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What do you guys use or recommend to apply Pecard's leather dressing...

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by holdemchamp1225, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. I know different people use different techniques or maybe even objects/devices to apply. Just wanted some good advice and which results turned out best. Thanks in advance.
  2. blacklagoon

    blacklagoon One of the Regulars

    I use the index finger mostly to apply pecard to my jackets.after a few hours,i start to interchange between my index finger and my middle finger.I only use the tips.It takes me approximately 6 hours to thoroughly apply it using the two finger tips.
  3. Fingers are the only way i've found to reliably, evenly, work the stuff into the leather to my satisfaction.

  4. feltfan

    feltfan My Mail is Forwarded Here

    I used fingers, too.

    And you should see my fingers now! Beautiful grain and no
    need to reapply Pecard's for years! ;)
  5. WOW!! 6 HOURS!! Is there something or some way to speed up the process...

    techniques or devices to help with the application. I know that after the initial application there needs to be time to allow for drying in the case one needs to apply a second layer BUT does it REALLY take 6 hours to apply to one jacket? If so, then I accept that but was just thinking that 6 hours is quite a long time!! ;)

    By the way, thanks to everyone for their responses and recommendations. Looking forward to hearing if there are other methods.



  6. rgraham

    rgraham A-List Customer

    I just used some stuff called "Leather Therapy". I applied it with a small piece of sponge, and it took maybe half an hour to forty five minutes to do a 3/4 length coat. http://www.leathertherapy.com/

    I used it on an old military leather coat that I recently purchased. It arrived as stiff as cardboard, and fairly wrinkled. The next day it had penetrated the leather, and was becoming quite soft. A few days later, it was wearable. I may put one more coat on to see what happens.

    I was told by a man that makes A-2 jackets, that he uses Vaseline to bring older jackets back to life. He says it's PH neutral, and works very well. I'm not sure how many fingers he uses while applying it however.;)
  7. aswatland

    aswatland My Mail is Forwarded Here

    I only apply Pecards with my fingers. It also helps to keep my skin supple!;)
  8. scotrace

    scotrace Head Bartender Staff Member

    The added benefit! (seriously)

    I get my whole hand(s) gooped with it and just keep massaging it in.
  9. i use my fingers inside an old cotton sock. also, like it was said above, you need to let it soak in for at least six hours. i usually let it soak in over night.
  10. TM

    TM A-List Customer

  11. blacklagoon

    blacklagoon One of the Regulars

    I use the antique leather care for my original irvin jackets and trousers.
  12. How much Pecards should one use per jacket?

    Was curious to know since this would be my first endeavor into treating my own jackets as to how much of the Pecards leather dressing I should use per jacket? Should I just goop it on in generous amounts and rub the excess off? I am about to order more of the dressing since I have multiple jackets and just wanted to know what you guys thought.

    On another note, do any of you guys use the classic leather dressing for ALL types of hides and jackets or is it better to switch among the leather dressings offered from Pecards such as their antique dressing, classic dressing, dressing for motorcycle jackets, specialty creams, lotions, etc...?

    Thanks in advance.


  13. blacklagoon

    blacklagoon One of the Regulars

    I really do not know about the other leather dressings.I just went by what they said about the antique one,and bought that.
    I did try putting a big lump of antique leather dressing on my first original irvin jacket when i got it,but found it was like kneeding dough when making bread.It took much longer to spread and eventually rub it in properly.that is why i settled for the quicker,more efficient method of only using my index finger.I simply find my index finger has more concentrated power in it when rubbing in circles,and is much faster all round.
    Another thing about pecard,is that it may help eleviate any unpleasant smells that the leather itself has got.I used it on an old irvin that absolutely reeked abominably,and pecard totally destroyed the bad odour.
  14. Thanks blacklagoon for the advice...and I have an UPDATE!!

    I have corresponded with Eric from Pecard and this is his exact quote to me:

    "You’re in luck since the Antique and Classic Dressings are the same formulation. They are just labeled for different markets. Also, the 32oz sized container goes a looonnnggg way when applied correctly. I would use the dressing over the creams in your application since you aren’t trying to soften really stiff leather. The extra waxes in the dressing is also a plus for protection of the fibers. The application is simple….just take a clean cloth and wipe on the dressing in a very thin layer. Let the leather soak up as much as it needs over night and then buff off any excess that is still on the surface. The buffing friction will melt the waxes to the surface. That’s it!"

    Hope that helps any others who have been confused or are contemplating on which Pecard product to use. ;)



  15. youshouldnt need to applyit to a new jacket, fyi...
  16. icecold

    icecold One of the Regulars

    Now, obviously pecard seems to be a good product, and I plan to use it in my jackets. The question is when? and how often?
    All my jackets are new Aero FQHH. So, I'm curious, what is the general consensus, if any, on the recommended frequency of treatments post-purchase. THanks.
  17. I don't believe this thread...
  18. scotrace

    scotrace Head Bartender Staff Member

    Wear them often, hang them on the closet floor or in the trunk (boot) of the car, bunch them up for a seat cushion, etc., for a few years. Then break out the Pecard's if it seems to be dry in spots or you want to hide some of the scratches. Go lightly even then. And maybe once a year or two after.
  19. johnnyjohnny

    johnnyjohnny Practically Family

    what do you appLy pecard's with?

    a gaSoline nozzle.

    ok, sorry for that heresy as pecard's is sorely loved on this forum, i know.

    however, one contradiction no one has ever explained to me is that oil/petroleum products, or conditioners having petrol products in them, are recommended by nearly aLL leather care specialists NOT to be used on leather as a conditioner, such as on leather jackets

    pecard's haS petroleum products in it

    oh well, one of the mysteries of LiFe

  20. You'll notice that they're rather vague and wishy-washy about exactly why petroleum products are "bad" for leather. Let them produce some evidence for us to assess (not simply: "believe me, i know what i'm talking about"), and we'll begin to start believing the hype. The whole thing smacks of Old Wives Tale, to me.

    And, no, new jackets shouldn't need to be conditioned. If you buy a new jacket that does need conditioner, send it back.


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