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What are you wearing today??

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by moustache, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. ... my interpretation of the Jazz suit today

  2. HanauMan

    HanauMan A-List Customer

  3. Almond colored linen cotton safari style sport coat with pleated and flapped patch pockets 2 on chest, 2 at hips, and latchet tab on collar (3 button), half belted, and single vented, almond colored twill chino cotton trousers (Polo RL from the 90s), flat front, flat pressed (no crease), Oxford blue linen standard point collar with box pleated and flapped breast pockets, pebble grain English tan colored leather belt with gilt simple buckle, English tan leather cap to Oxfords, ivory Panama hat, Oxford blue cotton lisle socks with red heels and toes, red bandana peeking out of my breast pocket, gold Universal Geneve wind up wrist watch from the 30s (Grandpa's), and gold pinkie ring with 3 garnets or rubies set into incised asterisks, usual half-frame brown horn and rose gold sun-glasses with green lenses. No tie; too hot, just today, and not feeling well, so couldn't abide anything around my neck.....
  4. Mathematicus

    Mathematicus One of the Regulars

    My disdain of casual Friday.
    Glen plaid check suit in grey-brown, white oxford shirt and solid dark blue tie.
    Here are close-ups of cufflinks and tie/lapel.
  5. Xopher

    Xopher One of the Regulars

    Golden Age Motorcycle Clothing 8 Panel Cap
    My grandfather's denim shirt
    Freewheelers 1890 Brakeman Grained Wabash pants
  6. bn1966

    bn1966 Call Me a Cab

    A pair of shorts.JPG
  7. pjimage-63.jpg

    Linen when you are hot!
  8. A sunny afternoon at a garden party.

  9. Very nice! I have those exact same pants and absolutely love them!

    Tatton Baird Beaver fur hat
    The Real McCoy's Red Silk A2
    FW shirt
    FW pants
    Role Club boots
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  10. Zachary

    Zachary Familiar Face

    Knit tie:

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  11. Zachary

    Zachary Familiar Face

    Today's apparell for church (it's a holiday in most parts of Europe):

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  12. HanauMan

    HanauMan A-List Customer

    That is a look I've often tried to achieve, alas never to this level of perfection.

    May I ask, are these woollen trousers?
  13. Great look. Reminds me of something I saw Ian McKellan wearing in something recently.
  14. They are, they're Polo Ralph Lauren and I picked them up in a charity shop for 10 bob!
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  15. tropicalbob

    tropicalbob My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Knitted ties are an absolute necessity, especially in solid colors. For years I wore only black ones (silk and wool), but I've recently branched out into several other colors. Etsy always has quite a few.
  16. So many great looks there gents. Mathematicus, Casual Friday will deservedly never recover from your sartorial splendor; Xopher you've kicked that look out of the ball park and Claudio, what can I say? You gotta be the Jazz suit king!
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  17. Xopher

    Xopher One of the Regulars

    You be got this all On Point!!!
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  18. Thanks! It's one of my more ambitious outfits so I'm glad you like it.
  19. Cocker

    Cocker Practically Family


    - Aero Leather 42-18775-P seal jerky horsehide A-2
    - SJC Yard Boss denim trousers
    - Pike Brothers 1937 Roamer shirt in chambray
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  20. Barefoot Friar

    Barefoot Friar New in Town

    This isn't so much what I am wearing as it is what I want to wear this evening... I am going to dinner with my wife and in-laws at a restaurant that is casual, but still one of the nicer places in town, and I'm meeting someone new (wife's brother's girlfriend's mother). I want to wear jeans, white OCBD, blue/white seersucker jacket, brown casual leather shoes, and my Panama hat. I'd normally opt for a colored/patterned shirt and navy blazer, but the blazer is at the tailor still and I don't think I have time to pick it up today.

    What do you think?

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