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Vintage trains

Discussion in 'The Golden Era' started by Blackthorn, Jul 25, 2014.

  1. I was surprise the over-head hand supports were metal - I thought they'd be leather.

    Also, Uneeda's were a favorite of yours - I didn't get that wrong - did I?
  2. I would sacrifice much to eat a Uneeda Biscuit again. Best soda cracker ever made, and there is nothing even remotely like it on the market today. Kraft should die a million horrible deaths for taking them off the market.
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  3. fireman

    fireman Familiar Face

    Yup, reminds of riding the T in from Forrest Hills to go downtown at Christmas. Mom took us in on the T to meet dad. We did the common, the Enchanted Village and dinner at a nice restaurant before we drove home. Good times and good memories.
  4. I'm not sure where you stand, are you upset with Kraft or not?

    Because we saw the sign yesterday, my girlfriend and I were reminiscing about Uneedas and discovered that, growing up, in her house, they ate them with jam, in my house, we ate them with butter.
  5. I liked to eat them straight out of the box, or if I was feeling especially riotous, with some cheese melted over the top.

    Crown Pilot crackers were equally good, but you can't get them anymore either. Eighty-seven flavors of Trisciuts you can get, but no decent crackers. Bah.

    I drove up to Lewiston today to go to my endocrinologist, and was happy to see the gigantic Uneeda Biscuit wall sign is still there on Lisbon Street. "The National Soda Cracker." See there, Kraft, what you've done!

  6. fireman

    fireman Familiar Face

    I grew up on Crown Pilot Crackers, plain, w/butter, cheese, chowder. You name and we had it with them. It was a sad day when on a visit home I found out they were no longer made. Drake's are not the same as they used ot be. Hostess can die also.
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  7. 1. Great sign

    2. Laughed out loud on the 87 flavors of Trisciuts as it is sadly true - it can be hard to find the simple one you want, but then the same holds for many items now that brand "expansion" has taken hold. Simple toothpaste is another one that can take some serious looking for even once you've found where "your" brand is on the shelf.
  8. I can (have and still do) make a meal of crackers and butter. I fear jail for many - many, many - reasons, but if prisoners still get bread and water (I'm sure they get much more today based on "Orange is the New Black"), I could manage on that (although, I would like them to make it bread, butter and water).

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