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What do you use to shave?

Discussion in 'Skills and Smarts' started by Bebop, Nov 1, 2005.

  1. 101 Pathfinder

    101 Pathfinder One of the Regulars

    Razor-Viking Godfather
    Brush-Maggard's Synthetic
    Soap-Taylor of Old Bond Street Eton College
    After-ToOBS Erin College
    Blade-Wilkinson Sword

    This is my date night shave
  2. ChrisT

    ChrisT One of the Regulars

    today it was:

    soap: De Vergulde Hand
    brush: a vintage from vintage Manufrance
    razor: Gillette Tech (bakélite)
    blade: Ladas

    After Shave: Pitralon Classic
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  3. [​IMG]

    Got two new straight-razors! (Top & middle). Ivory and bone! They shave wonderfully! :D
  4. ChrisT

    ChrisT One of the Regulars

    I can't see the picture. Mays you repost it?
  5. PeterGunnLives

    PeterGunnLives One of the Regulars

    That's unfortunate about the oil. What kind did you use?
    To me, pre-shave oil from Art of Shaving is too thick. I use the stuff from Pacific Shaving Company.
  6. tmal

    tmal Familiar Face

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  7. tmal

    tmal Familiar Face

    Why is my reply showing up as a quote?
  8. You accidentally started typing within the quotation. You have to make sure your response is after the [ / QUOTE ]
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  9. rocketeer

    rocketeer Call Me a Cab

    Had my barber show me how to use, sharpen and strop a straight razor. it was a Ted thing back in the 70s, not many could use one so it was sort of blagging rights. A girl told me she had to shave balloons as a girl apprentice back then.
    An old time copper told me that if he caught anyone with a razor and they said it was for shaving he would give it back to them and tell them to hold it, blade open. If they held it like a razor they may get off with a warning, but hold it like a knife and you were nicked. Couldn't see a Police officer doing that these days without a taser at the ready.
    I got the hang of using it but gave up, don't know why, I still have the full kit and the razor my barber gave me back in the 70s.
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  10. PeterGunnLives

    PeterGunnLives One of the Regulars

    That's interesting @rocketeer .
    From what I understand, in the US, straight razor shaving was basically a dead art for some decades, especially as the "barbershop culture" was not what it used to be. Straight razor revivalists kind of had to reconstruct the skills from old books and such, as nobody who used to do it on a regular basis in the old days was really around any more (I could be mis-remembering some of that). I know when I first started, I got an electronic copy of a shaving instruction book from about the 1880s to learn from.
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  11. basbol13

    basbol13 One of the Regulars

    I'm a proponent of electricity powered devices as they provide the tremendous energy needed to remove my chin whiskers.
    I require a substance that will soften the bristle that I call my beard. What I have found is Naval Jelly fits the bill. It's gelatinous properties allow it cling to my beard softening and preparing the bristle for easy removal.

    I am partial to the DeWalt 7amp 4 1/2 inch small angle grinder with the 1 touch guard

    with the Avanti Pro Thin Kerf Metal cutoff disc


    I have found that the Dewalt coupled with the Avanti Pro gives me the closest shave I have ever experienced in my life. I would recommend this shaving system to anyone who wants the closest shave possible with the goal of eliminating the 5:00 shadow. My only caution is to try this out on someone else before attempting to use it on yourself as there is a learning curve involved in using this system.
  12. Trenchfriend

    Trenchfriend I'll Lock Up

    I can say it always and always:


    Today, I choose my silvertip-brush and the shave wasn't friendly, but because of my experience, I could handle to finish the shave without noteworthy injuries. The massaging-in-effect of my greybadger-brushes would have avoid this "uncozy" shave, I can tell you.

    That's, why I took the silvertip that seldom!

    To me, the simple greybadger-brush (usually with the cutted ends) is still the "perfect middle" between boar/pighair-brush and finebadger/silvertip! You just can't get wrong with a greybadger-brush!! :)
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  13. 101 Pathfinder

    101 Pathfinder One of the Regulars

    I like that old school scuttle. I have a Crown King.
  14. I use a scuttle because I find I'm useless at bowl-lathering. I kept screwing it up. Using a scuttle prevented my lather from getting soaking wet.
  15. I agree, Trenchfiend, and I'll go even further and say that I like my boar-bristle brushes quite well. Nothing else seems to get the soap/cream integrated with the whiskers as well.
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  16. Akira

    Akira New in Town

    I use a cheapo "Parker" brand shavette that was made in India and had a big metal burr on the handle that stabbed me in the finger when I took it out of the package. I forget what brand my brush is, but I got it on Amazon for under 10 bucks. As you can see, I may not have the finest setup, but I'm getting better at shaving all the time. I frequently shave my whole face without having to use my styptic pencil at all! I'd love to get a nice straight razor and learn how to strop it, but they're expensive and I haven't exactly been rolling in dough lately.

    I do use good shave soap, though. It's made at a local family-owned soap store. I think the puck I'm on right now is tobacco and bay rum scented. I usually follow up my shave with a light splash of bay rum as well.
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  17. ChrisT

    ChrisT One of the Regulars

    Why don't you buy a vintage Straight Razor? Some are cheap and very good
  18. Who said razors are expensive?

    My cheapest razor was $5. it was a cheap, German straight. It works amazingly!! :eek:
  19. ChrisT

    ChrisT One of the Regulars

    Yes, one can find old razors for only 5$ (or even less)
    May you tell me the brand of your name of your cheap, German straight razor Shangas?
  20. Was something like "Kaufman" or something along those lines. Just one of billions of razors manufactured in the Solingen region of Germany. It was by far one of my favourites.

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