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what does SETA on a ring mean?

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by thebadmamajama, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. thebadmamajama

    thebadmamajama Practically Family

    my mom just picked up a ring at goodwill that appears to be an estate ring, and we figured out that 925 means 92.5% sterling...but does SETA stamped inside mean anything different? Just curious and figured my ladies would know.

    :D Thanks!
  2. Its a company name...of a company that makes jewelry....so i would tend to think that it would be a company stamp


    "When Don and Angie Seta founded the Seta Corporation more than 40 years ago, their mission statement was simple...To always treat each and every customer like a member of the family. From the beginning, our goals have been to provide our customers with the finest selection of exquisite jewelry, watches and accessories that reflect elegant styling, exceptional value, and the highest standards of quality. After more than 40 years, we're still family owned and operated, and our mission statement is just as important today as it was when we first began. "
  3. thebadmamajama

    thebadmamajama Practically Family

    thanks, doll!

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