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Wannabes (2000)

Discussion in 'The Moving Picture' started by McPeppers, Sep 11, 2006.

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    Every so often I pop into the local Blockbuster and see what movies they are retiring from their shelves. Usually I find a Mob related movie that catches my eye and take it home. Today I snagged a copy of Wannabes, a movie made in 2000. Its tagline: In the mob your either made men or Wannabes.

    It stars William DeMeo, Conor Dubin, and Joe Viterelli. I found myself hanging on every word these guys said, and the supporting cast was phenominal. Now while it isn't "The Godfather" it is a wonderfully written story about four guys who are tired of low-paying jobs and being treated like dirt by their bosses and customers, and find themselves mixed up with the mob. The performances of each actor are so good its hard for me to point out any low points.

    The cinematography of this film doesnt show you anything new or exciting and gives a little bit of a documentary feel to it. In this case it works very well and in only a few spots does the camera seem a little out of focus. Overall it wasn't a detraction from the film at all...it may have actually enhanced it. Its based in the year 2000 so you arent going to see any stylish clothing but thats no basis to kill a movie.

    For $6.99 its a must have for any fan of the Mafia/Mob genre.

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