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What are you listening to?

Discussion in 'Radio' started by mikepara, Sep 23, 2006.

  1. Bamaboots

    Bamaboots I'll Lock Up

    Jack, I wasn't aware of Joe Bonamassa until a few years ago when flipping channels, I ran across a concert of his on PBS. I was mesmerized. Been a fan ever since. Beth Hart can scorch a song. Big fan of both.
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  2. 3fingers

    3fingers Practically Family

    This is my favorite version of Flying Home.
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  3. Hurricane Jack

    Hurricane Jack I'll Lock Up

    There is video on the internet of Joe starting when he was just 13 yrs old. Not quite sure why he doesn't get more recognition than he does. Beth Hart's popularity is much greater in Europe than in the US, but she does tour more places now than just CA & PA. I saw her for two concerts in Denver in late 2014.
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  4. Trenchfriend

    Trenchfriend I'll Lock Up

    I wish you all a nice sunny day! :)

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  5. Dnewma04

    Dnewma04 One of the Regulars

    Harry Manx fusing an Indian raga with delta blues perfectly, on a banjo.

    It’s perfect.

    If you like blues and haven’t heard Manx, fix that situation.

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  6. OldStrummer

    OldStrummer One of the Regulars

    From a new release by a long-forgotten/ignored musician. I have an album by him dated 1994. His latest release was December 1.

  7. Hurricane Jack

    Hurricane Jack I'll Lock Up

    Quite a string bender!
  8. OldStrummer

    OldStrummer One of the Regulars

    One of the replies on Youtube says, "[H]ow come I've never heard of this guy?!?! He does Jeff Beck better than Jeff Beck, holy ****!"

  9. Hurricane Jack

    Hurricane Jack I'll Lock Up

    Wow...makes me want to get out my old MIJ Strat & practice, practice, practice...when the stitches come out of my hand next wk.
  10. Desert dog

    Desert dog One Too Many

    Didn't know about Joe until I saw him open for Kenny Wayne Shepard, and BB King about 5 years ago. I saw Beth at a small theater a couple years ago. Both are amazing, but I had never seen them perform together.

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  11. Hurricane Jack

    Hurricane Jack I'll Lock Up

    No doubt her career was held back by drug problems in the beginning. But living in CA you could probably see her often. She has done cameos & toured with Jeff Beck & most recently with Gov't Mule that I know of, but I like her best with Bonamassa.

  12. ton312

    ton312 I'll Lock Up

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  13. Dnewma04

    Dnewma04 One of the Regulars

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  14. HadleyH1

    HadleyH1 Practically Family

    Great songs everybody, thank you! ^^^^^

    Ace of Base - The Sign (Official Music Video)
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  15. super17

    super17 New in Town

    I just went through some songs i got when i was in Japan (i don't usually like Jpop) and i fiound this song called PEACE, from Judy and Mary
  16. ton312

    ton312 I'll Lock Up

    Oh man this reminds me of diving practice and dorm caf/ dining hall circa 1992! Seems like a million years ago... but yesterday.
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  17. Becky Hobbs -- I Learned All About Cheatin' From You (1980)

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  18. Becky Hobbs -- Pardon Me (Haven't We Loved Somewhere Before?)

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