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What would you not be seen dead in?

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by GHT, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. GHT

    GHT I'll Lock Up

    The diplomatic response, is not to get drawn in. You have to evaluate as to whether she is saying:“Does this dress look nice?” Or, "Do I look fat?" So, try not to get roped in by the word “fat.” “Fat” is an extremely loaded word that can hit people emotionally on so many levels. A better way to answer is, “That outfit is really nice on you.” Or, “That dress could be more flattering.” Even better, turn the question around and ask: “How do you feel in that outfit?” Chances are she's not happy with it but the one she wants could appear frumpy to others. It's a common trait to put oneself under self imposed pressure. Telling a loved one an unpalatable truth can be done, it just needs a little thought, that's all.
  2. Wow. Your a man of very limited taste. I get that you know that you like and that's great, and it's your list so who am I to say anything, but why so limited? No umbrellas? No brogues? No evening suit (dinner suit/tuxedo?). It seems to me that you're missing out on some wonderful items.

    I'm on the other end of the spectrum. Sure, I think socks with sandals (and most applications of sandals) looks hideous. Sill, I admire the older men who wear them as a badge of honor after reaching an age where they just don't care what anyone else thinks. Aside for a few things, I like a wide diversity of clothing, hats, shoes, etc. I'm a big tent kind of guy. There's a lot of stuff I don't think I'll ever buy and stuff that I'd chose over other items, but I can appreciate most all of it.
  3. HanauMan

    HanauMan A-List Customer

    Well, my wardrobe is geared towards my simple blue collar life, limited storage space and financial constraints. Anything else, speaking only for me personally, is frankly superfluous. Why would I need, for example, a tuxedo or evening suit if all I ever do is go to a local cheap diner when I eat out? I have a raincoat, thus I don't need an umbrella. :)
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  4. That I do get. Since the thread was about what you would not be caught dead wearing, I supposed you had something against all the other things.

    And me personally, I'd still use an umbrella even if I had on a rain coat unless I was hiking or the like. :)
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  5. GHT

    GHT I'll Lock Up

    The last two posts demonstrates clearly how different we all are. And, as the say in France: 'Vive la Différence.'
    For what it's worth, I love having accessories like umbrellas but I do understand that others don't. When it comes to something that I wouldn't wear, denim is at the top of the list, but to say that I wouldn't be seen dead in denim is much too contentious on a forum like this. Jeans in general are worn by all and sundry, so I just explain that denim is not for me.
    You might think that the written word can be ambiguous but in my MG, at a classic car show some time ago, I was asked if I am in the MG car club. When I said no, it brought the wrath and fury of the MG owner, who had asked the question, down on my head. "WHY!" He demanded. "Because of morons like you," I thought, but didn't say. Such is the reaction of those with whom we disagree. It's why politics are banned.
  6. The voice of reason and tolerance. Thank you for the reminder to remain gentleman even when we disagree. I suppose that a thread asking what you would not be seen dead in destined to be contentious. I offer my apologies to any I may have offended.

    Do you still have the MG? My mother had one when I was a kid. I rarely see them anymore. MGs, Triumph Spitfires, Alpha Romeo Spiders, Jaguar E-Types: the cars of my youthful fantasies. No one makes beautiful cars anymore.
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  7. "BTW I lived in WV for two years. Everyone wears camo all the time at a minimum a hat or shirt. It's like the state color"

    Why does that not surprise me?
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  8. Jaxenro

    Jaxenro One of the Regulars

    Which part? The camo or that I lived there?
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  9. The camo. No offense intended to you Sir!
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  10. GHT

    GHT I'll Lock Up

    How to bring out the best in that rather sharp suit. Match it with a white T-shirt and Jesus sandals. At least he left his socks off.
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  11. IMG_0021.JPG Which MG do you have GHT? I've got a 1970 B and I use the "1970" loosely as it's an Australian import which came to Oz as a knock down kit so is a mash of 68-70 parts. She's a bit of a "vanilla" classic but runs like a dream and has never left me in the smelly stuff.
  12. Ah, is that an MG-Y I see in your avatar?
  13. safetyfast

    safetyfast One of the Regulars

    I’ve got a ‘73 B.

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  14. Jaxenro

    Jaxenro One of the Regulars

    None taken. WV is an experience where drinking store bought whiskey is still considered sophisticated and home made normal. Interestingly it is far more "southern" or white trash southen than Deep South or former Confederate states like Georgia. Not to cast aspersions on anyone who lives there
  15. GHT

    GHT I'll Lock Up

    That's a lovely 'B' that you have got yourself there, set off in racing green, a real beauty. Compliments to you.
    It was most perceptive of you to identify the car in my avatar, it's the later YB model, just 1301 were ever built. What appeals about the Y type is that the design is pre-war. It came to the drawing board in 1937, prototypes were running in mid to late 1938, production was due to follow after the car's appearance in the 1939/40 Motor Show. The hostilities that was WW2 meant that MG's factory went over to war effort production. The Y type and TC were mothballed until car production resumed. So although my car was one of the last built in 1952, it's appearance is very much 1930's.
    MG fun.jpg
  16. Lovely MG's gents! My '70 MGB/GT (daily driver for many years) finally went down the road. I miss it sometimes, but must admit I don't miss the many weekends under the bonnet; I hardly know what the engine compartment of my 2000 Toyota 4Runner looks like :)!
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  17. I don't know much about MGs, but I do know that is one great looking car. I would have put it as pre-war and now I know why. Thanks for sharing.
  18. Foch

    Foch New in Town

    I see a lot of no shorts or flipflops. I spent 2009-2012, 3 years in the hotter than hell country of Iraq. We had days that hit in the 140's. 7-12s long ass days. The minute we got off duty, it was shorts, tees and flops. 2014-2017 the South Pacific, Marshall islands, I went 24 months without putting on a pair of long pants. When it is hot and humid like that, pride and style go out the window. Just saying. Now Montana...different story altogether.
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  19. MondoFW

    MondoFW One of the Regulars

    This in itself is a cursed image.
    That's a spectacular car, would love to own a vintage some day, more especially a classic 1950s convertible! GM's greatest years!

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