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What cigar (or pipe) did you smoke today?

Discussion in 'The Connoisseur' started by indycop, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. 52Styleline

    52Styleline A-List Customer

    Vermont Maple in a 1953 Kaywoodie lumberman. I usually save this blend for the first cool autumn evenings but with the forest fires, smoke, and hot temps around here, I thought positive action might make the fall weather come.
  2. Scooterz

    Scooterz One of the Regulars

    Night it was Blackberry Brandy in a Doran poker.
  3. Hurricane Jack

    Hurricane Jack I'll Lock Up

  4. Hurricane Jack

    Hurricane Jack I'll Lock Up

    A cut from a Virginia/Burley plug being passed around at a private gathering last night, in my Boswell Minie Ball.
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  5. Kid Mac

    Kid Mac Practically Family

    Peter Stokkebye English Oriental Supreme in a Peterson Short Classic.
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  6. Foch

    Foch New in Town

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  7. ShortAndCashed

    ShortAndCashed One of the Regulars

    Sutliff Reserve Westminster from a Chacom billiard. Pretty good smoke in the snow, since I was paying more attention to my wife and our snowman. :)
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  8. 3 Oaks Syrian in a Peterson Shannon Bulldog.
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  9. MichaelV

    MichaelV New in Town

    Frog Morton in a Castello Natural Vergin KKKK.
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