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What was the last TV show you watched?

Discussion in 'The Moving Picture' started by Lady Day, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. Sorry guys - my bad. I'm 99% sure it was from Fedora, but since I'm already 0 for 2, I'll just stop there.
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  2. Stearmen

    Stearmen I'll Lock Up

    The Weapons Hunter. He wanted to shoot a stinger, since there are non in existence any where in the world, they made one from scratch! Wow, I wan't one!
  3. "Feud" most current episode.
    • Continues to stretch thin material into an hour episode - perhaps this is its greatest weakness, just not enough there, there
    • Sarandon killing it as Davis / Lange's performance confusing - is Crawford mean, tough, insecure, weak? (Sure, she could be all of those, but really, it's not reading as human complexity, just poor writing and acting)
    • Seems like new writers and directors takeover for each episode as the "feel" and "pace" each week is very different
    • Hard to believe this show's doing well in the ratings as I'm an all-but built-in fan and I'm just barely staying with it
  4. Yeah, Feud is uneven and overextended... but it has its moments.

    One thing that bothered me in this episode was the application of modern thinking about (old) Hollywood to this story. The fight over being considered for Best Supporting vs. Best Actress is more about today's analyzed-to-death-in-a-zillion-arenas Hollywood politicking than something that would have mattered to the actresses then. An Oscar was an Oscar.

    But I was even more annoyed by Hedda Hopper referring to Joan as Crystal from The Women. She would not have remembered the character name over twenty years later. Sure the film was a big hit... way back before the war. This wasn't a picture that went out in rereleases, and though it may have played on TV by then (I don't know when M-G-M began running their back catalog on "the enemy" TV), it didn't have the cult/critical following that it developed later when cable and home video (much less streaming) made it easy to revisit. (Sure, Hollywood icons at this level could ask for a print to be pulled from the studio vaults and screened... but we don't actually see this happen with The Women.)

    A common case of the screenwriter not remembering/understanding that the movies of twenty years earlier were barely recalled history to these folks, who weren't marinating in a world where so much old media was so easily available.
  5. Ernest P Shackleton

    Ernest P Shackleton Practically Family

    Humans. season finale. In my opinion, it is never a good sign when a network runs a show in 2-hour blocks to rush through a season, especially if they do it two weeks in a row. Maybe they had this planned all along, but to me, it is suspect. I hope it isn't an indication that AMC is giving up on this series, because I enjoy it quite a bit. But I'm also unaware as to whether it was canceled in the UK or has been renewed for another season. If it is done, there's not a lot of good reason to not race through it and bump another series into that slot. I liked these two episodes a lot, but as with almost all TV, they rushed the final fifteen minutes. A good ending. A good set-up for next season, but those situations deserved more time. I'm not from the UK, so the cloaked immigration theme isn't so obvious to me. If anyone would care to explain that, I'm interested.
  6. Stearmen

    Stearmen I'll Lock Up

    Chasing Classic Cars. They went to look at the collection of John "Hawkeye" Hawkinson. He was a man that would fit right in here, always felt he was born to late. He was an heir to the Pratt & Whitney fortune, he just walked away from it. Lived in a house with no running water, not even a well, heat in one room, and electricity in his machine shop, at least he had his priorities right! He also had cars, ever where. Pierce Arrows, Packard's, fire engines and more. Plus cameras by the hundreds. He was not a hermit, he did welcome guests and would drive one of his classic cars to visit Wayne's father and mother. Wayne and Ralph were like kids in a candy store when they viewed the one of, 1930 Minerva, with a Hibbard & Darrin body! [​IMG]
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  7. Bushman

    Bushman Call Me a Cab

    Carnival Eats... its not all deep fried, but it does all look delicious!
  8. The latest episode of The Americans, which continues to be outstanding and surprising. A tremendous series.

    And the musical episode of The Flash, which features crossover appearances by Supergirl and cast members of the other CW superhero shows. This was a lot more fun than I expected, with a swanky late-fifties nightclub setting, some clever original songs (the best, a humorous duet called "Super Friends" was written by fellow-CW creative Rachel Bloom of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend), and some nice song and dance work by Flash/Grant Grusin and Supergirl/Melissa Benoist - both of whom had been regulars on Glee. But not surprisingly, the standout performance was by two older Broadway vets, Jesse Martin and Victor Garber as rival gang leaders, doing the gorgeous "More I Cannot Wish You" from Guys and Dolls.
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  9. Some more older episodes of The Walking Dead (season four). It's funny to see them again, having forgotten about scenes, even entire story arcs, and remembering how intense they seemed at the time!

    "What happens next?! What happens next?!"
  10. I enjoyed it at first, but after about seven or eight episodes I thought I was watching repeats even when I wasn't. But agreed, it always made me hungry.
  11. Now there's a guy I'd like to have dinner with!

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  12. I agree 100%. I was so prepared to hate this episode but found it quite enjoyable. Your commentary on the song and dance is spot on. Yeah... those old guys can sing. Though I must admit seeing Malcom Merlin singing and dancing did blow my mind.

  13. Caught The Americans too. I'm finding the whole crop destroying bugs thing curious though. Seems too supervillain-ish. Heck, if we wanted to starve the Soviets in the 80s, we could have just stopped sending them grain.

    And where the hell is Henry?

    Sent directly from my mind to yours.
  14. Ernest P Shackleton

    Ernest P Shackleton Practically Family

    I read an interesting debunking of Taboo the other day, primarily fixated on the idea that gun powder was easy to find in that roundabout period. There were some other anachronistic points as well, but I can't remember now. In other words, it was great in certain respects, but completely lazy and stupid in others that were primary to the story. My response: ignorance is bliss.
  15. Ernest P Shackleton

    Ernest P Shackleton Practically Family

    I think they're saving him in their bag of tricks, which seems smart to me. Paige is getting full development, and both the character and actress are killing it. No need to blow their load if they can do it this well.
  16. Rewatching UFC 207. Great to see Nunes, Garbrandt, and Dillashaw win and Rousey and Cruz lose.
  17. Stearmen

    Stearmen I'll Lock Up

    Jutland. I never realized what a giant controversy surrounding the battle. I thought, where strategically England one, well, that was that! Then again, the vast majority of my fellow country men have no idea where Jutland is, let alone the fact that a great naval battle was fought near buy.
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  18. "Arrow" - Sigh... an interesting premise but I'm almost to the point where I don't care anymore....

  19. We watched the first season. The lead actor is so bad we couldn't keep with it.

    Started on Iron Fist last night, though. Two episodes in, so no real opinion, but I'm enjoying it thus far.
  20. A couple of episodes of The Andy Griffith Show followed by an episode of Becker.

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