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Featured What Hat Are You Wearing Today?

Discussion in 'Hats' started by AlanC, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. Ah -- that's actually what I was referring to. I was wondering how much you got the panamas for. 28.00 isn't bad at all. Drop a line next time you head down there!
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  2. I love it!
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  3. hatsRme

    hatsRme I'll Lock Up

    Thank you, Mattster! Fedoras (or caps, etc.) in temple are not new, though. As a kid, I remember seeing the old boys as pictured here, but many more with fedoras. I have to wonder who snuck out with this shot!

    Side note: When I Googoo'd "Fedoras in synagogue" (images) the search turned up @alanfgag on his way there last year in a Hommy. 775e2430c90fb489f237dd31455114d4.jpg
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  4. We're in for another rainy day in SD -- so the 8/4 gets some more head time:

  5. Short Balding Guy

    Short Balding Guy My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Resplendent day in my neighborhood. It is predicted to reach nearly 60'F. Astonishing temp that will set a record.

    Out earlier in a vtg. Stetson Playboy.


    The Stetson waited for my trip home for lunch and a dog walk on my backseat with a couple Gannons and a Cordova Cap.



    Best, Eric -
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  6. So funny Charlie... we are creating our own little world of google data in this thread!
  7. Matt, Perry... thank you for the yowzahs!

    Sonero... happy to share these photos - they were posted to the pre-1940s Stetson Dress hats thread when I first got it in 2012.


  8. First, I appreciate so much the kind words and condolences on my loss yesterday. You folks are the best, and I am privileged to be in your company. We forge interesting and unique bonds with our pets, who depend on us to look out for them. They are a joy to have and leave an empty spot when they are lost. Thank you for helping me fill that yesterday.

    Today is sunshinerific, and I decided to take advantage of the day with a walk to clear my head and work out the kinks. My Granite Gannon provided shade, Funkytown provided the urban backdrop.


    Arriving home, God reminds me that life still springs eternal.


    Happy Friday and bless all of you!

    Sent directly from my mind to yours.
  9. Super hat Jim:D
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  10. Absolutely magnificent....
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  11. Thank you... much appreciated praise from a homburg aficionado!
  12. Love the photo, Charlie.

    After both of your comments, I searched the Googles' images for "doofus hat".
    Yeah... I'm several rows down.
    Imagine that...
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  13. miket5r

    miket5r A-List Customer

    awesome hat Steve, i like it

    your fedora colection is wonderful, Moon, Great
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  14. miket5r

    miket5r A-List Customer

    Today with my Coober Pedy

  15. moontheloon

    moontheloon I'll Lock Up

    thank you my friend ... you are very kind
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  16. I don't know how much I qualify for a designation like that! Your collection eclipses mine for sure =)
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  17. RJR

    RJR I'll Lock Up

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  18. WOW Alan ! Hat of the Day , Week , and Month ! Possibly Year (I liked the long hair , too) . Gorgeous !
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  19. Your Yowzah seems way more enthusiastic than mine.:p
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  20. Joshbru3

    Joshbru3 I'll Lock Up

    Wasn't that the hat you purchased while we sat out that crazy rainstorm in your car when you visited Chicago?
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