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What style of sunglasses look best with a Fedora?

Discussion in 'Hats' started by gdkenoyer, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. gdkenoyer

    gdkenoyer Familiar Face

    I've a pair of Oakleys, wide and narrow, with red-tinted lenses. They look more than a little odd with either my Dobbs or my PB Panama.

    Shooting glasses (classic Ray Ban, etc) don't seem to make it either, they bring up memories of cool-hand-luke chain-gang guards...

    The men-in-black or blues brothers, squared off style seems more appropriate.

    whatcu think?
  2. GoneSolo

    GoneSolo One of the Regulars

    I was wondering the same thing myself. I think that a pair of Ray Ban Wayfarers would look good.


  3. Jay

    Jay Practically Family

    Yeah, Wayfarers are always a good style. The clubmaster works well also.
  4. Dinerman

    Dinerman Super Moderator Bartender

    I wear big round green lensed metal framed sunglasses with mesh side screens.
  5. spiridon

    spiridon A-List Customer

    Depends on my mood, or which hat I am wearing. Usually end up wearing some clubmasters, or small oval or round raybans. I have almost as many style sunglasses as I do hats (the old OCD thing!;) )......so the possibilities are many!:D
  6. Hemingway Jones

    Hemingway Jones I'll Lock Up Bartender


    Aviators are always nice as well.
  7. TopHatCat

    TopHatCat New in Town

    Spiridon, I love the green tinted sunglasses you have on in your avatar. What brand/make are they exactly?
  8. I wear exclusively stingy fedoras. I have found that "classic" styles with thick plastic frames (Wayfarers, for example) go best with them. I use vintage Polaroid Cool-Rays, nice shades, like this:


    For wider brim hats, I have this idea that metal-frame aviator type glasses might work better. I wouldn't know for sure. Hardly ever been in the same room with a wide-brimmed hat :eusa_doh:
  9. The Wingnut

    The Wingnut One Too Many

    Windsor frames are a can't miss. I prefer small lensed sunglasses with my fedoras...aviators or Wayfarers look hokey on me, there's always the yahoo that's got to make the 'Blues Brothers' comment.
  10. With the '30s-'40s medium brim hat, I like a smallish, roundish cheater in the style of the era. The below are $19.95 drug store shades with a dark metal rim.
    (Sousaphone optional at extra cost.)
  11. spiridon

    spiridon A-List Customer

    Thanks TopHatCat.:D ....that's a pair of old Welch sunglasses. I'm not sure as to their vintage, but the lenses are in near perfect shape.
  12. Jay

    Jay Practically Family

    Do you know the maker or year they're from? I've seen these somewhere but can't remember where.
  13. This kind...


    See the classifieds-

  14. spiridon

    spiridon A-List Customer

    Jay, I have a pair of these.....I believe mine are "Wilsons"....got them off of ebay, I'm not really sure of the vintage.
  15. How do you think mirrored Windsors would look with a fedora? I'd like some windsors, and like the idea of them being mirrored, but with or without the hat I think the mirrored shades are very hit or miss.
  16. 44forrest

    44forrest New in Town

    Mirrored sunglasses with a wide brim hat remind me of the mirrored aviators worn by the badass guard in "Cool Hand Luke". So I guess it depends on the impression you want to make, friendly or intimidating. Choose wisely my friend.
  17. Aerol

    Aerol A-List Customer


    I'm fond of Randolph Aviators. www.randolphusa.com

    A quality lens, they are original USAF issue, and are available at a reasonable price from a number of pilot supply sites on-line.

    A great look with my Optimo Manhattan fedoras.
  18. My vote is aviators of some kind. They fit any period from the 30's on.
  19. matei

    matei Practically Family

    I've got a pair of Ray Ban Clubmasters, and they work fine for me. I also have the Wayfarers, but they're too large for my liking. I find the combination of the larger Wayfarers and a fedora is rather too evocative of the Eighties and/or Elton John.
  20. Hemingway Jones

    Hemingway Jones I'll Lock Up Bartender


    This is what I wear almost exclusively now. And Randolph Engineering has headquarters in Randolph, MA, so I am supporting a local company; something I try to do. The optics are amazing and I need good sunglasses because sunlight often gives me migraines. My "Crew Chiefs" were $70. I couldn't recommend them more enthusiastically.

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