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Vintage Style Art

Discussion in 'The Golden Era' started by BigSleep, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. BigSleep

    BigSleep One of the Regulars

    Hey Guys
    I thought I would post some pics of my art.
    I recently opened my website and thought others here might dig what I do.
    Yes this is shamless self promotion but I am a regular contributer to this site and think my stuff is right up your alley.
    Hope you guys like it.
    Check out more at www.car-noir.com
    "Roscoe Said Goddbye For Me"
    "Dragstrip Delinquents"
  2. Looks great, post it HERE ;)
  3. Thanks for picking my favorite Cadillac for this illustration. ;)
    I love it! Beautiful work, Jim.

  4. BigSleep

    BigSleep One of the Regulars

    I'm re-posting in the other area.

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