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What hat are you waiting for today?

Discussion in 'Hats' started by Jazzcat, Dec 23, 2004.

  1. Well it had your name all over it . Nice Hat Joao ! Congratulations !
  2. Why do I have a heavy finger...
    Thank you Michael.
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  3. Desert dog

    Desert dog Practically Family

    I agree, looks perfect.

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  4. steur

    steur One Too Many

    Already have these, but haven't taken pictures of them yet, so here are a few teaser shots. A staalmeester and a broadway de luxe.

    sta2.JPG broad3.JPG
  5. Both look like cool hats. Love the ribbon on the taupe(?) one. Can't wait for some detail shots.
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  6. Good score Joao! That's going to look good on you.

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  8. I have one... but this one probably will see more head time.
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  9. Stop hogging all the good hats!

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  10. Seller's fault. Why so cheap? I was unable to stop myself.
  11. Cornshucker77

    Cornshucker77 Familiar Face

    I saw this listing and thought of you right off Joao. :)
  12. According to the shipper, it's supposed to be delivered today. Except I'm off on business and won't be back until Thursday.

    Sterkowski Rabbit Felt Trilby.

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  13. Just picked this up on eBay:

    Churchill Beaver "50"


    Not sure what I'm going to do with it. I've never owned a Churchill before, and I don't know what the hat feels like. Fodder for a conversion? Does anyone out there have this hat who can tell me more?

    Any 7 3/4 fur felt hat for under $30 is hard to pass up.

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