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Vintage Eyeglasses

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by Matt Deckard, May 5, 2005.

  1. Certainly was quite a lot of variety.... though the only ones I remember being an option in the eighties were the ones no the bottom left, with same-colour acetate legs. Not sure if that was all that was left at the tail end of it.... I don't think there is such a thing as NHS specs at all now, which is a shame. I'm sure the quality was better than most comparably priced commercial alternatives, if for no other reason than economy of scale.
  2. Mean Eyed Matt

    Mean Eyed Matt One of the Regulars

    Vintage one - don't know exactely how old...
  3. Lexybeast

    Lexybeast A-List Customer

    Any room for vintage inspired here? Got a good deal on these Lafont Orsay eyeglasses, and proceeded to do my best French New Wave impression.

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  4. For years I've wanted a pair of the old half-octagon eyeglasses; I think I read somewhere that there's some sort of safety restriction and they're not allowed to sell the any more. True or not I don't know but it wouldn't surprise me, given all the steps that government is taking to try to save us from ourselves. The pair I wear today is similar, but not quite the same.


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  5. Retromoto

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    I wore the Artcraft, Art-Bilt, Rimway, 1/2 Octagon for over 30 years and was very happy with them. I have also heard Shuron's version is very nice also. I believe they're both still available presently. IMO, they're actually safer than the older models due to the advent of poly lens. I found them very durable and repairable if tweaked a bit, actually more forgiving than a lot of frames.
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  6. WideBrimm

    WideBrimm A-List Customer

    Agreed. I can vouch for the Rimways. I've been wearing them for over twenty years. Rimways are semi-rimless, drill mount frames. I've got them with cable temples. They are very comfortable to wear and are very durable. To illustrate, I picked up my glasses one day to put them on, dropped them and grabbed them before they hit the floor and in doing so totally bent them closed at the bridge. So I took them to the optician who was able to unbend them making them good as new. Years later I am still wearing them. :) To go with Rimways or any "drill mount" frames, the thing to do is to find an optician who is experienced in working with this type of frames. Working with them is a skill which not too many opticians have today. I would think that Art-Craft or Shuron ought to be able to link up a customer to an experienced optician.
  7. Just had my reading prescription updated (strengthened :() and the guy I buy my lenses (and once-in-a-blue-moon new frames) from knows I love vintage / vintage-inspired frames, so he showed me these.

    He said he had tucked them away and forgotten about them as he no longer carries the line, but when he saw them when he was looking through his old stock, he thought of me.

    I forget their name (and can't find it on the frame anywhere) - sorry - but thought they had a real nice vintage look. Also, they are quite light - which can be a drawback to some true vintage frames. Anywho -here there are:

    IMG_4584.JPG IMG_4590.JPG

  8. Seriously nice
  9. Thank you, I've now worn them for several days and they are very comfortable and look vintage-as-heck cool (which means most people don't think they look cool at all).
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