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Wearing Vintage Shoes

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by MondoFW, Jan 17, 2018.

  1. You are very accurate in your post as a Topy may not bend or flex it it is thick and then pop off....I like the vibram sole protector as it seems to be more flexible when walking. Your step by step about covers it as well. As they say in Hollywood..."that's a wrap"!
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  2. Not sure what the name brand is of this material...I find it from a source on eBay....
  3. MondoFW

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  4. -30-

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    "Great selection, but FAR out of my price range."

    As with many items, there is a huge difference between "Price" and "Cost"; Price being measured in months, Cost measured in Years.
    (Then, of course, there is always, Availability.)

    J T
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  5. Sir; Many of his posted offerings are GRAIL vintage shoes. A single pair of grail shoes is worthy! Wow, there are many drool worthy shoes in his Ebay shop.

    If seriousely interested, contact him. Walk thru how payments could be arranged. I have known scenarios like this to work out for vintage items needing a caring home.

    +1 sir! Can you imagine if they were all your size?
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  6. MondoFW

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    I am seriously interested, but not to the extent that I'll pay $300 for a pair. My ideal budget is $120 or less, and Sir Shoe Addict is definitely not THAT philanthropic
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  7. MondoFW

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    Does the shoe addict happen to have a 80% birthday discount??
  8. Vibram is a good product for sure. I just picked up a roll of sole sheeting (rubber) in Red as a color. It is 1.2mm thick, (or thin....haha) and the side that will be bonded is fairly textured has a bit of a "gritty" feel which that surface will help aide in it being more effective when adhesive is applied, it gives the glue more surface to hang onto And the side that will be "facing" the road, so to speak, has a pattern almost exactly like some Vibram.
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  9. Darn...we could have made a cake for you!
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  10. MondoFW

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    Well it's soon but it ain't today. I'll hold you to that cake;)
  11. Okay! Yummy!
  12. MondoFW

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    Well, i finally acquired the dream shoe! On a sunny day as well. Purchased these 1940s Nunn-Bush spectators from Johnny J on here-- wonderful guy.

    The spade sole, the supple leather and suede, the insole-- were all spectators made like this in the day? I always perceived Nunn-Bush as a cheap brand, even back in the day.

    I'll definitely need something for the white suede. For now, I'm using my dad's florsheim trees. I sure hope these babies last for years to come. d1aa9184-d73e-4aba-b3f9-af5133e96ebb.jpg b7b85db9-747b-4552-b31d-866b706768b9.jpg 872f676a-1ff3-4542-822f-46d3eba706ba.jpg b4c87e18-3fdc-4709-bf9b-d1f313fed437.jpg b1f22041-8a4b-40d9-a179-4098272b201d.jpg 24871de1-ed27-4e5a-b6a6-eb8c3d70fd7e.jpg
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  13. Johnny J is a stand up guy. Congrats on the shoes.

    Lovely Nun-Bush shoes.

    Wear them with pride sir. Eric-
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  14. GHT

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    You can buy the leather/suede mix new, I have a pair from former Lounger Simon Cathcart.
    old photos 527.JPG blazer 1.jpg
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  15. MondoFW; I have a bit more time to respond this morning. Let me repeat glad you found these shoes. The lines are terrific.

    As to the suede, the Saphir suede cleaner works like a charm. Combine the cleaner, with leather conditioner and a suede brush your white can be good for a long time. I look at the pics and offer caution to the original heels of the shoes. My experience is that they can crack and crumble at inconvenient times. Watch them check them as you certainly do not want to be out on the town with one heel. Sole protectors may give a bit more wear. In my neighborhood they are $30.00 of protection. Combined with a very thin leather insole the shoes are comfortable and give me piece of mind. Certainly this is my opinion. The shoes look good to go.

    Carefully applied black creme and some clear mirror shine on the toes and you can be a "happening fellow" downtown.

    Enjoy sir. I imagine the hunt for other like shoes only begins. Eric -
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  16. Hello and yes you did get some super nice shoes.

    Now for the white suede you use a suede brush to help clean that area and you use a "bunny bag" that is a white chalk substance you "dab" onto the suede to keep it white. NEVER use anything else on that suede unless you have something really bad on it that would require you to use a cleaner. If you desire to condition that area of the shoe from the inside of the shoe, which then would be that back side of the suede, you can apply Cadillac Boot and Shoe Care conditioner on the inside of your shoe, turn the shoe upside down and put the conditioner on your finger and rub that into the shoe. You can do it a few times leaving the conditioner to soak in. A "bunny bag" you will need to buy, I will find one online for you and post it here with a link....
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  17. Here is a link to a "buck bag" same thing as a bunny bag....

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  18. MondoFW

    MondoFW One of the Regulars

    Bunny bag, suede brush, Cadillac conditioner...Passing these shoes down to my future kids may be harder than I thought! Thank you for the pointers.
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  19. Care for the shoes will help them have a longer life. I would also have something to protect your soles. I will explain why. The leather soles are indeed, sewn on with a welt. BUT you have a very thin layer of leather on the soles that cover up the entire bottom of the soles and hides the thread which is sewn through the soles. That thin layer will wear eventually and you then have a hole in that leather. To protect that from happening, you should have a sole protector like a Topy applied on those shoes. You can gain a lot of years wear on them by just doing that and having heel and and toe taps that are the nylon ones, put on.

    If you do not have shoe trees to put in the shoes when you take them off.,..,get some and use them. Yes I know this is like a shopping list....but you have an investment paid, protect it for getting the best long term use of the shoes. You can see a lot of us here know some things about vintage shoe care so don't be shy to ask questions and get some answers.

    The reason I would refrain from putting any conditioner directly on the outside of the white suede is, it can leave spots stains and leave the surface of the suede sort of mucky yucky sticky. Using conditioner on the inside of the shoe to condition will serve you better, and after allowing it to soak in you can rub it with a dry clean clothe and then wear the shoe the next day.

    I normally soak the entire inside of vintage shoes pouring in the conditioner and rubbing it now and then to help it soak in to everything and do that a few times a day for a few days until the shoes stop soaking up the conditioner. Then I wait for one day after rubbing a clean clothe all around the inside of the shoe to get rid of excess conditioner.

    But step one on all shoes for care...SPRAY disinfectant inside and clean the entire shoe with a damp clean clothe.
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  20. MondoFW

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    Hmm, should have done that before I wore them to school today (side note -- received many compliments). I have physical education tomorrow and generally reserve my nice clothes for days I don't have that, for convenience. Tomorrow, I'll clean the shoes and disinfect them.

    I do have shoe trees in these for when they're sitting in my box. When I put them away for the day today, I examined them and thought, "These look nearly pristine, how could there be so many underlying issues I have to worry about??". I'll have to go to the store to get the products recommended in this thread. This endeavor sure does remind me of my father in his glory days. When he was around my age, living in Manhattan in the 50's, he bought a pair of 20's Florsheim spectators at a vintage shop near his apartment. Wore them when acting on stage, his magician performances, impressing the girls, you name it. According to grandma, he treated these kicks like they were his first-born, and he was always buying cleaning products to keep them pristine. Unfortunately, they're not with us anymore-- Pretty sure he sold them before I was conceived. Sad to think about.

    Anyways, back to shoes. I'll think of some questions to ask and put them here. Thanks, all.
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