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vintage letterman jackets and collegiate sweaters

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by resortes805, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. resortes805

    resortes805 Call Me a Cab

    Anybody collect vintage letterman jackets, or collegiate sweaters?
  2. scotrace

    scotrace Head Bartender Staff Member

  3. Nick Charles

    Nick Charles Practically Family

    I have a couple of college sweaters, no patches on them, i pull over and two cardigans.
  4. Doug C

    Doug C Practically Family

    Buzz Rickson has a very cool letterman looking jacket that I want real bad. It's a kind of OD green wool body with black sleeves and brown&tan wool knits, has a leather patch on the left breast with wings and propeller, and naming an airfield in Kansas. I tell you it's vintage cool, IMHO!

    Doug C
  5. reetpleat

    reetpleat Call Me a Cab

    I appreciate them but can't get too into them. Firstly, they are not so vintage. Most peole would see them a their modern equivilants, secondly, they don't fit me that well. But most importantly, my image of myself as I turn 40 jsut does not jive with a college or high school look. I know friends who will do a kind of collegiat look. Wildroot, when i met him years ago was a high school kid and I loved to see him dress as a high school or college kid. It looked great

    I do have a cool club jacket and would love to have one of those vintage moto guzzi sweaters the race team members would wear back in the twenties and thirties.

    But definitely appreciate whe nI see one.
  6. AlanC

    AlanC My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Just picked this up on ebay made by Skookum Sportswear - Centralia Knitting Mills, Centralia Wash, listed as 1950s.


  7. I have a super heavyweight one from the 30's I used to wear, I'll snap a shot.
  8. Rachael

    Rachael A-List Customer

    for the sake of trivia. Centralia Knitting Mills is still in operation. The name Skookum is no longer used, most likely because tribes object to having their names used as brands. My father's letter sweater (South Bend WA, 57) is also from there and has that label, so I can confirm the dating on the jacket you have. I hope that it ends up in my care but with 5 sisters I regrettably can't get everything. But I do have a key...
  9. AlanC

    AlanC My Mail is Forwarded Here

    ^Thanks for the information. I got that one for less than $20 delivered, so let's hope it's in as good a shape as described. I'm thinking of picking up a pair of the new Bob Cousy PF Flyers to go with it.
  10. thunderw21

    thunderw21 My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Ah, so there is an earlier letter jacket thread. :eusa_doh:

    Just picked this up, wool with leather sleeves. I think it's pretty cool.




  11. I think it's more than a little cool, thunderw21. I'm no authority on such matters, but it looks to me like it fits you just the way it ought to. Do you mind saying how it came your way?

    And Alan, please let us know what you think of yours once it's in your hands.

    Darn you guys. Now there's another thing I'll have to be on the lookout for. And, of course, I'm congenitally unable to stop at just one.
  12. Those are my high school colors. I still have mine but in the 70's ours were just all corduroy, no wool and leather for us :( .

  13. I wish, the closest I've got is my grandfather's wool blanket. It's black with red edges and a big red G in the center (for Grinnell College, in Iowa). In the lower right it is embroidered something like "Bill Conwill, Basketball, 1937-1938"). He started letting his young brother-in-law wear his letter sweater to high school in the '40s and I've never seen it, but it's probably long gone.

    I'm told all my other grandfather's Arthur Hill High School (Saginaw, MI) letters are stored somewhere at my parents, but I've never seen them. Frankly, I don't even know what AH's colors are.

    I would love to get a repop sweater in red and white to sew my high school (academic) letter onto.

  14. fraazierjo

    fraazierjo New in Town

    varsity jackets

    This one of a collection of 5 or 6 - my icon. Check out my other threads.
  15. thunderw21

    thunderw21 My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Thanks Tony. Luckily it's a 40L so, like you said, it fits very well.

    Not at all. I found it at a local antique mall. It had been there for nearly a year and each time I saw it I would pass it up, promising myself I would get it next time. I wasn't really my style. Now I've grown to love it.

  16. dingus

    dingus New in Town

    Hopefully this isn't too much of a thread hijack...

    I have my father's letter jacket (Thayer Missouri High School, 1943) and it's in great shape, but there are a few places where the wool has gotten thin. It fits perfectly but I'm afraid to wear it because I don't want those thin spots to turn into holes. Anyone have any ideas on how it can be patched or reinforced? Thanks!
  17. Anybody seen the new Converse "One Star" pseudo-letterman cardigan at Target? I bought one the moment I saw it and it's rapidly becoming my favorite sweater. I've been toying with getting a blue letter "C" to sew on to it, but I think that might be going too far.

  18. Boy do the MOTHS love these...

    Found out that the source of much of my clothes moth problem was from my 1970s era letterman's jacket. Of course it was FOUR sizes too small, but I just couldn't bear to part with it. (Big mistake!!)

    So... BEWARE...!
  19. john z

    john z Guest

    I always keep cedar rings in my clothes drawers to keep the moths at bay.

    Here's a collegiate cardigan I bought on eBay some years ago. It has what appears to be two dates applied, 55 on the left sleeve & 54 on the front, left. It is 100% wool & in pretty much mint condition. I would hate for it to become full of moth holes due to lack of inconsiderate storage whilst in my care.



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