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what kind of stetson is this?

Discussion in 'Hats' started by fastball, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. fastball

    fastball New in Town

    Hi to anyone who can help,
    this is my first posting. I have aquired a Stetson open road (style). It has a black sweatband and says beaver 25. The printing on the sweatband doesn't look like the Stetson printing I am used to seeing. In fact the sweatband and liner look a bit on the cheap side, but the felt seems nice.The liner has a pattern of JBS brand marks rather than the traditional coat of arms or cowboy watering his horse. I am wondering what era this stetson would be and what quality the hat would be because I am not familiar with this model. I am familiar with the royal, royal deluxe, soverign and imperial models as well as the numbered xxx's. Does anyone know anything about this era or style of stetson hats and when they were sold. Thanks for any help.
  2. It's a newer Stetson... probably 80's or 90's.
  3. Welcome to the Lounge fastball.

    Glad to have you here.
    I agree with Matt.
    Is the felt really stiff? Thats another good indicater of a newer era hat.
  4. no, if it was 80's or 90's it would have x's in it. it is probable the 60's,or early seventies. would be the equivilent(in quality) of a 4x today. The stetson 25 indicates that is originally cost $25. Being that it has a black sweat band and different writing that usual, in has probably been renovated and the hatter stamped the sweatband. stetson open roads generally have brown sweatbands unless they are black, which is a rarity, but does exist.

  5. jmacak

    jmacak New in Town

    round logo/square logo?


    I am confused, what do you mean by round vs square logos? Are you talking about the logos in the liner, at the top of the hat? I don't see that differentiation on any of my Stetsons.

    Are there some pics somewhere?

    curious in seattle

  6. fastball

    fastball New in Town

    Thanks for the replies

    Thanks for the replies,
    The liner material has a pattern of small circles with a JBS design inside of them. The same logo is on the black sweatband so I don't think it is a rennovation job.
    I have seen one other stetson like this called the Western Royal. I am guessing that it is late 60s or early seventies. The hat does not say it is an open road but it is the open road style, I have some open roads and it is the same. I think Stetson actually quit making their own hats sometime in the 60s and licensed out the brand name to other hatmakers. I used to have a Stetson that was made in Canada and I think it was actually made by Biltmore under a Stetson License.
    I would love to see Premier Open Road. I have seen a few imperials and they are very nice. Is the Premier a superior grade of Felt over the Imperial? Would a 100 be the highest standard? It is too bad there is not a better historical record for collectors of hats. The Stetson company told me that the Sovereign was their best quality, but I am not sure if that applies to all years or is just the current standard.
  7. jmacak

    jmacak New in Town

    Hi FL

    Thanks for the pics. Maybe all the ones I have (strat, open road, whippet, & brand new unknown model) are newer ones, they have logos like the first, round, one, but are not outlined in a square or a circle and don't have the X's.


    joe in seattle
  8. griffer

    griffer Practically Family

    Are the Royal and Sovereign fur felts? Beaver? Rabbit? Sorry for the basic question, but I can't find a quick breakdown on Stetson grading labels.

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