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Featured What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by dan_t, Aug 8, 2015.

  1. JMax

    JMax One of the Regulars

    Vanson Highwayman.
    I just wet my pants a bit. That is seriously amazing.
  2. Marv

    Marv A-List Customer

    Levi's LVC 1930's Menlo jacket in dark brown sheepskin.....

  3. christian-h

    christian-h New in Town

    Wore my M51 to work - just to find out that I forgot my M65 last week.

    Confused about which one to pick.


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  4. Dav

    Dav One Too Many

    BK Dubow and ELMC vest
    DSC_0286_LI (Medium).jpg
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  5. seres

    seres One of the Regulars

    @Dav... That BK Dubow is looking better and better!
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  6. AbbaDatDeHat

    AbbaDatDeHat Practically Family

    Greetings M et al:
    Cool! One of the best pics ever!!
    “The Look”!
    Be well. Bowen
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  7. AbbaDatDeHat

    AbbaDatDeHat Practically Family

    Greetings A-1 et al:
    Ha...good one...
    Yeah it’s the cheapo natural CXL...called the Wad-re-wad finish...wad it up and sit/lay on it on the couch a few days...
    Repeat as necessary. Ha
    Be well. Bowen
  8. Mysteryo

    Mysteryo A-List Customer

    Thank you Sir!
  9. Hh121

    Hh121 One of the Regulars

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  10. tmitchell59

    tmitchell59 One Too Many

    Just reading that thread about The Real McCoys jackets., no pictures. So here's a few.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  11. Mysteryo

    Mysteryo A-List Customer

    Terry, that jacket is awesome!! Wow
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  12. ProteinNerd

    ProteinNerd Call Me a Cab

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  13. Trenchfriend

    Trenchfriend I'll Lock Up

    Olive rhombus-quilted fieldjacket, today.
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  14. casechopper

    casechopper My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Lost Worlds Downtown With Naked and Famous Noragi mid layer
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  15. Corky Corcovado

    Corky Corcovado New in Town

    Aero CHiP Horsehide Jacket. My first and one of my favorites. I replaced the Talon zip with a beef caked YKK. This jacket oozes power.
  16. ksozay

    ksozay One of the Regulars

    My brown Aero CR that I just had the chance to wear outside for the first time. Now I realize it's a Cordovan CR. :) Surprise!

    Love the color.

  17. We woke up to 50-degree weather in S. Florida (beautiful weather), thus I put on the Gustin waxed trucker jacket to go grab breakfast[​IMG]

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  18. Killer dude

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  19. AbbaDatDeHat

    AbbaDatDeHat Practically Family

    Greetings CC:
    Love to see more ooze from this one. Back, side, upsidedown....whatever!!
    Be well. Bowen
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  20. thor

    thor One Too Many

    95D4B6A5-39C4-437B-8A8D-E3D50CA631A5.jpeg 3B611738-01F1-47C5-87F2-181B3388EDDF.jpeg A587D3FF-558B-4373-B940-654B2116EE68.jpeg
    Winter Storm Skylar hitting the East Coast hard. Blizzard conditions, powerful wind, ice cold temps, blah, blah, blah! :D
    I know it’s starting to sound repetitive but it’s just more of the same cruddy weather we’ve been getting the past 2 months.
    On the bright side, it’s a great time to break in your foul weather gear!
    My Navy deck jacket is logging lots of hours in the elements.:)
    I’ve added my old military dog tag as a zipper puller (along with the orange safety whistle) to facilitate zipping up while wearing heavy gloves.

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