted. So I ordered via an internet company and took the frames to my optom, who sent them off to have the lenses fitted in my prescription. There are some "extras" you can get that many people don't know about:
    If you get the best-quality plastic lenses, they are indistinguishable from glass and weigh a bit less - a great thing for those of us who need a thicker prescription. You should also ask for the edges of the lenses to be rolled & polished. In this way, someone looking at your frames won't see the edge of the lense sticking out on either side of the edge of the rims. It all looks "of a piece."
    I got the new frames, and another pair made for reading, plus contact lenses when I want to wear the WWII aviator sunglasses I'm looking for. The vintage (but newly manufactured) frames were defective the first shot, and had to go back for replacement. the replacements came back with spade temples instead of cables, so that was another shipment. I began all this in february, and just yesterdayI finally got everything in order. Now I have to make another trip to the optometrists for another bridge adjustment on the replacement frames...
    Any decent optometrist should be able to get you lenses for any pair of frames you might scare up. I have a pair of tortoise shell reading glasses that pinch onto the nose. When I feel like more self-abuse I'll take them to the optom. to have reading lenses put in them.
    Matt - the pic is broken for me. I shall compliment you when I get home and am free of corporate idiot filters. :)
  14. Wow! That was quite a bit of a rigamarole. My prescription is not all that bad so I won't worry about the side polishing but there are many good ideas in what you mention.
    Corporate idiot filters? Hmmm... I suppose they do not work too good with characters like Ken Lay around. :p

    Regards to all,

  15. Andykev

    Andykev I'll Lock Up Bartender

    Round is fine!!

    The glasses are cool I am wearing round glasses in my Avitar. They are modern, and have the plastic polycarbonate lenses. Glass lenses are dangerous, heavy, and prone to scratching or worse when dropped. The true glass lens for my prescription caused extreme discomfort due to the weight. And they kept sliding down the bridge of my nose.

    The hair? Matt? Out of character. Or else you wear that fine fedora to hide the hair :p
  16. scotrace

    scotrace Head Bartender Staff Member

    Now I see them.

    Very nice rims Matt! Swellegant.
  17. scotrace

    scotrace Head Bartender Staff Member

    These Are They

    Pinchy Goodness. These are the vintage frames I want to have re-fitted with my reading prescription. ​
  18. carpecaligo

    carpecaligo One of the Regulars

    I like the hair - reminds me of Christian Bale in Swing Kids ;)
  19. Daniel Riser

    Daniel Riser A-List Customer

    Out of character? Hmm... You don't know that man...

    Really though that was a very common hair style, the only difference is it isn't combed back, but that's exactly what it would have looked like for a common man, of course not for a photograph of catalogue but believe me, my hair is cut and styled the same way college boys did in the thirties with some mineral oil, after a couple of days your hair soaks it up, and all you have to do is run your hands through it and it will be styled, but droped your head, and your hair starts to bounce up and go all over the place. It's my favorite look actually.


    Dan :p
  20. Oh, if I only had a digital camera I could show you guys some pics...

    I have two pair of vintage glasses that I had the lenses replaced with my perscription. One is an old victorian pair of small, plain, oval frames, and the other was a pair my great aunt wore in the 1930s or 40s. This pair has the delicate wraparound metal ear pieces and an ornate nosepiece which attaches directly to the octgonal shaped lenses. They look somewhat like Herny Jones, Sr.'s specs in Last Crusade. I still have the original lenses and they shaped the new ones identical to the old ones. I had the plastic lenses put in both of these due to the weight and they still look great.


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