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What Is Your Favorite War Movie?

Discussion in 'The Moving Picture' started by Chaps, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. Chaps

    Chaps One of the Regulars

    If you are like me, it is kind of hard to pin-point one war movie as one's favorite. But, my all-time favorite war movie is "Battleground" with Van Johnson.
  2. I liked Battleground also. It was made with several of the actual vets too! I am partial to Hell and Back, but my favorite is She Wore a Yellow Ribbon.
  3. Can I play?

    Napoleonic: Abel Gances "Napoleon" second Russian version of "War and Peace"

    Revolutionary: "The Patriot"

    Civil War: "Gettysburg" and "Glory" a tie.

    Cavalry in the old west: "Fort Apache" - Henry Fonda, John Wayne and John Ford none better.

    World War I: "All Quiet on the Western Front" and "Dawn Patrol" with Erroll Flynn

    WWII: "They Were Expendable" and "Bataan". Honrable mention "Air Force", "12 O'Clock High" "Sahara" S.P.R.

    Korea: "The Steel Helmet"

    Viet Nam: "Apocalypse Now"

  4. Boer War
    Breaker Morant

    World War I
    Anzacs (TV miniseries)

    World War II
    A Bridge Too Far
    Battle of Britain
    The Big Red One
    Das Boot
    Enemy at the Gates
    Hitler's SS: Portrait in Evil
    Memphis Belle
    Men of the Yamato*
    Saving Private Ryan
    Soldier of Orange

    Korean War
    Bridge at Toko Ri

    Apocalypse Now
    Flight of the Intruder
    Full Metal Jacket
    Hamburger Hill
    The Odd Angry Shot

    *a very hard-to-find film which I don't think was ever released in the US. I found my copy at a model kit collector's show.
  5. Kmadden

    Kmadden New in Town

    Among the favorite Word War II movies, no one mentioned "Merrill's Marauders" (1962), a tough, gutsy movie about the campaign in Burma. For my money, one of the best!
  6. Chaps

    Chaps One of the Regulars

    Man! you guys have taken this to a new level:) I can't stop with just one movie:

    Revolutionary: Drums Along The Mohawk

    Cavalry: She Wore A Yellow Ribbon

    WWI: Sergeant York

    WWII: Battleground

    Korean: Bridge Over Toko Ri

    Vietnam: The Green Berets
  7. I love "Sergeant York" as well but not for the battle scene. The revival meeting scene is one of the greatest in film history. York still in Tennesee, is bent on murder, when he is struck by lightning. The gun of vengeance litterally blown from his hand by God lays smoking and twisted at his feet. He stands there transfixed in the pourting raing when he hears the church meeting in the distance. He follows the sound of a hymn to the back of the church where, when spied by Pastor Pyle (a GREAT performance by Walter Brennan) he is called forward to "the Morners Bench". Over this scene of redemption and hesitation the congregations sings "Give Me That Old Time Religion". Having been to many a tent revival in my youth that scene sings like the hammer of truth. Absolutely GREAT film making.

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  8. Alex Oviatt

    Alex Oviatt A-List Customer

    So many to choose from! One I particularly like is Peter Weir's 1981 film Gallipoli.
  9. Chaps

    Chaps One of the Regulars

    Yikes! I forgot to add my Civil War favorite: Gods and Generals.
  10. DNO

    DNO One Too Many

    Gotta get in on this one!

    Pre World War I:
    The Duellists
    Northwest Passage
    Breaker Morant
    Fort Apache

    World War I:
    The Trench
    Lawrence of Arabia

    World War II:
    The Cruel Sea
    Bridge on the River Kwaii
    The Great Escape
    Das Boot
    Big Red One

    Post World War II:

    Pork Chop Hill
    Intimate Enemies
    The Beast
    The Battle of Algiers
    Apocalypse Now
    84 Charlie Mopic
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  11. WH1

    WH1 Practically Family

    Interesting lists particularly some of the lesser known films "The Odd Angry Shot".

    I found the Light Horseman to be an interesting one about the Australians in WWI.

    One of my favorites is Paths of Glory, Kirk Douglas, Adolphe Menjou, directed by Kubrick and a compelling storyline.
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  12. Interesting. Spoiled for choice. If I had to pick just ONE:

    Lawrence of Arabia.

    If I could pick more:

    Zulu (close second to LoA, perhaps even a tie)
    Bridge on the River Kwai
    Full Metal Jacket
    Breaker Morant
  13. WH1

    WH1 Practically Family

    Kelly's Heroes

    Just finished watching it

    one of the all time greatest scenes in movies is Kelly, Big Joe and Odd Ball going to talk to the Nazi tank commander with spaghetti western music playing. Love that scene
  14. Rathdown

    Rathdown Practically Family

    Cross of Iron.

    Directed by Sam Peckinpah
    Starring James Coburn, Maximiliam Schell, James Mason, David Warner, and Senta Berger.

    The European version is ten minutes longer, and all the better for it, in my opinion.

    And in no particular order: Grand Illusion; All Quiet on the Western Front (1930); The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp; Wings; and of course, Mrs. Miniver...the list goes on...
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  15. Chaps

    Chaps One of the Regulars

    So many great movies. Some I had forgotten. "Mrs. Miniver"...what an awesome choice. Keep 'em coming.
  16. DNO

    DNO One Too Many

    Another one: Paths of Glory.
  17. Amy Jeanne

    Amy Jeanne Call Me a Cab

    The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1921)
    The Big Parade (1925)
  18. Kirk H.

    Kirk H. One Too Many

    Another one to add...The Bridge at Remagen
  19. Has anyone ever seen "The Road to Glory"? Not to be confused with Kubricks Path's.

    French Infantry WWI, made in 1932-33. American made.

    Son is the company commander, Trenches 1916-17. His father (Franco-Prussian war vet) shows up as a new volunteer, and wants to be unit buglar as in days of old. Lots of muddy trench action.

    Good flick
  20. Can't just name one. Sahara, Platoon, Battleground, Bataan, The Steel Helmet, The Big Red One, The Far Pavilions (British mini-series), The Charge of the Light Brigade (highly fictionalized, but...), The Light Horsemen, Lion of the Desert (Italian colonial wars in Libia).

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