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What occasions for ladies suits?

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by Honey Doll, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. Honey Doll

    Honey Doll Practically Family

    I'm trying to expand my work wardrobe. I recently got a fabulous suit on ebay. My question is-- for what occasions other than work might a lady wear a suit?

    Honey Doll
  2. I'd suggest any nice non-formal afternoon or nighttime occasion would be appropriate for a suit -- a movie, dinner at a nice restaurant, any kind of an event like that. Myself, I wear a suit on any occasion that requires an outfit dressier than a day dress, but not as formal as a gown.
  3. I generally wear them for work (I prefer dresses on the whole), but a suit is also an appropriate day wear choice when you want to look smart and polished about town. Dressier suits can be worn after five as well (and during WWII a lot of women wore them for their weddings.)

    I have some very casual summer suits as well (I tried two on just the other day--one was pique, the other seersucker), which look very tailored but not overly dressed up.
  4. maisie

    maisie Practically Family

    If i go out to a show or dance i definatly prefer to wear dresses, but i have to say i love those glitzy evining suits with all the beading a deatils! I also prefere 'summer suits' as i call them, they are less 'dressy' than normall suits and don't have to be worn withblouses most of the time!:D
    Mentioning wedding I'm going to a 1940s wedding this weekend and will be wearing a suit there.
  5. I also prefer dresses, but for me it's more of a comfort thing. I've never felt all that comfortable in a suit. But, I do have a few lighter weight suits for spring and fall that I'll wear out to dinner or to a movie, or to the theater. My work requires that I wear scrubs, so any chance I have to wear something dressy I take. I'll even get all dolled up for casual Sunday brunch. I'm goint to a Red Sox game tonight, and know that the attire is very casual, but I'm still gonna wear a pretty skirt with a cardigan set.
    My view, wear what you want when you want to. I'm never worried about being overdressed, but always worried about being under dressed.
  6. I went to a baseball game the other night, and was told to "dress comfortably!" I wore a dress lol

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