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Discussion in 'Hats' started by Tony in Tarzana, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. Stetson Medalist Vita-Felt

    Just traded my Stetson Porkpie for this, with a fellow whom I've encouraged to join the Lounge.

    It's a Stetson Medalist with no liner, and it's a Vita-Felt. I think I'll be wearing this one a lot. Here are a few pictures, click on the small ones for a bigger version:



    Any guesses as to its vintage?
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  2. besdor

    besdor Vendor/Sponsor

    Tony, you made an excellent trade . That hat is vintage 1940's and is a great quality hat . There is no way that Stetson could ever duplicate that hat today.

  3. You did well !

    Another great hat T in T .
    I love the ribbon, looks like a hat you can wear dressed up or down.
  4. That is a very nice hat. :)
    I'll trade ya my tiny size 7 Dobbs Fifth Avenue stingy brim for it. ;) :D
  5. The Tony Touch

    Hi Tony,

    Great trade, that's a fine hat for all occasions. Sans liner should make it a little more comfy in warmer weather. Can you take a pix of the crown?

  6. From above or below?

    Glad to see you back around these parts, John. How goes it?
  7. Just for you T in T !

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  8. Thanks! I'm saving a copy of that ad! :eusa_clap
  9. Great trade Tony. I think you got the better of the deal.:D That is a very fine looking hat. :eusa_clap It's just my opinion, but I think that hat is good look on you. I'd make that trade anytime. What is the crown height and brim width?
  10. Actually, I think it was a win-win trade. The fellow who got my porkpie is very happy, and it was a Royal Deluxe in near-perfect shape. He's a stand-up bass player in the Detroit area, who has family who worked at J.L. Hudson, where the porkpie was first sold.

    The crown on the Medalist in the center-dent bash I have on it now (since those pictures) is about 4-3/4" and the brim is 2-5/8".

    DOUGLAS My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Beautiful hat Tony. It looks great on you.
  12. Way to go T in T, nice trade.

    Why don't we change it to "TNT"
  13. Super hat! It went to the right guy, too!
  14. That is a sharp lid, Tony. The contrast of the ribbon and bound edge is fantastic. Is that a lightweight felt? I'm think that maybe one of the really lightweight, unlined hats is the only way I'll be able to wear felt out here, so I'm always interested in the weights on those vintage lids.
  15. Shaul-Ike Cohen

    Shaul-Ike Cohen One Too Many

    Very nice hat and suits you perfectly.

    If it isn't too much trouble, could you measure the crown and brim width?
  16. [​IMG]
    While not the best picture of the ad, we do know for sure when the Vita-Felts were "launched"--1942 for this ad. :D
    Nice hat and a good trade. :eusa_clap


  17. Here's one on the head of Nathan Marsak, its lucky owner. Has the shape of the brown hat in the poster above. Has the color of the green hat on the right.



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    Man, that's a great looking hat too.
  19. Tell me about your shirt
  20. I've got fruit of the loom "Blue" boxers if your interested in hearing about them! lol

    TnT, Nice hat, very few Vita Felts around to be had, good move.

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