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Vintage Silhouettes Custom Hats - Official Affiliate Thread

Discussion in 'Hats' started by Nathan Flowers, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. Art Fawcett

    Art Fawcett Sponsoring Affiliate

    /It's finally here !!!!! We went live with the new "Off the Rack" page featuring the first two hat offerings. Any feedback would be appreciated. These are a collaborative effort of myself and Mason Rudesheim who has been working here as an intern all summer and into the school year.
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  2. RJR

    RJR I'll Lock Up

    Very nice,Art,congrats.
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  3. Bill Hughes

    Bill Hughes Practically Family

    I think they are a really nice offering. Especially for those who have never bought a custom. It will allow fedora wearers to see and feel the difference at a nominal price.
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  4. FedOregon

    FedOregon I'll Lock Up

    Very nice, Art! Two exceptional fedoras.
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  5. Glad to see you offering the wider brim and the frayed ribbon is a nice touch.
  6. Rogera

    Rogera My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Just gorgeous Art. The dove has such great proportions
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  7. The dove is a wonderful color. Are they lined?
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  8. Are these Winchester felts or might they be Tonak? Liking the chocolate brown one.
  9. Art Fawcett

    Art Fawcett Sponsoring Affiliate

    Yes Sir, with the new VS liner. I suppose I should have had the liner pictured. I*'ll get on that Red.

    These are all Winchester bodies. I'm not fond of Tonak Belfastboy
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  10. Just curious as Mike at NW has some dove grey Tonak in his ready to wear line now.

    Going to the opera on this day wearing my new VS creation!!!
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  11. Great looking offerings Art!!
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  12. Art Fawcett

    Art Fawcett Sponsoring Affiliate

    Thank you Sir!!! My first toe dip into the market
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  13. Perfect for those rather impatient folks that want a good hat to wear...today.
  14. Perfect for impulse buyers as well. ;)
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  15. That's a Beauty. Just the hat. ;-)
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  16. Is it possible to have these hats modified at all? I was thinking an upgrade to a bound brim at your normal price for that service. Nice hats no matter what.
  17. Art Fawcett

    Art Fawcett Sponsoring Affiliate

    At this point I can't DH, the training hasn't reached that level and I am swamped with commissions. I'm sorry but we should be able to offer that later in the process
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  18. I completely understand. They are great hats as-is and a real bargain to boot.
  19. nidan48

    nidan48 New in Town

    My wife decided to get me another hat for Christmas and made a deposit in mid November.
    After Christmas I emailed Art regarding felt samples etc. Over the last several weeks, emails to him and the webmaster of his site have gone unanswered.
    Anyone know if he is having problems? He has always responded to email in the past.
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  20. It's taken him a week at times to answer me, but with a follow-up email thrown in to prompt him he has always gotten back to me. Are you sure his responses aren't being automatically sent to your junk file? I'd give him a call and get it figured out.

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