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What era of dress or style doyou prefer?

Discussion in 'The Observation Bar' started by John in Covina, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. What are you shooting for in your favorite era?

    What is the appeal?
    Do you have a film example you like to go by?
  2. Nick Charles

    Nick Charles Practically Family

    I'm a 40's kind of guy. Love Abbott and Costello, started out in 1940 and being a portly stout myself, Lou is alway and inspiration for me. even though as they went on the costumers tried to make him look shabby. He looks best in One Night in the Tropics.
  3. 1937-'38. To me, the finest two years for American men's suits.

  4. Paisley

    Paisley I'll Lock Up

    I consider my style to be timeless or classic, but of the eras you mentioned, I prefer the 30s. The clothes of that era are tailored and have a little flair.

    The 20s clothes are a bit too straight for my liking. The 40s are a bit too girly-girl. I like the 50s, but I don't have the hourglass figure and won't wear a girdle.
  5. I've always been kind of a late-'30s/early-'40s kind of gal -- it's an era that's still very functional for everyday wear even today, and yet there's an understated elegance to the styles of the period that make one look good even in a housedress and apron.

    I actually find a lot of inspiration in *home* movies of the period -- the sort of thing ordinary people wore in ordinary circumstances...
  6. Lauren

    Lauren Distinguished Service Award

    30's for sure. All of it. I also like 1940-early 43 especially in suits and tailored dresses and the mid to late 50's for casualwear and poofy evening gowns.
  7. moustache

    moustache Practically Family

    1930's and early 40's

    I prefer the 1930's and early 40's look.The rural British tweed look is a favourite as well as the typical American city gentleman.

  8. Lord Jagged

    Lord Jagged New in Town

    For me the look is the 1930's with movies like The Thin Man. Every villain in the movie looks the part - and every gent has an immaculate suit.
  9. For me it's mostly late 30's and early 40's for me. I also like earlier styles but I have yet to muster the courage to go out in 20's schoolboy attire. Most of the reference I have is vintage casual snapshots and home movies, especially those taken in public areas.
  10. mysterygal

    mysterygal Call Me a Cab

    My favorite style era's were the 40's and 50's. Ever since I was a young girl I absolutely loved Audrey Hepburn. She always looked so perfect!. Both 40's and 50's seem to be the most flattering on me, I also love the looks because compared to today's women fashion, they're so femine and lady like.
  11. Tomasso

    Tomasso Incurably Addicted

  12. Dinerman

    Dinerman Super Moderator Bartender

    My closet has some of everything. I just mix and match. Most of my stuff is '30's and '40's, so it comes out looking good.
  13. Lady Day

    Lady Day I'll Lock Up Bartender

    Mid 40's to late 50's. Im a sucker for circle skirts :rolleyes:

  14. maisie

    maisie Practically Family

    The 40's! Mainly the WWII period, love the utility/ tailored look as well as how classy the styles were! I keep going into the 30's and 50's slightly with a few pieces i get, but then i always go back to the 40's gotta love the shoulder pads (not the 80's ones:eek: ) and the nipped-in waists!
  15. I find sticking to one era/look sort of dull - I guess in a situationist sort of way, I'm recreating myself on a daily basis. If I had to pick an absolute favorite: 1950 - 1963 - Cocktail/Lounge/Rat Pack/Swank. It's how I got started in vintage all those years ago and I still have an affinity for it.


    Senator Jack
  16. deanglen

    deanglen My Mail is Forwarded Here

    1920s THE Golden period for men's hats.

  17. The Duke

    The Duke One of the Regulars

    40's and the 50's for me.
  18. 1935 to around 1952

    General 'swing' era attire, the years of wide lapels, pinstripes and plenty of fabric in trousers.
  19. 2006

    There is no better time to dress with style. I can mix and match and take from all the decades in 2006. No restrictions. We have seen the Jet set look and the Hollywood bon vivant. The 20's travelor in his roadster and the Elvis "V" silhouette in suits of the early 50's.

    I pick now and dress for now.
  20. I'm a mid '40s to late 50's kind of girl though, I will mix elements from all over the place if I think it looks good. My usualy look is a lady of the '50s and as everyone probably knows by now, I Love Lucy(ille) Ball as an inspiration.

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