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What is your favorite aircraft of all time?

Discussion in 'WWII' started by Jerekson, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. Jerekson

    Jerekson One Too Many

    I'm not talking about performance, or guns, or anything like that.

    What I'm talking about is a plane that makes you drool. A plane that stimulates pure speechlessness.

    I, myself, have three:

    Post your favorites!

  2. [​IMG]

    The Spitfire, partly because it was a wonderful aircraft, and partly because that's my Dad at the far right in the picture.
  3. Sweet Leilani

    Sweet Leilani A-List Customer

    The PCA2 (Pitcairn autogiro):

    The Me 262 (this is a 262b- two seater)

    These aircraft are only about 15 years apart in age!
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  4. Ever since I was a kid, I've been fascinated by these two:



  5. The P-40

    Because of it's amazing place in history.

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  6. The B-17F Flying Fortress

    The Spitfire MkII

    The P-40E
  7. cooncatbob

    cooncatbob Practically Family

    DC 3 Not the prettiest but the places it could take you. Bob.
  8. The Wingnut

    The Wingnut One Too Many


    P-51s made aces, but P-47s brought them home.


    Macchi-Castoldi MC.72. 3000 hp Fiat AS.6 V-24, 443 mph seaplane IN 1934! Imagine what this thing would have done without the floats!
  9. Dan G

    Dan G One of the Regulars

    I know this is in the WWII genre, but you said all time....;)
    The F-4 Phantom.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  10. Just so happens, they normally fly together in The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight:
    The Lancaster bomber. Imagine - 4 merlin engines!
    The elegant Spitfire - an icon in it's own right.
    And the rugged Hawker Hurricane. The backbone of Fighter Command back in those glory days.
  11. Great Flightship Dornier Do X

    An oversized, underpowered freak of luxury. A fantastic scheme made real.
    She braved the skies on an insane world tour full of misadventures.
    From 1929 to 1933, she was Germany before the world stage.
    As such, she was a lightning rod for nationalistic feelings that would soon be met by more direct, and sinister, means.
    Only Mussolini placed an order, and he bought TWO.
    When he tired of them – they simply vanished.

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  12. Twitch

    Twitch My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Ah, the P-51 is my fav for all the reasons imaginable.
  13. Great plane. Especially the razoback version, as you show here. And the Gentile version as a bonus.:eusa_clap
  14. rongoms

    rongoms Familiar Face

    Gotta be the Corsair.

    It's lines are just so....perfect. (to me)

    there's just something about it.....

  15. rongoms

    rongoms Familiar Face

    though i've never seen it, there is, apparently, a film about to DO-X, called "Race of the Giants".

    "August 26, 1931. Thousands of curious onlookers are gathered in the Port of New York. Looking out over the water, cameras are trained on the horizon. And then the moment arrives: driven by 12 massive propellers, a gigantic monstrosity thunders in over the Atlantic from Europe, the likes of which the world had never seen before. The huge airplane skims over the water and taxis to a stop at the foot of Manhattan's skyscrapers. Across the plane's rump in big printed letters: "Dornier". Against all odds, critics, ridicule, competitors and those green with envy, aviation pioneer Claudius Dornier flung open the door to a new era in the age-old dream of human flight. Before Dornier, airplanes could seldom carry more than ten passengers and a flight across the Atlantic was out of the question. With the transatlantic sojourn in his "Do-X", Dornier set a new standard in the development of civilian air travel that continues to this very day."

    And some darn nice period costuming as well!


  16. A flying yacht,...I wish I had one of those. :)
  17. Stony

    Stony New in Town

    Mine would be the FW-190D-13 and the P-51B (without Malcom hood).

    Actually the F6F Hellcat produced more American aces than any other airplane. P-47s didn't get the kills that the Mustang got because it couldn't fly that far into Germany until late in the war. The strategy changed also, and by the end of the war, the 56th FG was the only fighter group in Europe that was still flying them in the 8th AF. The 9th AF had several groups, but their mission was ground support and material destruction (airfields, trains, etc.) in support of D-day and afterwards.
  18. TailendCharlie

    TailendCharlie One of the Regulars

  19. staggerwing

    staggerwing One of the Regulars

    Betcha can't guess...
  20. Jerekson

    Jerekson One Too Many

    If it's what I think (or rather, know) it is, then it's a darn good one. :eusa_clap

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