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Featured What Hat Are You Wearing Today?

Discussion in 'Hats' started by AlanC, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. More light though. You won't be needing the streetlight anymore. Great looking hat.
  2. Thanks Mike!
    The color is really nice. The hand is pfetty special too!
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  3. Late post today! Work has been chaos. '40's Stetson Whippet:

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  4. Cavanagh




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  5. jlee562

    jlee562 My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Cool bow! I wonder, is this considered a shark gill ribbon with the square in the middle, or if there was some other name for this variant....

    Nice lines on this build, and the felt looks excellent.

    I'm surprised that's a modern hat, looks fantastic!

    Some rainy days ahead here in the city by the bay, which means I'm breaking out the westerns....10x Resistol Cogburn


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  6. Sweet Justin! Pure class.

    Love this old Cav Bob! Rich color.
  7. Very classic, that crown is just super. Looks so early century.
  8. Thanks Mike. You struck quite a note with your two-tone Mayser Milz today!
  9. Cornshucker77

    Cornshucker77 Practically Family

    Good looking hat.
  10. Cornshucker77

    Cornshucker77 Practically Family

    Loving the Cogburn Jared!
  11. Roan1930

    Roan1930 New in Town

    Thank you :)
  12. Tukwila

    Tukwila New in Town

    Bob, that's a real gem you have there!
  13. Fivesense

    Fivesense One of the Regulars

    That BGG looks really nice. I'm looking at a Cattleman and debating the colors. The more traditional vs. the beautiful BGG. Thoughts?
  14. sergejvandervreede

    sergejvandervreede One Too Many

    Thanks, Mike. It's good to come home in daylight makes for better photos too.

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-J510FN met Tapatalk
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  15. I didn't see them until 1984 with only half the band, but it was a great show.

    Sent directly from my mind to yours.
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  16. I figured they were all sharksgills, just with variations in design.

    Nice Rooster.

    Sent directly from my mind to yours.
  17. Thanks Tukwila!
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  18. Another grey spring day for a grey Borsalino
    Borsalino Qualità Suprema
    Color is "Bismuto" with contrasting ribbon
    A classic Borsalino with EU proportions
    The felt in the "Qualità Suprema" is a little more stiff than in the "Qualità Superiore" in its declinations
    It was sold in the North Europe

    Thanks a lot for the appreciations on the modern blue Tonak
    A marvellous hat for modern standard and the price
    Buona giornata!
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  19. Thanks all for he likes and nice things you said about yesterday's Mallory. Like Verona, Funkytown is overcast and grey today, and like Daniele, today's hat matches the color of the sky. Blue/grey felt with hints of earth tones within the felt.



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  20. RJR

    RJR I'll Lock Up

    Hat-VS Artlite-Silver Belly 5.jpg
    VS Artlite this morning.
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