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Wareing 1930's Motorcycle Coat?

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Pixieanne, May 4, 2012.

  1. Pixieanne

    Pixieanne New in Town


    I have been researching my Wareing Coat and the general opinion from the vintage leather jackets site, is that it is a 1930's Motorcycle coat. As I said the leather is really supple with no holes or tears - would anyone know of it's value please.
  2. nevadapd

    nevadapd Familiar Face

    What is surprising about that is that the coat is so long. And there does not even seem to be a slit up the back. These days riders don't wear long coats, but rather wear short jackets. Still, I do have a vague memory of seeing old black & white (or sepia tone) photos of motorcyclists wearing long coats.
  3. Pixieanne

    Pixieanne New in Town

    I know what you mean - this coat is long, although I am only 5' 4 ", it reaches my ankles. Having said that, it is a gent's coat, 42" to 44" chest. As a pillion rider in British weather!!!, I do sometimes wear a very long Barbour coat, but it does have a split up the back. I too have a memory of seeing these type of coats on motorcyclists, usually worn with gauntlet gloves and some kind of cap.
  4. Joel Shapiro

    Joel Shapiro One Too Many

    How long is the sleeve? If it's made for a tall person, it'll bring a premium. Also, do you know the leather it's made from? Horsehide fetches a higher price than cow or steerhide.
  5. rocketeer

    rocketeer Call Me a Cab

    A proper motorcycle coat from this era would probably have had a split up the back,but also two short straps and buckles so that the coat could protect the legs similar to horse riding coats. Around 30 years ago I had an old wartime German leather coat belonging to to a motorcycle outrider escort that probably used for state occasions etc. All badges and insignia had been removed, but this was a top quality piece of clothing an old collector told me, There was stitch holes where a cuff title may have been and that had the buckles.
    The collector guy told me that this was the same as that worn by the horse mounted guard, the main difference being the motorcycle version had a large side entry pocket on the front, sometimes, inside for maps.
    I used to ride a Matchless motorcycle and sidecar and thought I looked real cool until I saw my reflection in a large shop window one cold winters day. I never wore it again.
    After nearly 38 years of bike riding I think wet weather gear has certainly improved over the years. good luck but there is nothing worse than wearing a soggy wet heavy leather coat when on a bike.
    As to value? I would have no idea though I think you may get a good price for it as a display item rather than a wearer, it does look in good condition.
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  6. I would say it's probably best described as a "motoring" coat. More for open-top cars than motorcycles, I'd say. People will have suggested it was for motorcycles because they thought it looked a bit like a "Dispatch Rider's jacket".

    Nice jacket and certainly as old as you think it is, if not older.

    Price is difficult. I've seen these on sale, and sold, for a very wide range of prices. Most recently, a very similar (in age and style) S. Lewis jacket sold for almost £900 on eBay. But, there is a very dedicated collector who will buy anything that comes along from Lewis Leathers of this era (D. Lewis, S. Lewis, or Lewis Leathers) and will bid accordingly to beat the opposition.

    I don't know that Wareing's have the same following or name recognition today.

  7. Pixieanne

    Pixieanne New in Town

    Many thanks to all who have replied, and for all your helpful information - much appreciated.

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