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What Did You Drink Last Night?

Discussion in 'The Connoisseur' started by kiltie, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Julian Shellhammer

    Julian Shellhammer A-List Customer

    Sipped Elijah Craig bourbon while watching Arsenic and Old Lace.
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  2. First of the Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale.
    Funny how it really differs year to year.

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  3. Dark 'N' Stormies for an early start to Halloween accompanied by "haunted" classical music and, later, a viewing of the movie "The Uninvited." All in, a fun "scary" night.
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  4. Oh good Call! I love me some dark and Stormies.
    Sounds like a great night.

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  5. Good stuff. If you like hoppy.[​IMG]
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  6. ton312

    ton312 My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Grey Goose Cherry Noir on the rocks with a lemon wedge.
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  7. How was that? Sounds intriguing.

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  8. ton312

    ton312 My Mail is Forwarded Here

    It's delicious! It's kind of like a high octane sweet tart. I've tried this with effen black cherry and didn't care for it. The grey goose is a bit sweeter and has a stronger Cherry note.
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  9. ton312

    ton312 My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Rainy miserable day, cold, damp and dark. Some slow cooked pork loin and this delicious vanilla porter is making my Sunday pretty damn perfect.
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  10. Hurricane Jack

    Hurricane Jack I'll Lock Up

    Knob Creek Single Barrel 120 tonight.
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  11. Hurricane Jack

    Hurricane Jack I'll Lock Up

    Several Rock & Run's Ryely Porters capped off for the night with their Psycho Wyco Imperial Stout on a cold evening.
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  12. In the "what will you be drinking tomorrow" category: with the temperature expected to dip into the 20s overnight and be in the 30s tomorrow, the Fading Fasts will be going to one of their favorite pubs ⇩ in the city for the first Irish Coffee of the season tomorrow (hectic schedule permitting):


    I am very excited - I love this pub (yes, that's sawdust on the floor and, yes, they have a wood-burning fireplace that's almost always lit) and I love Irish Coffees.

    Can't resist, one more pic:
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  13. Hurricane Jack

    Hurricane Jack I'll Lock Up

    Nice saloon! Throw a few peanut shells in with that sawdust & it would fit right in where I live too.
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  14. Bamaboots

    Bamaboots I'll Lock Up

    My kinda place, @Fading Fast. Thanks for posting those pics.
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  15. My heaven is chock-a-block with places like this.
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  16. I am pretty sure this place could become my new home. It looks so comfortable. Lucky, you are FF.
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  17. ton312

    ton312 My Mail is Forwarded Here

    It was serendipity for me tonight. On a whim thinking of my favorite holiday ale I stopped off for some revolution fistmas. I'll be damned. We get 2" of snow, first of the season, and this delicious bastard is chilling in the case just waiting for me to rescue it.
  18. Fortunately, time allowed, and the Fading Fasts kicked off the Irish Coffee season at one of their favorite pubs yesterday as hoped for and noted in a post above.

    I can report that the pub still looks great and the Irish Coffees were quite enjoyable. The shots in the above post were from the pub's website; I took the two below yesterday:

    IMG_4476.JPG IMG_4475.JPG
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  19. Hot cocoa and peppermint Schnapps. Although now I'm craving an Irish Coffee!
  20. Thebuzzard

    Thebuzzard Familiar Face

    Fresh squeezed! Disappears in summer, and costs an arm, but app worth it! Yeah plagiarized the pic [​IMG]

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